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Mutable Signs: How They’re Unique and What “Mutable” Means

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When they’re feeling untethered, many people look to the stars to feel more at home. However, astrology is about more than just your sun sign — there are many important elements of your birth chart that make you who you are, including your modality. Here’s everything you need to know about what the mutable signs are, what that means and how you can use that knowledge to walk through life with ease.

What Are the Mutable Signs?

Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini are mutable. Though they have the same modality, each is of a different element — Virgo is earth, Sagittarius is fire, Pisces is water and Gemini is air. They also fall toward the end of the season they appear in, helping others through such major transitions.

What Does “Mutable” Mean?

Though “mutable” makes it sound like you’re quiet all the time, it’s not exactly what being mutable means. According to Merriam-Webster, the word means you’re capable of changing or being changed. If many signs on your birth chart fall into this modality, it can mean you’re very adaptable and level-headed when things get complicated. You might also thrive when being spontaneous or in a space that allows variety.

Additionally, these signs acknowledge that life is full of changes, and the only way to manage them is to move with them rather than against them. They encourage others and themselves not to get too attached to a single way of doing things, promoting a release of control and rigidity that often leads to excessive stress.

How Do Fixed and Cardinal Signs Differ From Mutable Signs?

The cardinal signs — Capricorn, Cancer, Libra and Aries — come at the beginning of their respective seasons. They embody the excitement of leaping into a new idea and how gratifying new beginnings can be. While mutable signs represent change, cardinal signs are the effect of that change, coming out of rebirth excited to start fresh.

Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius are the fixed signs. Because they come in the middle of their seasons, they’re the perfect signs to represent being at rest. The fixed signs are very loyal and stable, whereas the mutable modality is about transformation and flexibility.

All these modalities are critical to the cycle of life. If you’re too busy jumping from new thing to new thing, you’ll miss experiences that come from stopping to smell the roses. Being stable for too long can lead to rigidity or stagnation, which is why you need change. Transitions must lead to something new — otherwise, you’re merely drifting off with no grounding.

The cardinal, fixed and mutable signs all balance each other. Creation naturally flows into stability, which inevitably requires change, which will create something new, and so on and so forth.

How to Manage Being Mutable

Even though being mutable is supposed to mean you’re good with change, that doesn’t automatically mean you love it. Here’s how each sun sign can embrace the natural flow of life.


Geminis adapt to change well because their minds are always on the go. If this sign is strong in your chart, you’re likely used to thinking of every possible outcome of a situation. While anticipating shifts can help you prepare, hopping from “what if” to “what if” can foster snap decisions that aren’t the best options in hindsight. Plus, looking at every angle can make it hard to choose.

If this sounds familiar, take a moment to breathe. Growing pains are natural, and you could become much more comfortable where you are when the dust settles. Additionally, overexamining can cause you to miss the big picture, so take a step back and be objective. Just remember — you should always leave a situation if it becomes unsafe.


Virgos love to keep the ball rolling. They’re always looking for ways to improve how they do things so life’s transitions continue going smoothly. You’re great at prioritizing, but always looking for improvement can undermine your self-confidence. You might feel like what you’re doing at the moment is never enough because there’s always somewhere to grow.

Those with a lot of Virgo in their chart should remember to affirm themselves that they’re incredible just the way they are. Sometimes, you plateau — and that’s OK. You’ll be at your best for an extended time every now and then. Keep an eye out for those exciting opportunities, but don’t beat yourself up if they’re not constantly appearing.


A Sagittarius is all about learning. You’re always looking out for something new to teach yourself, some alternate point of view to examine or a new experience to jazz things up. While all those changes can expand your mind, you might find yourself taking on too much more often. Your excitement to try things might make commitments stack up or affect your finances.

This sign is always ready for a challenge, so it’s time to tackle organization. Everything may seem like it’s equally important, but you must take time to rest so you have enough energy for what you want to do. That might mean you wait to book a new class, stay in for a self-care night or avoid balancing too many responsibilities. You can’t pour from an empty cup, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Since it’s a water sign, it’s probably no surprise that Pisces is very emotional. You can pick up on other people’s feelings rather easily, and often feel quite moved by them and your own. This trait can make you very empathetic, but extreme emotions are likely overwhelming. It may be hard to separate your own thoughts from those more reflective of what other people think to fit in.

Everyone needs time to themselves — perhaps you, especially. The world doesn’t rest on your shoulders and your feelings are valid. Additionally, take the time to process your emotions rather than let them rush by you. Life is a flurry of changes that can sweep you off your feet if you’re not careful, so start determining how much you can keep on your plate at one time.

Mutable Signs Are Anything But Silent

Sagittarii, Virgos, Geminis and Pisces have so much to offer the other eight zodiac signs. The way they take on shifts in life with ease is something to admire. However, all that change can be too much even for those in the mutable modality. Use this time to reflect on how the mutable aspects of your chard reflect in your personality.

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