• 04/12/2024

25 Symbols of Hope to Surround Yourself With Daily

A white dove with its wings outstretched.

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Everyone has a different place to go for comfort and joy. However, there are several concepts, animals and ideas in human history that became culturally associated with hope. If you need some more of that in your life, figure out how to expose yourself to more of this imagery — you never know how it could inspire you. These are common symbols of hope and advice on how to incorporate them into your daily life.


Look around you — how could you not feel inspired by the persistence of nature’s animals? Whether real or mythological, there are countless creatures that remind humanity of the world’s optimism and joy. Decorate your homes with prints or statues of them to remind you of their presence.


These enormous and empathetic creatures have faced some of the most prominent adversities in animal conservation, yet the way they herd and care for each other has never changed. The gentle giants demonstrate a dedication and wisdom that overcomes cruelty, as they prioritize love over all else.


The beauty of a starfish is they are a sign of a healthy aquatic habitat. Seeing them speckled on rocks and sand signify the regenerative properties of nature. This compounds with their seemingly impossible ability to regrow limbs — a metaphor to remind humans of the incredible potential of our bodies to carry us.


These bright and swift birds are delicate pollinators, giving life to the world’s crops and flowers. They represent birth and prolific harvests as the plants they assist bloom in countless colors.

green hummingbird


Who could ignore the transformative marvel of butterflies? It is one of the most majestic natural processes, reminding people how important it is to embrace change. 


The infinite life of a phoenix may not be possible for humans to literally obtain, but the way they rise again is an empowering reminder that beauty flourishes and grief fades, no matter how heavy or gray the ashes.


Creatures are only one aspect of the natural world that incites hope. Go outside and expose yourself to them on a more regular basis.


What is more hopeful than an array of impossible color peeking through the sky after a storm? It feels contradictory, but it makes sense as a symbol of hope. Color and light are always stronger than darkness.

Shooting Star

Blink and you’ll miss it, but a shooting star symbolizes hope by doing what we can to notice ways we can make our wishes come true. 


The dawn of a new day is here, and you made it. There is nothing more hopeful than that, especially as the sun’s rays wash your skin in warmth and light.


Though this may not seem like something in nature, we challenge you to walk around your town. Doesn’t the laughter make you smile? It is a small way to notice how happiness envelopes people despite how pessimistic and cynical everyone can be in modern times.


The crashing on the rocks, the mist spray and the unarguable splendor of a waterfall are hopeful for a few reasons. The water is a source of cleansing and renewal. It is also a perpetual transference of energy, showing us Earth’s power and reliability to thrive.


Flowers and Plants

If you don’t already have some flowers or floral imagery in your home and office, change that. Flowers are the ultimate representation of hope with their magical growth.


This is one of the most well-known images across the world for hope, enlightenment and transcendence. The delicate lotus atop still water evokes serenity and peace.

Olive Branch

The olive branch is the quintessential icon of peace, giving equal hope to those delivering and accepting it. Its most famous inclusion is in the Noah’s Ark story, when the dove holds the olive branch as a beacon that Earth is being born again.

Easter Lily

These gorgeous white petals are quiet yet meaningful in pushing away negative energy. They represent the coming of spring, which has numerous connotations of hope and rebirth.


If the sun is a symbol of hope, it makes sense the sunflower would follow suit. They come in more shades than their traditional radiant yellow. From white to red gradients to almost purples, sunflowers are sturdy and healing.

Gingko Tree

Gingko trees are dominating, as they stand their ground against some of the harshest influences in human history. 


Any object can inspire, but these are some of the most culturally relevant. Many choose to get these items tattooed as a permanent mark of their hopefulness.


The way a lighthouse’s beams permeate the night to usher in ships and seafarers is a calming pinnacle of stability — no matter how rough the waters might get.



These symbols of abundance and togetherness give hope in human connection and generosity.


Anchors are durable and dependable, helping ships stay afloat, even through cutting waves. Considering the metaphor of an anchor has this effect on countless people.


You could view seeds literally, as crops or flowers. Or, you could see them as ephemeral bursts of inspiration. No matter how you view a seed, they are glimmers of hope for new life and potential.


Within the pages of books are the boundless possibilities of creativity and imagination. They provide hope by providing solace, comfort and euphoria as our minds travel and meet fascinating people.


Spiritual, religious and global icons are symbols of hope for the faithful. 

Yin and Yang

The eternal duality of yin and yang provides hope by letting us know the world must remain in balance. The Gingko tree is another common representation of yin and yang.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life represents the interconnectedness and enduring traits of the planet. It is hopeful because it is a reminder of how nature is life’s pillar, and it is unyielding.


This is a Hindu symbol and sound that emits the soul of the universe. This is why it is a common mantra during meditation.


Also known as Osiris’ spine, this Egyptian icon is a hopeful vessel that provides safety no matter what passage of life they undergo.


The cross is the Christian symbol of faith, representing overcoming pain through hope and perseverance. 

Symbols of Hope Everywhere You Look

You are the designer of your environment, so you can choose to put symbols of hope everywhere you look. Plus, there are countless more not on this list. Hope is personalized and expansive — a poem may be your beacon, while a candle is someone else’s safe place. We challenge you to find hope in everything, no matter if it’s traditionally associated with the concept or not. You’ll find your life is fuller than it was before.

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