• 09/06/2021

The 10 Best Happy Shows to Watch Right Now


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The best part about streaming services is that when you finish watching the latest movie or TV show, you’re only seconds away from finding your next favorite hit. If you’re looking to take a break from the time-traveling drama of “Outlander” or the tension in the fast-paced “Mr. Robot,” it’s time to start a show that will make you laugh. These are the 10 best happy shows to watch right now and they’re all available on all of your favorite streaming services. 

1. The Good Place

When Eleanor Shellstrop wakes up in The Good Place — the afterlife for everyone who gains enough points through good deeds and pure hearts — she knows she’s in the wrong place. Hilarity ensues as she meets the cast of characters who will quickly feel like your newfound family. The witty humor and whip-smart scripts earned the show 13 Emmy nominations and numerous other awards until the show ended with one of the best television finales in January 2020.

2. Pushing Daisies

In “Pushing Daisies,” Lee Pace plays Ned, who can bring living things back to life for one minute with the touch of his finger. When he gets the chance to bring his childhood crush back to life, he makes that minute last much longer by never letting himself touch her again. They team up to solve mysteries that always get resolved by the end of each episode. The show’s fast-paced humor and genuine heart will reduce your stress during a move or any other tough time by building characters that captivated audiences for two full seasons.

3. New Girl

People adore New Girl for the one-off jokes that have remained popular memes since the show ended in 2018. The ensemble comedy features a cast that drew viewers in with their natural friendships and chemistry. After new-girl-in-town Jessica Day moves in with new roommates, they change each other’s lives for the better. Stick around to watch them go through life’s ups and downs without ever forgetting to laugh along the way.

4. Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope works for the Indiana Parks and Recreation Department and uses her boundless energy and optimism to make her city better for everyone. She also considers her co-workers her family, so she takes them along for adventures and hilarious drama that pops up around town and in the office. The writing features heartfelt moments and incredible character arcs that will have you chuckling as you tap “Play Next Episode” during your next binge-watching session. 

5. Ted Lasso

Apple TV found another hit series in their ongoing show, “Ted Lasso.” The titular character is a football coach who goes to London to teach soccer, which he’s never done before. Viewers will learn how to believe in the inherent goodness in every person by watching the now-famous coach fill his world with positivity.

It’s the perfect complementary show to pair with your positive affirmations and daily intention setting. If you’re looking for more inspiration to make great changes in your life, look no further than your Apple TV app.

6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

After spending 15 years trapped in an underground doomsday cult, Kimmy Schmidt explores New York City as she discovers who she is outside of her past in a bunker. The premise sounds dark, but Tina Fey helmed the show and participated in the writing, so you’re in for some laugh-out-loud adventures as Kimmy makes friends with an aspiring Broadway actor and his eccentric landlord.

7. The Office

“The Office” was originally a British show, but the American adaptation with Steve Carrell took the world by storm. It merges quick and cringe-worthy humor in all the best ways with characters you might recognize from your own office job. Start the show to see where all of your favorite memes began and stay for the incredible cast chemistry that will have you checking your birth chart compatibility so you can find the Jim to your Pam. 

Although the show accounted for 45.8 billion minutes of viewing on Netflix while it was on the streaming service, you can find every episode of the finished series on NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

8. Bob’s Burgers

If you’re in the mood for animated fun, you’ll love Bob’s Burgers. Bob Belcher and his family operate a burger joint across the street from their nemesis, Jimmy Pesto. The expansive world-building and character arcs never miss a beat between the show’s clever jokes and fast-paced storylines. It’s so popular that it’s still on the air, but you can watch every season on nearly any streaming app.

9. Scrubs

J.D., Turk and Elliot are medical interns when they arrive at Sacred Heart Hospital. They learn much more than medical procedures as they interact with patients and bond with the hospital staff during their careers. The show is one of showrunner Bill Lawrence’s first mega-hits. If you loved his other series like Friends and Ted Lasso, you’ll adore the heart of Scrubs that kept fans enthralled for nine seasons.

10. Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend, but there are so many other ways they give back to the world. Netflix’s “Dogs” follows the lives of pups around the globe. You’ll cry happy tears and cheer from your couch while watching them become service dogs, help people escape war-torn countries and remind you why life can be so much more with a four-legged friend at your side.

Check Out Some Happy Shows

These are some of the best happy shows you can find on streaming services. Check them out during your next pizza night or whenever you need a mood booster. They’ll entertain and enthrall you while making you laugh during every episode.

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