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15 Spring Wedding Ideas for 2022

15 Spring Wedding Ideas for 2022

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Spring is a beautiful time to get married. There’s something romantic about the world coming out of hibernation with bright blooming flowers and new life. If you want to get married in the next few months, check out these fifteen spring wedding ideas that will help you plan a gorgeous ceremony.

1. Pick a Pastel Palette

Some colors won’t look right at a spring wedding. Reds, oranges and yellows remind people of autumn more than an April afternoon. Pick pastel colors for your wedding to draw on themes of rebirth and soft flower petals.

2. Find In-Season Flowers

Tons of flowers begin to bloom in the spring, so use as many as you can. Talk with a florist about what they might have in stock, like pansies or tulips. You’ll get a better deal on flowers that don’t require shipping because they’re out of season.

3. Design Your Boutonnieres

Brides sometimes skip boutonnieres because smaller floral designs aren’t easy to create in the fall or winter. Get started on your wedding party’s boutonnieres early because spring has so many floral options that look great on suits.

4. Wear Press-On Nails

Planning a wedding is exciting and stressful. Don’t worry about trying to avoid chewing your nails if that’s how you deal with anxiety. Many brides now wear press-on nails down the aisle because they last for three to five days and won’t chip. Apply them the day before your ceremony and they’ll look perfect even as you leave for your honeymoon.

5. Create Floral Cocktails

Your guests will love sipping on floral cocktails at your reception. The drinks have vibrant colors and unique flavors, like a rosewater base for a raspberry martini. Make every beverage as beautiful as the season by using floral recipes inspired by spring.

6. Eat Healthy to Gain Energy

Women often feel pressured to succumb to unhealthy diets before their wedding. Extreme dietary changes will leave you exhausted and hungry, so eat healthy to maintain your energy. Add veggies and fruits to every meal by juicing your favorite foods and you’ll feel ready to conquer your wedding planning to-do list.

7. Consider Bridal Party Jumpsuits

Sometimes the occasional spring breeze or evening party is a bit chillier than you might expect. Let your bridal party wear matching jumpsuits so nobody has to shiver through your vows. They’re a classy modern switch on traditional dresses that might not fit your style.

8. Meditate to Handle Stress

When taking an evening walk under a spring sunset isn’t enough to defeat your wedding planning stress, learn how to meditate and stop negative thoughts. You’ll enjoy the season more and have fun pulling your big day together even while sorting out the more challenging details.

9. Incorporate Natural Elements

Think about how the world changes as the weather warms up and incorporate a few more of those elements into your big day. Wicker baskets and woven reception chairs will emphasize your theme without breaking away from your seasonal celebration.

10. Add Spring Animals

Why not add a few spring newborns to your ceremony? Use bunny figurines as decor at your reception. Ask someone to lead a lamb down the aisle and tie your rings around the lamb’s neck. Everyone will love the adorable baby animals and they’ll make your wedding one of a kind.

11. Host an Outdoor Ceremony

Your ceremony and reception could be outside if you love the spring weather at your venue destination. You’ll get to enjoy every moment, but remember that your guests might experience seasonal allergy symptoms that could make them uncomfortable. Think about their comfort as you plan where to say your vows and dance the night away.

12. Embroider Handheld Fans

Handheld fans keep people comfortable during outdoor weddings. Embroider them by hand or order fans with floral designs so guests can find them at their seats when it’s time for the ceremony to begin.

13. Go Big With Garlands

Garlands are another way to incorporate spring elements without being outdoors. Hang them around your venue or on the backs of your ceremony seats. Whether they have flowers or not, you’ll feel immersed in the season by all of the greenery around your venue.

14. Serve Spring Snacks

Guests are much happier when they have something to snack on. Before your ceremony and during cocktail hour, serve spring-inspired appetizers and drinks that everyone can enjoy. Things like pink lemonade, iced tea and mini blueberry muffins are just a few ideas to get you started on the perfect wedding menus.

15. Keep Umbrellas Handy

Spring showers sometimes happen unexpectedly. Prepare for any possibility by stocking umbrellas for your guests. They can take them home as thank-you gifts after your reception and use them throughout the year.

Discover New Spring Wedding Ideas

These are the latest spring wedding ideas that brides adore. See how many you can use for your upcoming wedding to celebrate the love of your life and your favorite season.

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