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Everything You Need to Know About Press-On Nails

Everything You Need to Know About Press-On Nails

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Upgrading your beauty routine is exciting, but you may feel nervous to try something new. You want to trust that you’re investing in something you’ll love, which is why press-on nails are a great option for expressing your style. This guide has everything you need to know about press-on nails so you can have a great experience with your first set.

What Are Press-On Nails?

Press-on nails are artificial coverings for your nail beds. Brands often make them from acrylic resin or plastic, but they also come in gel form. They arrive already decorated with colors and designs, so you don’t have to worry about going to the salon or handling a nail polish brush.

How Long Do They Last?

Depending on which brand you prefer, your press-on nails could last for a shorter or longer period. Some nails come with adhesive stickers, which average three to five days of wear for any length. Nails that stay in place with glue can last up to a week. It depends on which method they use and how well you take care of them.

A woman holds her hand up to the camera, showing off red nails with "love" written on them.

How to Make Press-On Nails Last Longer

You’ve taken your time to apply your new nails and got to wear them for a day before they popped off. It’s frustrating to deal with, but you can make them last longer with a few quick tricks.

Remove Natural Nail Oils

Your nails have natural oils from your fingers. You can’t always see them, but they provide a protective layer over the nail bed. Applying press-on nails directly onto those oils makes it more likely that the adhesive won’t create a strong bond. 

Before opening the glue or applying the nail sticker, remove your natural nail oils by washing your hands with soap and warm water. Dry them completely before continuing to the next step.

Apply a Base Coat

Base coat polish is clear and may seem pointless to anyone who isn’t used to the nail care world. It doesn’t contribute to your final look visually, but it does prevent nail damage by protecting the bed from adhesives. It also prevents adhesives from peeling by bonding with the glue.

Let the Nails Set

Even if your nails attach with a sticker, you should let them set for an hour or two after application. Avoid washing your hands, doing dishes or anything that could get your nails wet and disrupt the adhesive drying process.

Benefits of Press-On Nails

There are many reasons why people love press-on nails. Check out a few of the biggest benefits to applying them at home.

You Can Wear Them Anywhere

Press-on nails are easy to adjust to your style of the day. File them into a short manicure and wear them to work or make them the ultimate elopement accessory to add some flare to your bridal look. 

You’ll Boost Your Self-Confidence

It always feels great to walk out of the salon with perfect nails. Press-on designs make that feeling last for up to a week. Boost your self-confidence when you need it the most, like before moving on from your ex or walking into a job interview. 

You Can Skip Chemical Ingredients

Nail polish contains chemicals that could clash with your clean beauty preferences, but press-on nail brands make designs specifically from sustainable ingredients. Check out all-natural products to find the best set for your lifestyle.

You Can Apply Them Quickly

Painting your nails requires a drying machine or a few hours where you don’t need to do anything. Smudging the fresh polish means starting over from the beginning, but press-on nails don’t need dry time. As long as the adhesive gets enough time to set, you’ll be ready to get back to your routine right away.

You’ll Always Try New Styles

Instead of investing in a single expensive nail polish bottle, you can always try something new with nail sets. Lengths, designs and colors are never out of your price range because press-on collections are almost always the same affordable price.

A woman with white press-on nails holds her hand on her shoulder.

How to Reuse Press-On Nails

Another big benefit to fake nails is getting to wear them more than once. These are a few ways to make them last longer and get more for your money.

Soak Your Nails in Oil

After removing your nails according to the instructions on the packaging, soak them in antibacterial oil to remove any bacteria. If you have any abrasions around your nail bed, you won’t have to worry about potential infections after reapplying the press-ons.

Scrape Away Dried Glue

Nails stay on better when the adhesive can bond with the entire surface. Gently scrape away dried glue from used nails with the tools provided in the set or a toothpick to avoid damaging the nails before reusing them.

Store in a Dry Place

Leaving damp nails in a drawer or container allows bacteria to grow on them between uses. Always dry them completely after taking them off and store them somewhere airtight where they’ll stay dry until you’re ready to wear them again.

Enjoy Your New Nails

Now that you’ve read everything you need to know about press-on nails, enjoy the creative freedom they provide. Try new styles and lengths or match them to specific outfits for special occasions to expand your beauty skills and look fabulous without extra effort.

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