• 02/02/2022

10 Ideas for Your Vintage Mason Jar Centerpieces


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Whether you’re gung-ho about DIY-ing your nuptials or you’re a bit at a loss for the best ways to stay stylish on a budget, one thing that plenty of people can agree on is the effortless style of mason jar centerpieces. If you plan to go for a vintage vibe, get a bit rustic or even go towards the hip and classy end of things, you can make the most out of these versatile accessories that can truly hold just about anything. If you want to use mason jars in your wedding design, here are a few ideas that you can look into for some inspiration.


If you’ve got an evening reception, having candles in the centerpieces is almost a given as an option. Specifically, one great idea for candle mason jars is to flip them upside down so the jar acts as a casing, and the lid as the base of the candle. However, you can also stick them in the old fashioned way.

Dried Flowers

If you don’t want to go to all of the trouble that comes with arranging fresh flowers, using dried ones can be a great way to get that floral look without all the hassle. Plus, dried flowers make great momentos for later, whether you keep one or you send them away with the guests. 

Tree Branches

Going for that truly rustic vibe for your woodsy affair? Why not grab a few tree branches and let the wilds fly? You can even experiment a little with hanging ornaments, glitter or simply leaving them bare and allowing the simplicity to do its job on your tables. 

String Lights

Putting a tangle of string lights in your mason jars not only gives you a carefree yet magical look to your centerpieces, but it also allows you to encapsulate that glow without the fire hazard of a candle. Get a pack of the battery-powered ones and they’ll be glowing all night long. 


If you want something a little more springy and romantic, going for lace is always an option. Whether you keep some lace at the bottom before the flowers or you wrap the jar with lace on the outside, having that light touch can be exactly what you need to balance the vintage rustic vibes of the jars. 


Water can be versatile in the DIY world. Of course, you don’t just want plain water sitting in there, which is why you can fill it with so many other things! Think glitter, dyes of all colors and even floating flower petals. This can be a simple, compact way to make something beautiful, which can be great if you have limited space on your tables. 

Snow Globes

Leaning into the water angle a bit harder, you can go full-on snow globe if that’s what you’re feeling. Making homemade snow globes is actually fairly simple if you have the right supplies, and it can be the perfect unique choice to top off the decor of a magnificent winter wedding. 


Although this isn’t an entire finalized piece, you can totally include twine in whatever your vision is for these centerpieces — whether you’re going floral or a bit more down and dirty, you can wrap your jars in twine or have simple twine detailing to add to that rustic look.


Burlap is another great fabric choice for the outside of the jars or for some subtle detailing. Again, it can add a rustic edge to the decor, especially if the other elements you’re including are lacy, light or floral. Burlap is also affordable and easy to work with, even as a first-time DIY adventurer. 

Wedding Favors

Whether you want to keep things as centerpieces solely or you want to go a bit more broad with your reach, you can always add personalized elements to the mason jars — such as engraved names, table numbers or your initials! That way, you can make them mementos of your special day. Even if you want to go a bit more subtle, it shows a lot of care and effort, which is always a plus. 

Vintage Mason Jar Centerpieces

No matter the theme of your wedding, the vibe you’re going for or the budget you’re working with, there are so many options that you can explore when it comes to your vintage mason jar centerpieces. From floral arrangements to candles for a bit of glow, you can find which options work best for you, and DIY to your heart’s content. Which of these jar ideas is your favorite?

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