• 02/04/2022

7 Unique Summer Wedding Ideas

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Planning a wedding for the summertime can be exciting and playful, especially if you’re still prepping for the warmer weather to arrive. Whether you and your sweetheart love the summertime, you live in an area with all-around sunshine or you’re planning to head somewhere warm just for the occasion, there are so many great ideas for you to host a unique summer wedding that’s all your own. If you want a unique summer wedding experience, here are a few ideas that you can consider throughout your planning process.

The Field Wedding

This one can work for many seasons, and the summertime is one of them. Think about the gorgeous sunshine on a wide-open field, the big sky above you and the breeze rolling through the crowd as you say your vows to your beloved! You can even get a tent for the reception so you don’t need to spend the whole time in the sun.

Woodsy Wedding

If you’d rather get a little bit of cover, you might want to head to the woods for a magical forest wedding. Not only are the woods the perfect place to head for a little bit of mystical magic, but it can also offer a lot of privacy if you’re on the hunt for a more intimate spot. You can go to your favorite park or find a new space to host your celebration of love. It’s all up to you.

Beach Wedding

We have to touch on this classic summertime wedding option that you probably already saw coming. Beach weddings are a chill, relaxed and natural way to celebrate your wedding in a beautiful way. Go for a bohemian dress, some wildflowers and kick off those shoes as you embark on a day to remember!

Courthouse and Chill

Some couples are looking for a no-nonsense way to get hitched and set off on their adventures together. If this sounds like you and your sweetheart, why not get right down to it? If you want a private, small wedding where you can kick it on the city streets after your ceremony for photos and a casual celebration with your friends, you can head to the courthouse for a spontaneous-feeling whirlwind — and since the weather is warm in the summertime, you can stay out all night and party in your city!

Lakeside Nuptials

Getting back down to nature, what’s the next best option if a beach wedding isn’t in the cards? That’s right — why not head for the lakeside? Even if you’re not partial to swimming or beach vibes, heading to the lakeside can be a great choice to embrace nature and spend time in a cozy environment with your loved ones. Why not trek out to a lake house and embrace the cozy cabin vibes for your nuptials? It could be the perfect getaway!

Hot Summer Nights

This one isn’t so much a space as it is a time, but it’s definitely worth a look. Although many people love the all-day party of a ceremony that bleeds into an evening reception, but there are a few more options to explore when it comes to timing. Specifically, having a nighttime wedding can be a great way to shake things up. Think about all of the ambiances — from the dance floor to the tea lights, sparkler sendoffs and hanging lanterns. There are so many possibilities to make your evening glow!

Garden Party Wedding

Sending things back to the daytime, another great option for summertime weddings is the garden party vibe that you can achieve through an actual garden or through decorations and greenery that you bring into any space. If you want an afternoon wedding, this will definitely be a fantastic option for you to consider. I think about all of the plants, greenery and even the food and drinks that can go along with a garden party wedding — so chic and fun!

Unique Summer Wedding Ideas

If you plan on getting hitched this summer, there are so many ways that you can make your day a special as can be. Whether you feel like getting hitched at the courthouse, by the lakeside or at a fabulous garden party, the most important thing about your wedding is you and your sweetheart celebrating your love — and that’s sure to bring the warmth, no matter the season.

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