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Say “I Do” to Savings With These Cheap Alternative Wedding Dresses

A woman wearing a wedding dress.

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Searching for the ultimate wedding dress is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience. You want something that showcases your personality and fits within your budget. When gowns from major retailers are too costly, check out these cheap alternative wedding dresses that don’t compromise on style to save you money.

Why Are Wedding Dresses Expensive?

Wedding dresses are expensive for various reasons. There’s always high demand and high-end brands making the gowns. Additionally, there are numerous steps involved. Dress stores have singular sizes and clips to make each gown fit their customers. When a bride selects her gown, the brand must send a replica closer to her size.

Some vendors might factor tailoring into their prices too. Tailoring requires an additional appointment, time with a seamstress and sometimes a rush-order deadline. It all lends to the average $2,000 price tag on wedding gowns.

Cheap Alternative Wedding Dresses

You don’t have to save thousands of dollars for your bridal gown if it makes you feel stressed. Browse these cheap alternative wedding dresses to find your favorite style at a price you love.

Homdor Formal A-Line Evening Gown

Many companies make prom dresses and wedding gowns because they look similar. Homdor does the same thing, creating unique opportunities for brides to get their dresses on a budget. This strapless prom dress looks identical to high-end wedding designer products. You could walk down the aisle in a floor-length gown with a high slit, heart-shaped neckline and laced-up backing.

Just ensure your dress won’t make you feel uncomfortable at your venue’s location. You’ll likely want something with sleeves to stay comfortable on a mountaintop or a lighter fabric for a beachside ceremony. This dress would be perfect for any indoor venue or an outdoor ceremony while the weather is warm.

$89 from Amazon

WaterDress Boho Lace Sleeved Bridal Gown

Pooling lace and buttons up your back might make your heart flip in anticipation of your ceremony. Wear both with the WaterDress boho gown. It has sheer lacy sleeves, gorgeous appliques and a rippling train. This dress even has a built-in bra. It’s one less thing to pay your tailor to do once you’re ready for a fitting.

$155.98 from Amazon

Rjer Off-the-Shoulder Tulle Wedding Gown

No one will ever know your dress was made for prom queens if you walk down the aisle in Rjer’s tulle dress. It has a tulle skirt that swishes around your feet as you walk and an asymmetrical bodice. Let the sleeves drape down your arms while you hold your bouquet at the altar. Jaws will drop at your gown whether you pair it with a sparkling rhinestone belt or a statement necklace that pulls your entire look together.

$89 from Amazon

Lejy Masquerade Ball Gown Dress

Who says that budget-friendly wedding dresses can’t be ball gowns? Lejy challenges that idea with its sweeping ball gown dress, complete with tulle that sighs as you walk. The bodice stuns with handmade lace appliques and rhinestones. Anyone looking for some bridal flare will also adore the dramatic built-in bridal cape connected to the bodice with endless flowers.

$109.99 from Amazon

Lanier Off-the-Shoulder Organza Ruffle Dress

If you’re already considering something non-traditional like a bridal jumpsuit that makes you feel powerful and beautiful, why not consider a short wedding dress? Lanier makes a puffy-skirted dress with overflowing ruffles hanging off the shoulders. It’s one of the best cheap alternative wedding dresses because it’s so affordable and fun. Go big with flashy bridal heels to complete your laid-back yet classy wedding day look.

$59.99 from Amazon

Sorayan V-Neck Boho Ruffle Gown

Embrace your laid-back boho sense of style with this gown from Sorayan. It’s a floor-length dress with layered lace and a tulle finish. The deep v-neck elevates the dress while the spaghetti straps keep everything held up. There’s no need to constantly pull your bodice up, especially since the fabric is so light. It’s the ultimate look for a mountainside ceremony or waterfront wedding.

$189 from Amazon

How to Know You’ve Found Your Wedding Dress

After you’ve compared a few cheap alternative wedding dresses, you might wonder how you’ll know which is the best one for your big day. Keep a list and add to it whenever a gown catches your eye. You can narrow it down later by comparing each with factors like their prices, fabrics, styles and each dress’s potential for accessories.

You’ll also know if it’s a style you’ll want to wear all night. Many brides opt for a reception outfit that’s slightly different or helps them dance more freely. If you think you’ll be comfortable dancing, sitting and eating in your favorite gown, it’s likely the one for you.

Feel Confident About Your Budget and Your Bridal Style

Anyone can find their dream gown by browsing cheap alternative wedding dresses. Keep your mind open to different styles and retailers to stress less about your budget. You’ll find something beautiful matching your personality and financial goals for your big day.


What is a reasonable wedding dress budget?

A reasonable wedding dress budget is the budget you can afford without stressing out. Some people save for their wedding years before meeting their future spouse. Others get engaged and want to get married in a matter of weeks.

Consider what you have in savings and what you can reasonably save before your big day to get an overall budget you’ll split for things like your wedding dress. It’s often among the more significant wedding purchases like the venue and catering, but it doesn’t have to be a costly gown if that’s not something you care for.

What can I wear instead of a wedding dress?

Although there are many cheap alternative wedding dresses to consider, you don’t have to wear a dress at all. Brides often wear other options like jumpsuits, skirts, rompers or even jeans and a t-shirt. It depends on where you’ll get married, the vibe you want for your ceremony and how much time you have to save before your big day.

Who pays for a wedding dress?

The bride’s family traditionally pays for the dress, but many brides have a different experience. Your family may not pay for your dress if they’ve never cared for wedding traditions or don’t come from a financially prosperous background. There’s no right or wrong way to pay for your wedding dress. As long as it’s an arrangement that makes you comfortable, you could buy it yourself from a thrift store and still have the wedding of your dreams.

What’s the average wedding budget?

The average wedding budget changes based on the wedding’s location. The average couple paid around $23,000 for their weddings in 2023, but that doesn’t have to be your wedding’s final price tag. Bigger cities with more in-demand venues will cost more than rural locations or a ceremony in your backyard.

What’s most important to you during your wedding dress search?

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