• 02/20/2023

Picture Perfect: Creative Ideas for Memorable Engagement Photos

engagement photo ideas

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Engagements are one of the most exciting times in your life. Many opportunities and possibilities arise as soon as your ring slips onto your finger. Shooting and discovering engagement photo ideas are one of the best perks of getting engaged!

They are so much fun and can be tailored to you as a couple to save the date and invitation. You can also use them as decor at your wedding. Let the planning begin! 

Optimal Times For Photos 

First, you need to choose the time you want your photographs taken. The best time for photos is usually an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Photographers refer to these times as golden hours

These hours give the best natural light and optimize photographers’ editing experience no matter what level of technology they possess. However, you can do your engagement photos whenever you want. 

Night photos can give you an edge and create a different aesthetic for your engagement photos with the moon and stars as your guide. Choose your photographer based on what you want your photos to look like and what their niche is. Some photographers offer wedding packages that include engagement shoots.

Make Your Photos Fun

There are infinite possibilities to make your engagement photos fun for everyone involved! You can get some traditional romantic shots without sacrificing your quirkiness and personality by incorporating some fun into your photos. Personalize your engagement photos to capture the essence of your relationship to display to everyone you love. 

Themed Photos

Themed photos are an excellent idea for an outgoing couple who like to dress up and have fun. There are many themes to choose from that can cater to your unique personalities! You could dress up as your favorite Marvel characters and have a superhero-themed photoshoot. 

You could dress up in funny costumes that will have you laughing at your boo the entire shoot and make for some adorable photos of the two of you. Amusement parks make a great themed photo shoot as well! 

Secluded Area

A secluded area can be the most fun to have your engagement photos. Find a remote location off the beaten path and have some fun creating whatever photos you fancy without worrying about onlookers. Find a spot where you can be yourselves and act goofy if that’s the vibe you’re going for in your photos. You can also bring your fur baby without worrying about them getting distracted! 

Bonus points If you have water near you. Go swimming– go skinny dipping if you’re comfortable with it. Splash water on each other or fully immerse yourself fully clothed. These photos will be memories you will cherish for the rest of your lives, so make them count. Live a little! 

Fun Activity

Choose a fun activity that you enjoy doing together and capture yourselves doing that. The photos will be treasured keepsakes that remind you of something you enjoy doing together. Imagine having a professional image of the first place you met or the restaurant you frequently visit. Hiking and camping are fun activities that would provide gorgeous backdrops for photos and capture you in your natural element so the images won’t appear stiff or posed.

Engagement Photo Ideas

You will love your engagement photos with all of these fun ideas! Chances are, your photographer will love them, too, since they get to join in on the fun! Candid shots are fabulous ways to portray your personality, so ask your photographer to snap some of those while you interact with each other during the shoot. 

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