• 05/04/2022

How to Make Teapot Centerpieces Cheap


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There are so many cute and creative ideas for centerpieces that you can look into for your wedding, and teapots can be a fun and adorable choice! No matter what your wedding theme happens to be or what your budget is, there are so many ways to make teapot centerpieces work for cheap — and have them still look gorgeous in the process. Here are a few tips you can rely on if you’re planning on making teapot centerpieces for your wedding. 

Find Vintage Teapots

Although it might be tempting to order matching teapots and make things easy — or even find pre-made matching sets — it’s much cheaper to head to your local thrift store or charity shop to see what they have lying around. You might need to make a few trips or scope out a few different places, but vintage teapots actually have a ton of unique character that you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, they tend to be much cheaper than buying anything new. This will likely be the most expensive part of the centerpiece under normal circumstances, so getting it out of the way can be great.

Vintage teapot centerpieces are a great wedding decor option

Use Consistent Flowers

Another great way to cut costs on the centerpieces is to use consistent flowers throughout. Whether you’re going with real or artificial flowers, getting them in bulk and parsing them out among the arrangements is a much better — both for your wallet and for saving time and effort — than picking individual flowers for each teapot. Even if the teapots don’t match one another, having consistent flowers can tie everything together beautifully. 

Or Don’t Use Flowers At All

However, don’t forget that you simply don’t need to use flowers at all if you’d rather go in another direction! There are actually so many options for creative teapot centerpieces with a little bit of function! You can use teapots as a candy dish for colorful candies, put a candle inside for some glow or even serve actual tea! Especially for an afternoon wedding, serving up tea with a full tea set can be a classy way to make use of your teapot!

Live Plants

One easy — and often affordable option — for making teapot centerpieces is to simply go for live plants rather than individual flowers or bouquets. You can get small succulents or other plants that are easy to care for so they fair well in any and all conditions, and they can even serve as party favors at the end of the night if you want to send your guests home with a little something special!

Mix and Match

If you have some mismatched flowers, teapots or paints, you can always go with the flow and lean into that impulse. Although you might not be going for a mismatched look, mixing and matching colors, patterns and floral arrangements can help you achieve an effortless, rustic and bohemian look. Especially if you tend to have accessories that fall within a certain color family like pastels or jewel tones, even mixing and matching everything can come off as intentional. 

Go With a Few Choice Colors

Speaking of pastels and jewel tones, going with a few standard colors or one choice color palette can be a great way to create some consistency and make things easier on you. Especially if you have to buy supplies in order to make your centerpieces in the first place, there’s no point in investing in an entire rainbow of paints or flowers if you’re only going to use a few of them. Pick your colors ahead of time if you plan to paint the teapots and get new flowers. That should save you plenty of time and be better for the budget.

Teapot centerpieces with flowers are a beautiful option for wedding decor.

Use Floral Foam

One trick that you can use with real flowers or artificial ones is to use floral foam inside of the tea pots in order to fluff up the floral arrangements. Floral phone is a much cheaper alternative than buying an abundance of flowers to make things look fuller. Plus, this can help things stay in place and look gorgeous all day long! This is a trade secret that you can use time and time again.

Teapot Centerpieces On a Budget

Using teapots to make wedding centerpieces is a cute, quirky and classy idea for basically any occasion. You can use these for daytime weddings for a little bit of charm or make them classy and elegant for an evening affair. No matter what theme, colors or supplies you use, this creative idea is sure to have people talking.

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