• 02/21/2023

5 Rustic Wedding Theme Ideas

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Rustic wedding themes can add the coziest and warmest feel to any setting. By incorporating natural elements and creating a homey vibe, guests will feel right at home during your nuptials. Rustic wedding themes can create a gorgeous aesthetic for any venue and are relatively simple to pull together, especially if you’re crafty and do many of the decorations yourself! 

1. Mason Jars 

Mason jars are versatile and a staple at rustic weddings. You can use them to create centerpieces for guests’ tables with wooden slabs and some baby breath in them. You could put floating candles in them or decorate them any way you wish by incorporating some DIY centerpiece ideas

Alternatively, you can hang them from the ceiling and use them as vases. You could also use mason jars as holders for silverware on the buffet table or even as cups for your wedding toast. You can use various sizes of jars as flower vases for a rustic appeal. Fairy lights and lanterns can create ambient lighting if mason jars aren’t available. 

2. DIY Signs

As you plan your wedding checklist, consider incorporating some projects you can do yourself. Wedding decor can be outrageously expensive, so DIY projects can save a significant amount in your wedding budget. Chalkboard signs are an excellent and easy way to save some money since you can erase and reuse them for many other purposes. 

Wooden palettes are perfect for rustic wedding themes since they give off that natural and woodsy vibe. You can also make a sign with arrows to which you can handwrite your itinerary and provide your guests with a timeline for your big day. 

3. Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are a go-to for rustic wedding themes since you can use them for anything. Wooden boxes make perfect bookcases when the wedding is complete, so you won’t feel like you are wasting your money on decor with these bad boys. 

Wooden crates can be put on tables like little shelves for flowers, your guest bookor even your wedding cake. You can also stack them on top of each other on the ground with flowers or other decorations to create a rustic appeal. They even look good without any decorations added to them!

4. Wine Barrels

Wine barrels are epic when it comes to rustic wedding themes. Not only do they look pretty, but they are also purposeful. Wine barrels make the perfect aisle markers with signs or flowers on them. They can be used as tables for your cake, guest bookor whatever you want to use them for. You can also utilize wine barrels to create your own bar or table for the bride and groom. 

Get a wooden slab, balance it on two wine barrels and then decorate your heart. Similarly, you could use multiple barrels to create a more oversized table for your guests. The wine barrels create the most rustic and gorgeous aesthetic, no matter how you utilize them for rustic wedding theme ideas. 

5. Rustic Arch

A rustic arch is the quintessential rustic wedding theme idea. You can make an arch out of natural elements to create a rustic aesthetic for your big day. An arch made out of oak branches makes the perfect backdrop at the altar for your wedding vows. 

You can decorate any arch with natural elements if you don’t have the time to make one yourself. You can buy some greenery garland to drape around your arch or opt for authentic natural details. Get some inspiration from your nearest crafts store and let your creativity run wild with what you find outdoors! 

Rustic Wedding Theme

A rustic wedding theme is perfect for any outdoor nuptials. A barn wedding is an ideal location for a rustic wedding theme, but you can create a rustic theme no matter your venue! 

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