• 11/01/2021

Fall Wedding Ideas to Make Your Day Even More Magical


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Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. Fall is the season of change, so it fits perfectly for this next step of life you take. If you’re celebrating your wedding in the fall, you have the most versatility to work with in terms of decoration, weather and food. Read on for the best fall wedding ideas.

5 Amazing Fall Wedding Ideas 

You’ve already made the incredible decision to have your wedding in the fall. Thought of by many to be the best season of the year, fall is the perfect time to throw a wedding due to its variety in weather and colors. You’ll have a great time including these lovely trends on one of the most beautiful days of your life.

1. Choose Rich Colors

Colors that call to mind the state of the outdoors are an excellent choice for any fall wedding. Rich pigments like forest green and cranberry red can really bring out the feel of the season by giving you a pop of color when matched with more understated hues. 

Of course, you can’t go wrong with vivid oranges and deep yellows to reflect how the world looks outside. Be careful pairing those colors with an outdoor wedding, though — it’s best to opt for something muted or darker if you’re having an outdoor wedding in the fall.

A bride in a light pink dress holds a bouquet of red and yellow flowers.

2. Incorporate Natural Elements

Since autumn is the season that most people are out in nature, it only makes sense to incorporate some of it in your decoration! Consider using natural wood slices or twigs in your centerpieces or even as your cake stand. Using bales of hay might fit a rustic wedding well and provide ample seating that may be easier to acquire than chairs.

For your centerpieces, you may choose to use pumpkins as decorations. You can incorporate them as the main element in your reception tables, or you can stencil the table number on them for a bold way to have your guests locate where they are seated.

3. Use Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Cool fall weather is the best time to have an outdoor wedding if you’re in an area that experiences all of the seasons at their strongest. Spring may cause allergies, and the polarizing temperatures of summer and winter might make guests wary of sitting through an outdoor ceremony. Fall weather is cool enough for people to tolerate while still being warm enough so that people won’t find themselves looking for blankets.

If you choose to have your wedding early in the day, you could have an outdoor ceremony while leaving your reception indoors. That way, when the temperature drops as the sun sets, your guests will stay warm while drinking and dancing inside.

Lights and streamers hand from trees over wedding reception tables.

4. Choose a Morning Wedding

Going indoors for part of the wedding isn’t an option for some couples. If you’re having a backyard wedding, for example, you want your guests to stay as warm as possible on your special day. Since the sun starts to set earlier, you might opt to have your wedding earlier so your guests can make it home before it starts to get dark.

Luckily, since your wedding is in the fall, you won’t have to start your wedding as early as you would if it were in the winter. A brunch wedding could be a perfect way to start your guests’ day. You could also think about planning your wedding around optimal photo times. You’ll have the excellent chance to take your portraits with your sweetheart around sunset, which will make for gorgeous photos during the famed “golden hour” with the best natural lighting.

5. Opt for Warmer Foods and Drinks

Since fall is a bit chillier than summertime, you’ll need to find food that reflects the time of year, particularly if anything other than the ceremony will take place outdoors. Consider having a s’more or hot chocolate bar for your guests during cocktail hour, while you’re busy getting formal photos taken. These treats would also be great for a late-night snack if you plan to party well into the night.

Also for cocktail hour or dinner, consider having a soup appetizer. Fall is the ideal time to start focusing on soups and stews and moving away from cooler foods like ice cream. You can pack in thick, hearty vegetables like pumpkin for a seasonal feel, too. Soups are also easy to make in abundance, so you’ll get a great amount no matter your wedding budget. Your guests are bound to appreciate the warmth.

A centerpiece with pumpkins and leaves in vases.

Rely on These Fall Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

Fall is one of the greatest times for weddings. You have such a variety of plans to choose from, as you can turn just about anything into fall wedding ideas that both you and your guests will love. Your wedding day is bound to be fabulous, no matter what. What matters most is that you spend time with the love of your life and enjoy this incredible kick-off to a happy marriage.

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