• 02/10/2023

Gold Embroidery Wedding Dresses: 6 Ways to Accessorize

One of the beautiful gold embroidery wedding dresses against a backlit curtain with rich, warm color tones.

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Getting married is a major milestone, and a wedding gown may be the single most crucial piece of clothing a woman owns in her lifetime. Gold embroidery on wedding dresses can elevate your look and add a personal touch to your wedding attire.

Although 85% of brides wear white gowns for their nuptials, a handful of women opt for something less traditional. Personal touches, subtle hues and full-on colorful dresses have graced the altar throughout recent years. 

One popular style that breaks from tradition is the gold embroidery wedding dress. Gold infuses luxe and fairytale to any special occasion. However, if you’ve chosen a gold embroidery gown for your upcoming wedding, you may be wondering how to adorn the look with class. Here are six ways you can complement your gold-embroidered wedding dress using accessories. 

1. Jewelry

Enhance your wedding attire with stunning jewelry pieces. Perhaps your spouse proposed with a rose gold and pink diamond engagement ring. You’ll be in better luck if you’re sporting a pink diamond wedding ring after exchanging vows, as the blush hues coordinate beautifully. However, whatever your wedding bands look like, they’ll match perfectly. 

Of course, you can integrate other unique jewelry, as well. Gold bracelets and necklaces undoubtedly agree with gold embroidery, while diamond earrings will dazzle as they frame your face. 

A beautiful bracelet embedded with ruby or sapphire rhinestones is another option if you want to add a subtle hint of color. 

2. Hair Accessories

According to the 2018 Brides American Wedding Study, 72% of brides wore veils when they got married — and if you look at prior surveys, that trend has increased.

A veil is a traditional headpiece worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony; however, there are alternatives. Instead, brides may opt for a floral head wreath, a sparkly barrette or a headband.

Gold embroidery wedding dresses are somewhat reminiscent of royalty, so brides might also select a tiara to wear with a magnificent updo. On your wedding day, you should look and feel like the princess you are. 

3. Shoes

Your feet may not see a lot of action during your wedding, particularly if your dress has a long train. Nevertheless, your wedding shoes are an essential part of your ensemble. 

Gold, strappy heeled sandals are always elegant with any bridal gown, especially one that’s embroidered with gold elements. You may choose closed-toe shoes with silvery crystal designs, as well. 

Shoes are another opportunity to wear something colorful and unpredictable, such as red, blue or deep violet. Regardless of what shoes you wear, make sure they’re as comfortable as possible for an evening of celebratory dancing.

4. Sashes and Belts

A-line dresses are flattering on any body shape, making them a popular bridal gown choice. However, adding a bridal sash or belt can take whatever style you wear to the next level.

You can significantly elevate the gold embroidery on your wedding dress with a gold or champagne satin sash wrapped around your waistline. A crystal belt may also add extra sparkle in just the right amount without overwhelming your appearance. 

Belts and sashes can be subtle accessories or bold embellishments that shouldn’t be overlooked when tying your wedding attire together.

5. Makeup

While makeup isn’t an accessory in the traditional sense, you can apply it in a way that complements your dress. 

Gold eye shadow might be an obvious choice if your dress has gold elements; however, blush tones are another excellent option for cheeks, lips and eye makeup. Remember to use a small amount of highlighter to augment your cheekbones, temples and nose tip. 

Depending on the season you’re getting married, red lipstick is stunning for fall weddings, while rosy pink is perfect for summertime. 

6. Bouquet

The wedding bouquet symbolizes marital bliss and may accessorize your gold embroidery dress in various ways. 

Regardless of the type of florals you’ve selected, adding sparkly gold elements, such as painted twigs, can further make your bouquet stand out. Perhaps you’ll choose all-white roses with gold pearls or a glamorous, cascading bouquet in champagne tones. 

Does your wedding happen to fall around the holiday season? Red and gold is another classic palette to consider. 

There are many ways to create a refined bouquet infused with gold for an elegant wedding. 

A Personal Touch to Remember Forever: Gold Embroidery Wedding Dresses

Gold embroidery wedding dresses are already a personal touch, especially since it strays from the conventional white or ivory bridal gown. Whatever accessories you incorporate into your wedding attire should make for loving memories that last a lifetime.

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