• 04/14/2021

Do Baths Relieve Stress? 8 Unexpected Health Benefits

Do Baths Relieve Stress

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The next time you have a free night, fill your bathtub with warm water and your favorite scented oils. It’s time to splurge on a bit of self-care and relieve the stress that weighs heavily on your shoulders. If you’ve ever asked yourself if baths relieve stress, there’s good news. They’ll melt your anxiety away and give you these eight unexpected health benefits.

1. They Ease Physical Tension

Do baths relieve stress? Yes, and you’ll feel the immediate difference right away. As you settle into the steaming water, the heat relaxes any tension held in your muscles. You might not realize that you store stress in your shoulders or lower back. Warm water eases those muscles so your body feels instantly at ease.

As long as the water remains warm, your muscles will benefit from a bath. It’s best to get out when the water begins to cool so you can finish the experience with a hot shower or a series of stretches.

2. They Aid Digestion Problems

Some people may experience stomach tightness during digestion when your body stays tense during stressful situations. Sitting in the bath also relaxes tight organs and aids digestion problems that lead to IBS symptoms or constipation. If you only have a few minutes, speed the process along by training yourself to target your breathing so your oxygen intake supports your muscles.

3. They Lower Your Blood Pressure

As your stress falls in the bath, so does your blood pressure. Feeling at ease dilates your blood vessels and lowers high blood pressure while the bath water remains warm. Although adjusting your diet by trying new meatless lifestyles is a more long-term way to improve your health, a hot bath will make you more comfortable if you need a short-term solution to stress-induced blood pressure problems.

4. They Help You Sleep

Feeling stressed makes it challenging to fall asleep. Ten minutes in a hot bath resets your mind and lets go of the anxiety, making it easier to sleep soundly. You’ll quiet your thoughts and avoid recurring stress dreams that cause you to wake up with intense anxiety that follows you through the day.

5. They Create a Meditation Environment

You can also use bath time as a meditation practice. Sink into the warm water, inhale your

favorite aroma oil scents and focus your mind on letting stress pass you by. Calming your spirit and becoming a rock in the sea of your thoughts is another way to relieve stress.

6. They Reduce Inflammation

Anxiety affects your mind, but it also hurts your physical health. Your body wants to support you. It reads signals from the brain that tell it what you need. Stressful situations launch your body into fight or flight mode. In response, your body activates your nervous system and doesn’t turn it off. Constantly being in survival mode causes total body inflammation that affects everything from your digestive system to your mental health. 

Sitting in a bath might seem like a waste of time if stress makes you stay busy, but it’s worth it. You’ll calm your body and let it know that you’re safe. Everything’s okay. It will ease back out of fight or flight mode and release its grip on your nervous system. Every cell gets to relax, relieving many symptoms caused by inflammation.

7. They Heal Your Skin

Intense anxiety and stress hurt your skin in numerous ways, but it can start by drying it out. Your body will conserve cellular energy to make your survival mode last longer while your stress remains. You could experience dry patches on your face or arms that you’ve never dealt with otherwise.

Baths allow your skin to soak, hydrating it naturally. Pour a few hydrating bath soaps or essential oils into the water before getting in for an extra spa treatment. After drying off, you can also finish your new nightly routine with body lotion that locks in hydration.

8. They Relieve Pain

Constant muscle tension creates joint and back pain. You might have tried to relieve that pain by stretching or taking over-the-counter medication, but baths are another way to feel like yourself again. They reduce stress and release pain from sore, tight muscles.

Sink into the water to feel the warmth release tension in your neck and shoulders. Add more hot water after ten to fifteen minutes to avoid locking your muscles back up with cool temperatures. It might be the all-natural pain relief you need to start or end your day. 

Do Baths Relieve Stress? Enjoy a Relaxing Soak

There are many ways that baths relieve stress, so fill up your tub during your next free half-hour at home. Splurge on fun soaps and decorative bathroom elements like candles. You’ll drive stress out of your mind and body, resulting in many unexpected health benefits that keep anxiety from coming back too soon.

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