• 08/12/2022

6 Reasons to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

Reasons to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

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Everyone understands that things like drinking water and eating healthy foods are part of maintaining your overall wellness, but wearing sunscreen is also essential. No one should forget to take care of their skin with this simple step. If you don’t know why it’s so important, read these reasons to wear sunscreen every day to value the quick skincare solution more than ever before.

1. It Lowers Your Skin Cancer Risks

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 83,996 people develop skin cancer annually and over 8,000 people die from it each year. Wearing sunscreen every day adds a protective layer between your skin and the sun, preventing the rays from burning your skin cells or triggering any cancerous growths.

2. It Reduces UV Ray Exposure

Many people know that being out in sunlight gives you a vitamin D boost, which improves your immune system and helps young people develop stronger bones. However, it also increases your ultraviolet (UV) ray exposure. UV rays are the most harmful part of sunlight, so wearing sunscreen keeps your skin safe from them while you get that essential vitamin D.

3. It Can Hydrate Your Skin

You don’t have to wear greasy sunscreen every day to improve your skin’s health. Many facial lotions offer sun protection factor (SPF) protection. Find one that works with your skin type that doesn’t leave an oily sheen on your skin. You’ll provide your skin cells with extra hydration, especially during dryer months that make dry skin problems worse.

4. It Prevents Early Aging

Wearing more sunscreen in lotions or sunscreen products is part of crafting a better skincare routine at any age. Young people will also benefit from starting this healthy habit early because sunscreen prevents early aging.

When UV rays hit your skin, they start a photo-aging process that results in sagging, wrinkles and discoloration. Long-term exposure will start this process earlier than you’d like, so keep your skin young and healthy by using an SPF lotion or oil-free sunscreen product daily.

5. It Could Help Genetic Risks

Wearing sunscreen is more important for some people than others, depending on their genetics. The same genes that cause people to have red hair also weaken their skin’s protection abilities to withstand sun exposure. If you have naturally red or strawberry-colored hair, you could quickly reduce your genetic risk of getting skin cancer by wearing sunscreen every day.

6. It Establishes a Healthy Habit

When you’re about to hang out on the beach, mow your lawn or go for a walk, taking a few minutes to apply sunscreen might seem annoying. It puts your activity on pause, but spending your time with a bit of skincare is essential. Make the healthy habit feel effortless by wearing sunscreen every day so your busy schedule doesn’t prevent you from protecting your skin.

Start Wearing Sunscreen Every Day

There are many reasons to wear sunscreen every day, but these are some of the most important. Think about which factors are most accurate to your life to determine your new motivation behind your improved skincare routine. You’ll never look at sunscreen the same way again because it will be much more important to you.

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