• 08/23/2021

Everything You Need to Know About Worry Stones

Everything You Need to Know About Worry Stones

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Everyone needs a helping hand when life gets challenging. Stress ultimately invades everything, including your mental and physical health. When looking at funny pictures or chatting with a friend won’t help, you might consider using worry stones to ease your mind. If you’re not sure what they are, this guide explains everything you need to know about worry stones so you can start using them to let go of lingering tension or anxiety.

What Are Worry Stones?

Worry stones have a long history. Ancient Greeks used to pull them from rivers and use them alongside worry beads, which meant rubbing them between their fingers to relieve tension while they prayed. The tradition carried on through the centuries that followed and ultimately became the same way people use worry stones today.

People select stones that have become smooth due to weeks, months or years of sitting under running water. Sometimes they also choose a stone that appeals to them because it uses a unique material, like bone or ceramic.

Users hold these stones in their hands and rub them while they feel nervous or upset. Applying pressure and rubbing the stone in a repetitive motion will calm your heartbeat and center your spirit in troubling times.

Are There Different Types of Worry Stones?

Traditional worry stones come from riverbeds, but you don’t have to search through the woods to find one. Many stores now sell them by partnering with artists who craft each by hand. They might make them with wood, ceramic or even glass.

You can also substitute your favorite crystal for a worry stone if you find one that you love. Consider popular crystals known for having healing properties like:

  • Rose quartz
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Amethyst

They could double as decor at your work desk or around your home. Keep them wherever you tend to feel most stressed so they’re always within reach.

Hands hold a rainbow-striped stone.

What Are the Benefits of Worry Stones?

There are a few significant benefits to using worry stones, even if you’ve never tried them before. Consider what influences your daily anxiety and your typical stress symptoms to see if they’d be helpful for you.

Learning to Recognize Anxiety

Waves of anxiety are difficult to spot when you don’t feel like you can breathe through them. Worry stones are an anchor to hold onto while you’re stressed. You’ll quickly learn the earliest signs of feeling anxious or dealing with a panic attack because you’ll reach for the stone every time.

Avoiding Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

People cope with their worries in different ways. Sometimes those coping mechanisms are unhealthy. A person could binge unhealthy foods that disrupt their gut health and make them feel terrible. You might reach for a drink, go outside for a cigarette or push through the feelings until they snowball into something much worse.

Distracting Yourself From Worries

Anxieties might become more intense when it’s quiet. If you have nothing to distract you, your racing thoughts are much more challenging to handle. Your worry stone redirects your thoughts so you can fill your mind with positive affirmations that encourage you to recognize the goodness in your life. When goodness grows, negativity shrinks.

Becoming Comfortable in New Situations

People worry when they’re in an unfamiliar situation. Therapists often give worry stones to new clients so they can ease their nerves during a session. Put pressure on your stone by rubbing it and you’ll tire your muscles until they can’t stay tense with stress anymore.

When Should You Use Them?

Is there a wrong time to pull out your worry stone? Check out a few great examples of when they’re most effective. You can use your stone whenever you feel uncomfortable, but these are prime moments for finding anxiety relief.

During a Nightly Bath

After feeling on edge all day, a hot bath is relaxing. It’s the perfect time to relax with your worry stone in hand. The warm water will reduce your blood pressure that might have increased during a stressful day. Meanwhile, your stone will allow your anxieties to swirl away down the drain.

During Daily Nature Walks

Walking around outside removes you from anything that might trouble you. Rub your worry stone as you take an evening stroll. Being surrounded by the natural world will improve your psychological well-being and the stone will center your thoughts after a long day.

During Moments by Yourself

While you’re sitting at work, listening to a lecture at school or riding public transportation, use the moment by yourself to pull your worry stone from your pocket. You’ll get a second to breathe and check in with yourself. See what your mind and body need to keep your stress low even after setting your stone aside.

Ease Your Worries Today

Now that you’ve read everything you need to know about worry stones, see if you’d benefit from having one of your own. They’re easy to use and go anywhere you go, so you’ll never feel stranded in a sea of anxiety without a lifeline.

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