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Get to Know the Zodiac Water Signs

The pisces fish symbol.

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Zodiac water signs flow with emotions are deeply caring. The following information can help you get to know these sensitive and passionate signs.


Cancer is the fourth astronomical sign in the zodiac and named after its constellation. Many summer babies are born with the sweet and sensitive traits of the cardinal water sign.

The Constellation

The constellation is made of six stars that begin in a line before branching out into two “claws.” It’s often seen as a crustacean–most commonly a crab. The stars rest between 90° and 120° celestial longitude. The Sun transits the area under the tropical zodiac between approximately June 22 and July 22. Its opposite zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Ancient Connections

The name “cancer” comes from the latin word meaning crab. In Greek mythology, Heracles crushed the crab Karkinos under his foot. Hera placed its remains in the sky, creating the cancer constellation. Egyptian mythology associates the constellation with the scarab instead as a symbol of immortality. In ancient Babylonian culture, cancer was a god who would guide the deceased through the underworld.

In Today’s Astrology

The moon is the sole ruler over the cancer sign. The moon reflects the sun’s rays to provide a guiding light in the darkness of night. It filters cosmic rays and shields us from other planets that could overwhelm or destroy earth.

As the moon protects and nurtures Earth, so do cancers with their loved ones. They take pride and pleasure with creating a safe, welcoming home and being with their family. Often, cancers are homebodies and don’t seek out great adventures on their own. However, they’re quick to fly the nest if one of their baby birds is in trouble.

Cancers are generally very maternal and are likely to have a large family. They may want several children or to surround themselves with other family members and close friends. Cancers do enjoy alone time, but never like to feel truly alone. Even if their tribe is small, they will do everything to keep it tight-knit and healthy. They often enjoy holiday traditions, family dinners and take pride in their heritage. They try to avoid conflict at any cost and will try to quickly resolve a problem between people they love.

Don’t mistake their desire for harmony as pacifist. Cancers find it difficult to hide their emotions and you can often tell their displeasure about a situation by simply looking at them. You will find a temper if you go against a cause they’re passionate about or threaten their peace.

Cancers carry light and energy, reflected in the light and energy found throughout the summer months.


Pisces is the twelfth and final sign of the zodiacal cycle. The fixed sign spans the end of the winter season, often lasting up to the first day of spring.

The Constellation

The pisces constellation comes from 20 stars that form a “v” shape with clusters on the end that appear as two fish leaping out from the water. The stars span 330° to 360° celestial longitude. The Sun begins to transit the area around February 19 and exits around March 20. Its opposite sign is Virgo

Ancient Connections

The word “pisces” is “fish” in Latin. The constellation gets its name from the two fish-like clusters on the ends of its constellation. In Greek mythology, two koi fish saved the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros. They were placed in the stars to immortally shine as a reward for their good deed. In Babylonian astrology, they associated the northernmost fish in the constellation with the goddess Inanna. Meanwhile Hindu mythology associates it with the god Vishnu. The symbol of pisces is present in Christianity, often used to symbolize Jesus Christ.

Some beliefs state that either Neptune or Poseidon rule over pisces as one of their sea creatures.

In Today’s Astrology

Neptune and Jupiter rule of pisces. The former is mysterious and the latter is lucky–a suitable combination for the reserved, empathetic people born under the sign. While cancers often where their heart on their sleeves, pisces can be more reserves and closed-off. However, they are just as sweet and sensitive.

Empathy is a huge trait among pieces. They often take on outside emotions and feel deeply for others. This characteristic aids in their creativity, with many becoming extremely artistic. Just like the sea, the imagination of a pisces is expansive, from light and happy topics to darker, moody ones. They can easily get lost in their thoughts and often daydream.

While cancers prefer to lay down roots, pisces are adaptable. Their creativity and ingenuity often helps them find their place in different scenarios.


Pisces is the eighth zodiac sign and is the fiercest of the water signs. The mutable sign’s fearlessness is fitting for those born around Halloween.

The Constellation

The scorpius constellation gives its name and symbol to scorpio. Its easy to correctly guess that the constellation looks like a scorpion. Its 21 stars lay between 210° to 240° celestial longitude–one of the longest around. The Sun’s transit is approximately October 23 through November 21. Taurus is its opposite sign.

Ancient Connections

There are two Greek myths around the scorpius constellation. The first states that its the scorpion that struck and killed the huntsman Orion. The other considers it the scorpion that spooked the horses Phaethon attempted to drive. His inexperience then led to the carriage infamously crashing and burning the chariot.

In Today’s Astrology

Pluto rules over the scorpio sign. Its a planet known for its destruction and transformation. Both of those features reflect on the people born under it.

The scorpius constellation is one of the brightest among the stars and scorpios are most likely out of the water signs to shine in the face of adversity.

Like their fellow water signs, scorpios are deeply emotional but they tend to express them more intensely than their companions. Their powerful presence makes some people believe they are actually fire signs, but dig a little deeper and you’ll see water sign traits pop out.

Most scorpios feel all emotions strongly and are incredibly loyal to those they feel deserve it. They are strong leaders but need time to themselves every now and then. Like Pluto, scorpios can be mysterious and are unlikely to share much about their personal life with anyone they don’t feel incredibly close with. However, they are honest and ambitious. They aren’t afraid to fight for the people care for and obsess over their passions.

Embracing Life as a Water Sign

If you or someone you love is a water sign, you might’ve recognized some of the personality traits found in cancer, pisces and scorpio. Knowing your emotion, passion and vulnerability connects to your zodiac sign can help you embrace who you are to the fullest.

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