• 06/03/2022

Carnation Centerpieces: How to Make Fun Florals for Any Event

Tips for Creating Carnation Centerpieces for Any Event

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Table decor can make or break a party. Wedding guests or party attendees would feel like something was missing if they went to an event where the venue didn’t match the celebratory vibe. Whether you have a green thumb or want to work with a florist, this guide explains everything you need to know about carnation centerpieces. They work with most parties, so your decor won’t feel out of place.

What Do Carnations Represent?

Every flower has its own meaning. Carnations specifically represent different forms of love, so they’re perfect for gathering with your closest friends and family.

Think about the color of your flowers to narrow down what they mean to you. Light pink carnations often represent a mother’s love, but red petals stand for love between friends. White carnations also symbolize luck, but colors aren’t always cheerful. Yellow stands for sorrow, while striped carnations represent regret. 

Research the meaning behind your potential flowers when you fall in love with arrangement options. A florist could help you decipher it if you don’t have time to look into the symbolism before your event.

Which Events Are Best for Carnations?

Happy events are the best time to make carnation centerpieces. Most people don’t see them and think of the few negative emotions they might represent. Instead, they think about love and life. Consider carnations while you’re making centerpieces for:

  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties
  • Anniversary parties
  • Lunches with friends
  • Family gatherings
  • Mother’s Day

Carnations are the best flowers for your tabletops whenever you want to celebrate something that makes you happy. No matter what this is, you can design a fabulous centerpiece for every table.

Red and pink carnations with cards reading "Happy Mother's Day."

Ideas for Carnation Centerpieces

Now that you have a few events in mind for your gorgeous flower arrangements, consider these ideas to find inspiration for your upcoming centerpieces. You don’t need professional florist training to design or create something beautiful.

Pair Similar Colors

Contrasting colors in the same part of the color wheel will always make stunning centerpieces. Find carnations in blush pink and dark pink for your next dinner party. Pair dark pink flowers with red flowers for a romantic celebration. 

You can even find carnations in autumn colors to decorate your fall wedding venue and make your big day perfect. Shop around at flower markets or local farms to see which options are at your disposal and within your budget.

Bundle Them Tightly

When a celebrity posts a flower arrangement on their Instagram story, you’re likely looking at tightly bundled carnations. It’s a trendy way to bring order to a flower that’s so visually busy from the intricate petals. Wrap yours in twine or slide them into a tight vase to recreate the popular look.

Combine Them With Baby’s Breath

If you’re wondering what’s missing from your carnation centerpieces, consider adding baby’s breath to your arrangements. The tiny white petals accompany larger flowers without taking away from the beauty of however you arrange your carnations. 

Baby’s breath is also great for party planners on a budget. You can grow them in your backyard and soak in that vitamin D while saving money by flexing your gardening skills.

Add Complementary Flowers

Carnations also go well with other flowers of similar sizes. Add peonies to your centerpieces for more visual texture and depth. The different petal shapes exude fun and romance, so consider them if you’re planning something romantic.

Find the Perfect Container

Sometimes it’s easier to match your centerpieces to your venue. If you’re hosting a party in a boho barn, you’d want to draw on the vintage nature of the aesthetic by putting your flowers in Mason jars. You could also use crystal vases for classy events or even milkshake glasses for dessert-themed parties.

White carnations in a vase.

Tips for Making Flower Arrangements

Follow these tips to make the best centerpieces possible when your flowers are ready to turn into bouquets. They’re essential steps for DIY arrangements, especially if you’ve never worked with flowers before.

Step One: Cut the Stems

Your carnations will need to absorb water efficiently to stay beautiful throughout your event. Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to increase the surface area where they’ll drink their water. The stems should also remain the same length so there aren’t patches of flowers that are too tall or short.

Step Two: Fill the Empty Space

Have fun filling the empty flower container or vase with your desired carnations. There should be enough flowers to keep them all upright instead of letting some fall to the edge of their container at an angle.

Step Three: Add Extra Greenery as Needed

The last step is all about adding whatever extra greenery you prefer. Slide baby’s breath between each carnation or add leafy stems to provide more colorful bulk. You can always pull things out and rearrange your centerpiece as needed.

Start Making Carnation Centerpieces

Anyone can create the ultimate carnation centerpieces after reading these helpful tips. Once you know what your flowers represent and how big you want your arrangements to be, enjoy playing around with the greenery until you have the centerpieces you’ve been dreaming about.

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