• 11/25/2022

9 Amazing Cherry Blossom Wedding Ideas

single branch with pink flowers for cherry blossom wedding

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If your heart skips a beat when we enter the spring season or you just can’t get enough pink in your life, a cherry blossom wedding might be for you. Though tricky to pull off properly, the end result is an elegant and whimsical affair. 

With careful planning, you’ll find many ways to incorporate this theme into every aspect of your day. We’ve gathered the best cherry blossom wedding ideas and tips, covering everything from subtle nods to the blossoms themselves. 

1. Stick to Spring

Cherry blossoms have such a short season, and scientists haven’t been able to manipulate these beautiful blooms artificially. If you want the real deal in your wedding, you’ll want to set a date between early March and early April or risk missing the precious flowers. Have a wedding planned for a different time of year? Get some engagement or bridal party photos taken in spring, either before or after your wedding. 

Cherry blossom branches in glass vases.

2. Choose Floral Stationery

Luckily, you don’t need to wait for a particular season to have cherry blossom wedding stationery. Include the delicate pink flower on your save-the-dates, invitations and thank you cards to coordinate with the wedding theme. Opt for a white background to save money on printing and to make the blush color pop. 

3. Pair Up Pink

Blush pink is the quintessential color for planning a cherry blossom-themed event. Pair it with other coordinating shades of pink for a gorgeous monochromatic wedding. Mint green or white also go very well with blush. Adding your favorite metallic like rose gold, bronze, gold or silver would enhance your romantic color palette.  

4. Embrace Silk Flowers

Using silk cherry blossoms instead of the real thing allows you to have your themed wedding any time of year. You’ll never have to worry about buds not opening or flowers falling off the branches. With faux florals, you get perfection every time and for a fraction of the price of real cherry blossoms. 

5. Fill Out Floral Arrangements

Cherry blossoms can be incredibly expensive and unreliable. As such, you should plan to use them as an accent in bouquets and other arrangements. Select one or two other main flowers in a coordinating wedding color to provide a beautiful base. 

Also, cherry blossom branches are very dirty and will quickly color the water they’re placed in, so if you’re using them in centerpieces, choose opaque vases. 

6. Make Them Blush

Say goodbye to tradition and order your wedding gown in blush. Otherwise, you can have your bridesmaids dress in light pink. If a white wedding dress is closer to your dream, consider having tiny cherry blossoms embroidered on the skirt or wearing blush heels. 

Don’t forget the men. Incorporate the theme into their attire with blush ties or vests. Use small pink buds in their boutonnieres as well.  

Women wearing blush pink dresses.

7. Add Cherry Flair to Cocktails

You can have so much fun infusing your theme into the drink menu. Shirley Temples are always a solid choice for a cherry blossom wedding, and who doesn’t love a good rosé? Sit down with your ladies to come up with even more creative cocktails for your big day. 

8. Adorn Your Cake 

A cherry blossom wedding cake is the perfect opportunity to showcase your theme. Bring your dream creation to life by hiring a skilled baker. Go subtle with a white base to let the decorations pop. Ask for an embroidered design, sugared flowers or even real blooms. Inside, select a pink sponge or layer with your favorite pink or red flavors like strawberry or raspberry. 

9. Offer Other Sweet Treats

You don’t even need to serve cake at your wedding. Instead, set up a dessert bar with the best blush treats. Petite fours or cupcakes with rose-colored icing and a cherry blossom design would be a hit. Add macarons in different shades of pink to your spread for delighted wedding guests.

Plan an Elegant Cherry Blossom Wedding

Armed with these fabulous tips, you’ll be able to plan the cherry blossom wedding of your dreams. Create a checklist with all your favorite ideas so you don’t forget any little details.

Remember, as with any themed wedding, you want each aspect of your wedding day to coordinate and flow, but you want to avoid overdoing the cherry blossom motif. These weddings look best with a touch of subtlety.

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