• 11/12/2021

8 Boho Bedroom Ideas


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Bohemian style is a ton of fun — it’s versatile, visually dynamic and often personal to whoever is decorating the space. It’s fun, natural, earthy and totally in style right now. Whether you’re decking out a whole room in boho chic decor or you’re putting a few touches around an otherwise modern living space, there are so many creative ideas that you can use for your newly boho bedroom. Here are just a few boho bedroom ideas to bring some charm into your space.

1. Tapestries

There are so many tapestries out there that you can check out, and one of the best things about them is that they almost always have a subtle bohemian charm to them that makes them the perfect decor item for any bedroom. Tapestries cover a decent portion of the wall, so they are great for making your space feel full if your decor happens to be a bit sparse at the moment. Plus, they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Plant and moon tapestry: $11.99 on Amazon

2. Go Green

There’s nothing more bohemian and earthy than a room filled with natural greenery. If you don’t have many plants in your space, now is the perfect time to begin collecting. You can find hanging plants, large potted plants and even little succulents to fill the space. If you’re a beginner, try to find a few that are easy to care for like aloe vera or spider plants. 

Gallery walls are great for showing off all of the unique art and sentimental posters you have in your home, all in one place. Sort of on the opposite side of the spectrum from the tapestry idea, Making a gallery wall is one of the best ways to show off a variety of art at once, which can give your space a unique charm that’s completely your own. You can even rearrange and expand when you find more art you love.

4. Vintage Mirrors

Nothing makes a statement quite like a gorgeous vintage piece, like a mirror with a sweet frame. You can find these at nearly any thrift store, and they can open up the space and bring a bit of light, as mirrors are still reflective surfaces regardless of their amazing accessories. If you want a piece to tie your room together, this is the idea for you.

Vintage mirror: $26.99 on Amazon

5. Macrame

Macrame is a great decor piece that can serve a variety of purposes. This decorative woven rope can serve as simple wall decor, but you can also use macrame to hang plants or even macrame rugs! While there are plenty of places that sell macrame accessories for your home, you can try to make your own if you’re a bit of a DIY fan.

Macrame hanging plant shelf: $14.49 on Amazon

6. Crystals

When it comes to natural, earthy design, what better detail than something that comes from the earth? Crystals can be a great way to show off a little bit of bling without getting too modern or fancy. Plus, you can find crystals with all different meanings to bring good energy into your home in addition to looking beautiful. See which ones you gravitate towards and go off of your instinct!

Crystal set: $34.97 on Amazon

7. Layered Textiles

The bohemian look often relies on lots of texture, color and comfortable-looking fabrics. One of the best parts of this detail is that it has the potential to make your space extremely comfortable and cozy. Whether you are grabbing blankets for your bed or stacking pillows on your chair, layering a variety of comfortable textiles can give you a carefree, comfortable look.

Macrame pillow cases: $25.99 on Amazon

8. Meditation Cushions

Speaking of comfort, meditation cushions are a fantastic idea for bringing both comfort and for the natural bohemian aesthetic. You can find meditation cushions at nearly every yoga or fitness retailer, and you can use them in your decor by stacking them on the ground and laying them strategically around your space. This is also a great idea if you tend to run out of space easily or if you entertain often, because you can offer so many places to sit! Also, you can use them for their intended purpose — meditation!

Set of 2 meditation floor pillows: $44.49 on Amazon

The Best Boho Bedroom Ideas

Creating a gorgeous, bohemian space that makes you feel comfortable and inspired can be both simple and fun. There are so many ideas that you can explore on how to fill your space with some of the best things to inspire you. From natural greenery to vintage pieces, you can figure out exactly what works for you and let it bring some zen into your space.

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