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Stylish Bride and Bridesmaid Robes for Any Wedding Theme

A bride and bridesmaids wearing robes.

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Preparing for your wedding means thinking about the essentials. When the sun rises on your big day, what will you need to get down the aisle in comfort and style? Many brides choose matching kimonos to look cute with their bridesmaids while getting their hair or makeup done. These are a few bride and bridesmaid robe sets to consider while deciding if you want to do the same.

Why Do Bridal Parties Wear Robes?

Bridal parties wear robes to protect their clothes from powdery makeup, hair spray and anything else that might fall on them while getting ready for the ceremony. They’re a practical accessory that doubles as a photo op session.

Brides also wear kimonos over their undergarments. When your hair and makeup are perfect, you can easily slide into your dress without pulling a t-shirt over your head. Potential style crisis averted!

Remember that your photographer will likely want everyone to pose in their matching robes when the hair and makeup artists finish their work. It captures the excitement and your close bonds.

Best Bride and Bridesmaid Robes

Check out these incredible sets if you’re ready to start browsing bride and bridesmaid robes. They come in all styles to match your preferences, the venue’s vibe or the wedding theme.

1. Eplaza 7-Piece Satin Kimono Robe Set

Did you know that it takes an average of four hours for makeup and hair stylists to make brides look perfect for their wedding day? That’s plenty of time for your private room to warm up due to heat-based hair styling tools and hair dryers. The Eplaza satin robe set will keep everyone cool and glamorous. Choose from the four colors to get the ultimate matching kimono set in one purchase.

$42.99 from Amazon

2. Urhot 5-Piece Silk and Lace Robe Set

Anyone hosting a more intimate wedding will likely have a smaller bridal party. The Urhot silk and lace set could be the perfect solution for that. The four bridesmaids kimonos match in your choice of three colors while the bridal robe remains white. You’ll love the lace around each sleeve and along the bottom of the kimonos because they add a touch of elegance to your look.

$51.99 from Amazon

3. Toulite 40-Piece Bride and Bridesmaid Robe Set

If you’re already spending the average of $2,200 on flowers and even more than that on a photographer, investing in an inclusive kimono set is essential. The Toulite set comes with six bridesmaid robes, one kimono for your maid of honor and a bridal kimono for yourself.

The silky fabric will feel luxurious on your skin while you utilize the other pieces included in this set. Pour champagne or sparkling grape juice into the set’s flutes that match the robes. You’ll even get to share the included matching friendship bracelets and scrunchies to make your pre-ceremony hours more festive.

Don’t forget to use the set’s custom gift bags to give your bridal party presents they’ll treasure. Thank-you gifts are essential for the bridal party members who helped you plan and host things like your bachelorette party and bridal shower.

$82.99 from Amazon

4. Jecery 7-Piece Bridal Party Spa Robe Set

A spa can be one of the most relaxing places in the world. Bring that energy to your wedding day with the spa-inspired bride and bridesmaid robe set from Jecery. It comes in seven colors and features matching eye masks. Keep your hair back with the set’s comfortable silk scrunchies in matching colors to spoil yourself and your loved ones while preparing for your ceremony.

$62.99 from Amazon

5. Panitay 6-Piece Gothic Bridal Party Robe Set

Your wedding theme will be whatever makes your heart sing, including the gothic motifs. If you’re requiring a black-clothes-only dress code and wearing something witchy down the aisle, you’ll adore this gothic kimono set. It has skulls on the back of each bridesmaid robe and a spooky font that says “Til Death Do Us Part.” And on the bridal kimono — a skeleton hand complete with a sparkly engagement ring.

$40.99 from Amazon

6. Berlune 6-Piece Tropical Wedding Robe Set

Anyone getting married by the beach could use this tropical-inspired kimono set while they get ready with their bridal party. Each bridesmaid robe has palm-tree-inspired motifs in green or pink. They’ll look extra cute if you pose for pictures outside of your beachside venue or around your venue’s pool.

$47.99 from Amazon

7. Bonuci 7-Piece Bridal Party Robe Set With Feathers

Feather fashion trends are on the rise. If the fluttering, soft look of that style captured your heart, get the Bonuci kimono set for your bridal party. Each kimono has feathers at the end of each sleeve, transforming them into luxury robes. They come in three colors, so selecting a set that matches your bridal vibe is easy.

$44.99 from Amazon

8. Handmade Personalized Floral Lace Kimono Set

Give your bridal party the gift of something personalized with Handmade’s kimono set. Every robe will feature each bridesmaid’s first initial, plus flowers climbing up the letters. They’re beautiful, thoughtful and even trimmed in lace. What could make your wedding party more elegant?

$19.99 from Amazon

Ways to Wear Your Robes Again

Some brides hesitate to buy robes for themselves and their bridesmaids because they won’t wear the kimonos after the ceremony begins. That isn’t always true! You can always wear your robes again when you:

  • Have a girl’s night hangout after your honeymoon
  • Host a spa trip with your bridal party members
  • Invite your bridesmaids to the pool, where you can wear the kimonos over your swimsuits

You can always re-wear your bridal party robes after your wedding ends. All you need to do is think about how you’d like to have fun with your bridesmaids.

Enjoy the Most Stylish Bridal Party Accessories

Consider these bride and bridesmaid robes when you’re getting ready for your wedding day. They’ll showcase your personality and keep everyone comfortable without adding too much to your wedding budget.

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