• 03/18/2022

7 Ways to Use Twigs In Your Centerpieces


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Rustic weddings are all the rage right now, as well they should be. Whether your style encompasses the woodsy charm of cottagecore heaven or you’re going for a down-and-dirty barn-chic wedding, relying on the natural elements of the earth can be a fantastic way to truly express that earthy spirit in your decor. Centerpieces have long been the place for floral arrangements to shine, and they still can be, but there are so many other creative ways to dress your table. Specifically, utilizing twig centerpieces can be a fun and unique idea for your wedding reception. Not only are they cheap and environmentally friendly, but you can also make them extremely stylish. Here’s how.

Rustic Bouquets

One of the simplest ways to create twig centerpieces is to include them in the classic floral arrangements that most weddings are known to have. Whether you have seasonal flowers included in your arrangements to match the outdoorsy nature of the wedding itself or you simply want to add a bit of earthy flair to some otherwise classic floral arrangements, you can stick some strategic twigs in and make things a bit more unique. 

Little Trees

If you want to go fully natural and woodsy, why not DIY your own little tree to sit at the table’s center spot? Not only does this give off the air of magical woodsy charm, but it’s also a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle. You can even hang things on the branches, such as the place settings and strategic name placings. Although this can be just the beginning of your full decor, it’s a great place to begin.

Winter Dazzle

Speaking of adding things to the branches, you can always lean into the winter dazzle if your wedding is happening close to the holidays — or even if it isn’t, as long as you like that kind of thing! You can use glitter to decorate the branches, wrap them in Christmas lights or even hang a few ornaments on the branches. This can be a creative way to bring the holiday season into your wedding without having to use literal Christmas decorations

Getting Spooky

Whether your wedding is close to Halloween or you simply want to lean into a bit of gothic darkness, try making a little tree or even putting the branches you have into a bouquet arrangement, but paint them black first. This might seem like a subtle change at first, but it can absolutely transform your decor — and as a result, your wedding overall. Even if you don’t want a completely gothic affair, these black twigs can always bring some balance to an otherwise light experience.

Candle Holders

If you want a little bit of light, using branches in your candle centerpieces can be a great idea to bring the rustic charm into your sophisticated ambiance. You can be subtle about it with a few accents here and there, or go for more of a wreath format where there’s much more focus on the seasonal, natural elements. 

Floating Centerpieces

These kinds of centerpieces truly give off the air of magic, and it’s easy to see why. Whether you utilize elevated candle platforms or even anchor your branches and twigs to the ceiling, having them float slightly above the table can give an air of visually dynamic design, which is sure to impress your guests. You can even go a little further with this one, especially if you want to include other elements like flowers, glitter or ornaments to the twigs as they float within the centerpiece. 

Taking the Cake

Even if this one isn’t exactly the kind of centerpiece you might first have in mind, it’s definitely worth mentioning, because twigs can make a cute rustic cake decoration. Of course, nobody actually needs to eat them, but just how plenty of cakes are topped with flowers and plastic toppers, you can find plenty of ways to incorporate twigs and branches into your design. This is perfect for anyone making their own cake, or trying to match the cake to other rustic elements of the wedding design and planning process. 

Creating Twig Centerpieces

Whether you have a completely woodsy wedding planned out or you want to get spooky around Halloween, there are so many ways that you can use twigs to take your centerpieces to the next level. Whether you plan to DIY everything, delegate to the pros or even do a little of both, these little guys are easy to find anywhere you go, so you’ll be totally set!

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