• 03/21/2022

Your Guide to Manifesting: Speak It Into Existence

Your Guide to Manifesting Speak It Into Existence

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Sometimes people feel like they have complete control over their life. You might have a comfortable routine where you get to call all of the shots. Other times, life reminds you that you can’t make everything happen on your own. Sometimes you have to think about what you want and speak it into existence.

Manifesting is an excellent way to bring something into existence. Read this guide to manifesting to learn about positively directing your thoughts so you can conquer your goals and live the life of your dreams.

What Is Manifesting?

If you haven’t heard of manifesting before, it might seem outside of your comfort zone. It’s a spiritual technique that sometimes aligns with existing religions. People who manifest things in their life focus their most pressing intentions toward a goal or desire. They give that thing to the universe and work with the universe to achieve it.

Sometimes people give their intentions over to their god. If you’re not religious, you can still manifest an intention and speak it into existence by saying it out loud to the known world. The positive energies surrounding you can reinforce your creative drive.

You might manifest a desire if you perform a tarot card reading and feel encouraged to pursue a particular life path. You could also feel the need to change your career or cleanse your life of negative people. Whatever you need or want, manifesting can help you gain the strength to get there.

What Is the Law of Attraction?

Manifesting and the law of attraction go hand in hand. It’s a concept that says people will attract anything into their life that consumes their focus. It may explain why everything seems to go wrong if you have a terrible morning. Starting with a negative mood can make everything else fall out of place.

Ruminate on the core concepts within the law of attraction — ask, believe and receive. Once you know what to ask for, believing and receiving will naturally occur if your focus remains on your goals. 

How Do You Start Manifesting?

There are many ways to start manifesting, even if you’ve never done it before. Use these steps to get started and find the best way forward towards your greatest intentions.

Think About What You Want

It isn’t easy to begin speaking things into existence if you don’t know what you want. Consider your current life and how you’d like it to change. After giving yourself some time to reflect on your desires, you may come up with a list that has ideas like:

  • I want to fall in love with the right person.
  • I want a job that’s fulfilling.
  • I want an engaging hobby.

Each of these ideas should have a reason backing it up. If you want a new hobby, it might be because you want a deeper connection with your identity. List one or two things that will take your entire focus and move on to the next step in manifestation.

Tell the Universe About Your Needs

The universe is full of energy. Telling it what you want for your life can connect you with additional positive energy to help you along your way. You can rely on your religion to fulfill this step or think about the energy flowing through every galaxy and direct your thoughts toward that.

If you need help, you can take a nature walk or do yoga to get your spiritual flow going. Releasing any stress or tension can help you connect with the universe and fully engage your intentions with greater helpful energy.

Speak It Into Existence

Continue focusing on your primary intention and speak it into existence every day. This step requires daily meditation on what you want to manifest. Collect your willpower and send it out to the universe as you speak positivity and encouragement over your life. Setting reminders will help you get started if you’re not used to the routine.

The most significant challenge to speaking something into existence is losing the battle to negative thoughts. You could accidentally discourage yourself from continuing your manifestation routine and stop benefiting from it. Battle those negative thoughts by learning to meditate them away every morning, afternoon or night. It’s easier to focus on positive change without doubt or discouragement settling into your mind.

Trust the Universe to Give Back

The law of attraction requires belief for someone to attract change into their lives. Once you speak your desires to the universe, trust it to give those desires back. Leaning into the positive energy around you will give you more confidence in your manifestation and result in better outcomes.

Consider What You Can Do Too

While you’re watching for your manifestations to turn into results, consider how you can work with the universe to make them happen faster. Manifesting is another way to set goals, so take actionable and purposeful steps to get closer to your goals. The universe can’t surround you with helpful energy to achieve your desired raise if you aren’t also working hard at your job. Outline steps toward your dreams and start taking them to change your life.

Try Manifesting Your Needs

What future do you dream of achieving? Speak it into existence by learning how to manifest your goals. When you focus on your personal goals, say them out loud and trust the universe to work alongside you, you can confidently create the life you desire.

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