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Build Your Best Skin Care Routine

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When you browse beauty products online or explore your local convenience store’s beauty section, you might feel overwhelmed by how many products you see. They all promise to help your skin, but where do you start? This guide explains how to build your best skin care routine for your health and your budget.

Best Morning Skin Care Routine

Start every day off right with a great morning routine. Your skin needs daily attention, just like your teeth and hair. These steps will guide you through each step and encourage healthy, glowing skin any time of the year.

A woman with facial cream on her face holds an avocado in front of one eye.

1. Start With a Cleanser

Wash the night away with your favorite cleanser. Consider your skin’s sensitivity to pick the right intensity. If it’s easily irritated or dry, pick a product designed for gentle use. Cleansers are powerful tools made with surfactants that dissolve oil and water molecules, making it easier to wash oil away from your pores.

You’ll get a deep clean without much scrubbing. Apply across areas such as your cheeks, chin and forehead, as well as your nose and temples. Pat dry and continue with your productive routine to improve your skin every day.

2. Create an Even Skin Tone

Toner is another useful skin care tool. It calms your skin and reduces redness, which makes it easier to apply makeup evenly. It also boosts confidence if you’re not into makeup. You can also reduce redness by practicing easy breathing exercises to regulate your heart rate. Morning anxiety may cause red splotches that toner can’t fight if your heart rate remains too high.

3. Take Advantage of Vitamin C

Drinking or eating vitamin C improves your immune system, but applying it as a skin care serum smoothes fine lines and wrinkles while fighting age spots. It eases your skin through the aging process, but it’s best applied in the morning. Natural UV light reduces its overall effectiveness, so stay out of the sun until the vitamin C soaks into your pores.

4. Consider an Eye Cream

You may not notice it, but the skin around your eyes is constantly working. Squinting, smiling and laughing all tense the skin and lead to wrinkles. Apply eye cream carefully each morning to minimize damage.

5. Use a Moisturizer

Moisturizer sets your skin up for success, but it also depends on what you use. Many people want to use coconut oil on their faces because it’s an all-natural moisturizer. The bad news is solid at room temperature.

Find a product designed to moisturize your skin that uses ingredients you prefer, like liquid coconut oil or essential oils. Apply as needed in the morning and throughout the day to prevent cellular rigidity and irritation.

A woman takes a dollop of moisturizer from a jar.

6. Finish With Sunscreen

It’s rarely a bad idea to apply sunscreen across your cheeks, nose and brow line. You can even combine this step with your moisturizer by finding a lotion that includes sunscreen. It won’t leave an oily sheen behind so you’re free to apply makeup without clumping or stickiness.

Best Evening Skin Care Routine

Make time for your skin every evening. It’s an essential part of winding down after a long day and maintaining your health. Follow these easy steps to put together a routine that works for you.

1. Wash the Day Away

Cleanser can also double as a makeup remover, so start by wiping your face clean. It lifts and removes residue from your makeup products, sweat and oil.

2. Go Back For Your Toner

End your day with a bit of toner to center your skin care routine. It restores your skin’s natural pH, which might solve any irritation or dryness going on. Find one with a scent you love for a little extra aromatherapy before bed.

3. Try Gently Exfoliating

Exfoliating is an integral part of any skin care routine because it serves all skin types. You’ll wash away dead, dry skin cells and prevent oil from clogging pores with the right exfoliating product.

Wash gently to avoid rubbing your skin raw. Opt for an exfoliating product or make one at home with sugar and your favorite essential oils.

4. Add Your Favorite Treatments

After exfoliating, play around with skin care treatments to find your nightly favorites. If you want to use skin tighteners, age spot reducers or pore shrinkers, apply as needed. It’s also a great time to use retinol because your pores are ready to absorb it effectively.

5. Apply Acne Treatment

Dealing with a few trouble spots? Don’t forget to apply your preferred acne treatments before going to sleep. Lotions, creams and stickers will all work better because you’ve cleansed and prepared your skin.

6. Complete Your Routine

If you aren’t going to sleep with acne stickers on trouble spots, finish your nightly routine with any beauty products remaining on your counter. Your skin will benefit from a bit more moisturizer or even a facial oil because they’ll have all night to work.

Create Your Best Skin Care Routine

Build your best skin care routine with these steps and modify it as needed. Your skin changes with time so it’s good to adapt with it. Try new lotions, oils and exfoliants to get the result you want without breaking the bank.

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