• 02/15/2023

The Best Bridal Hairstyles for Short Hair

bridal hairstyles for short hair - a bride

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Elegant bridal hairstyles can be challenging to find if your hair is shoulder length or shorter. Sure, there’s a lot you can do with longer locks, but where’s the love for the pixie cuts and bobs of the world?

Keep your hairstyle true to you on your wedding day. You don’t need two feet of hair to create an eye-catching look. All it takes is some inspiration and creativity.

Here are a few hairstyles to consider if you’re a bride with short hair.

Ideas for Pixie Cut Wedding Hairdos

Having a pixie cut is an excellent opportunity to feature your beautiful face. You could choose to slick back your hair and make your makeup look the star of the show. If it’s long enough, curling it away from your face helps bring everyone’s attention to your gorgeous smile.

Either way, adding a little bit of product can help your hair stay in place for the evening. Using mousse, gel or hairspray all comes down to preference.

Pixie cuts are also wonderful for a jeweled headband. These can be as bedazzled or delicate as you want them — they’re a gorgeous accessory whichever way your design leans. You could even go for a forest-queen look and make a flower crown with your favorite plants.

If you want some simpler accents, try to find a jeweled or floral hair clip. These add lovely decoration to your hair without too much fuss — which could add to the price of styling.

Bridal Hairstyles for Bobs

With a bob, you can give your hair a bit more volume. Filling it with soft waves can frame your face and provide a fuller look. If you want to keep your hair straight, you could try the classic 1920s flapper look for a vintage style.

Bobs also look incredible with a headband or a clip. As with pixie cuts, they can be as sparkly or subdued as you wish. However, you might find them more practical for keeping flyaways out of your face. Including these in your look can save you from having to fiddle with your hair all night long.

Whether you go straight or curly, you could also do a half-up half-down style. A small bun or ponytail with some flowers or gems is a timeless and elegant look. You could even use a braid for the half-up portion or include it in the half-down for more dimension.

Shoulder Length Wedding Looks

Naturally, you have a bit more versatility as your locks get longer. Your hair might just be long enough to pull into a bun at the top or base of your head. Adding some jewelry and a few face-framing pieces can create an eye-catching yet elegant look.

You could do double french or dutch braids if you want your hair completely away from your face. There are plenty of ways to secure the ends — pinning them, making small buns or leaving them as a ponytail. One great tip to know is pulling out the pleats helps make your braid look fuller.

Like with pixie cuts and bobs, shoulder-length hair is gorgeous with an accent headband or clips. Curly hair goes great with more delicate accents, while straight hair pairs perfectly with dynamic designs. However, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Your style is totally up to you.

Brides who want to switch up their hair before the big day might consider getting a fringe cut with bangs. They’re currently a hot style that looks incredible on coily and straighter textures. Adding a few flowers to a touseled fringe creates an elegant and fun-looking style.

Find the Right Bridal Hairstyles for Your Length

Mixing and matching these bridal hairstyles for short hair ideas can help you discover the best look for you. Brides deserve to feel beautiful on their wedding day and these tips can help you find the perfect look for the occasion.

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