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Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses for Your Big Day

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The big white dress with a flowing gown isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, if you’re looking for non-traditional wedding dresses, you have plenty of options to choose from. Brides and designers are getting more creative, opting for bold colors, asymmetrical styles and even jumpsuits.

Explore the hottest contemporary styles, colors and detail trends to stand out the way you want on your big day.


There are many ways a dress can break from traditional norms. The style itself is the first thing most people notice, and you can make a bold statement right away with a non-traditional gown.


A woman wearing a vintage beaded wedding dress dances with a man in a suit.

A vintage dress is a non-traditional choice? While it might seem counterintuitive, selecting a gown from decades past is an elegant way to curate a unique look. Current wedding style trends lean towards sleek and modern. Set your special day apart with a dress that pays tribute to the big gowns of the 1980s or chic skirts of the 1950s — whatever suits your personality.


A woman wears a sheer wedding dress and holds a bouquet behind her back.

Want to show off with elegance? Find a dress with sheer panels across your neckline, midriff or back. Sheer sleeves are also a great way to maintain modesty without covering up too much. If you’re having a summer wedding or getting married in a warm place, sheer fabrics can help you avoid getting too hot. 


A gown with tiered layers hands from a tree.

If you’ve planned a fall or winter wedding and might be expecting cooler temps, a dress with layers can be a fashion statement that ensures your comfort all day long. Layers also add dimension and visual interest, allowing you to create a unique asymmetrical design.


A woman in a black suit.

Maybe a dress isn’t what you have in mind for your wedding at all. If you really want to carve your own path, a jumpsuit or two-piece outfit can deliver all the sophistication of a traditional dress while allowing you to feel comfortable in your skin. A white, flowing jumpsuit and blazer-and-pants combination are sharp, modern alternatives for today’s brides. 


While white is the traditional wedding gown color, you don’t need to stick with it. Whether you want a subtle off-white shade of tan or pink or a drastically vibrant shade that represents your bold personality, you can find wedding dresses in any color.


A woman wearing a pink, floral gown holds a bouquet.

If you’re thinking outside the box when it comes to color — but not too far outside the box — pink is a fun and flirty alternative to bridal white. Romantic shades of pink are subtly feminine, adding a modern touch to your big day. Coordinate with your wedding colors for the full effect.


A woman wears a pastel blue gown.

Maybe pink isn’t your color — you can still find pastel shades of blues, greens, yellows and other colors. These soft pastels are perfect for a spring wedding. A pop of color adds visual interest and will set you apart from more traditional wedding gowns.

Bold Colors

A woman wearing a red gown and a man wearing a gray suit kiss.

Gentle pastels are nice for some, but they’re not for everyone. Other brides may want to go big or go home. Walking down the aisle in a bold, bright color is sure to turn heads. If lush green is your favorite color, why not wear it on your wedding day? 


A bride and groom walk along the beach.

Can’t decide between traditional white or adding some color? You don’t have to pick just one! Two-tone dresses are in vogue. Maybe you’ll fall in love with a gown that has a white top and a pink skirt or a dress that is half black and half white. You can also opt for a gradient or two tones of the same color. Blocks of color are clean and modern alternatives to pure white dresses.


A woman in a black gown stands next to a man in a suit.

Black dresses aren’t just for October weddings! Whether you have a themed wedding or you just love the look of a chic black dress, a dark-colored gown is sure to make a splash. Your guests know you have a unique personality — they’ll love to see you embrace it in a gothic black look.


The details and embellishments on your wedding gown can make your dress one in a million. If you want a truly original look, consider customized details like beading, lace and other decorations.


A floral white dress with buttons.

Flowers are an important part of every wedding — they add gorgeous color and a breath of fresh air to any space. Why not include them on your dress? Florals are back in a big way. Whether you incorporate floral patterns on your gown or add blossom accents to your outfit, you’re sure to bring a natural twist to your wedding day.


A bride wears a beaded dress, standing next to a groom.

While beading is a traditional art, you can use it in unique new ways to spice up your wedding gown. Add some art deco-inspired beading for a vintage look or sparkling beads to ensure you shine when everyone’s eyes are on you.


A woman wears a shimmery gold dress.

A shining, shimmering dress is perfect for any wedding, whether you’re getting married in the sunshine or in the glow of candlelight. You can use an iridescent fabric for an all-encompassing look or just add metal accents to catch the light. Depending on your style and theme, metallic dresses span from bold ultra-gram looks to understated glistening gowns.


A red sequined dress.

Sequins are a beautiful way to add some subtle shine to your wedding day. You can incorporate them alongside other design details, such as lace and ruffles, to add glitter where guests will least expect it. Gold sequins can turn any traditional dress into a gown fit for a princess.


A bride wears a striped, ruffled gown, sitting next to a groom in a suit.

When you hear the word “ruffles,” your first thought might be of gowns from decades past. However, ruffles are coming back in a big way with some modern twists. Ruffled sleeves or ruffles along the skirt create flowing layers that accentuate the fit of your gown. Think of an elegant cascade of ethereal layers.


Gold embroidery on blue fabric.

Use embroidery to make non-traditional wedding dresses as special and unique as you are. Find a dress with vintage needlework to pay tribute to the textile artists in your family, simple white accents that add detail to a white gown or go bold with bright gold embroidered decorations. The choice is yours and the options are endless. 

Explore Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses to Find What You Love

There are plenty of ways to make your wedding day uniquely yours — and your dress is one of the most important. Go against the grain and find non-traditional wedding dresses that complement your style to have a celebration you’ll always remember.

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