• 10/21/2020

8 Fun Outdoor Activities Every Couple Should Experience

outdoor activities for couples

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Although being in a relationship is not always rainbows and butterflies, there are things that couples can do to “keep the fire burning.” One of them is enjoying an outdoor activity. Such activities allow you to enjoy nature while bonding with your special someone. If you are looking for fun outdoor activities for couples, here are some ideas:


Running is one of the common activities that couples can enjoy. For one, it allows you to improve your cardiovascular fitness and maintain a healthy weight. Second, it is an activity that you can enjoy alone, with a partner, with a pet, or with a group of friends. Third, you can run in any open running path like a park or the clubhouse. And you can combine this with other sports like hiking and triathlon. This also explains why running is one of the affordable outdoor activities that you can do. Because all you need is the right apparel, running shoes, and running sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the sun.

Rock Climbing

Various life events can tell a lot about a couple’s relationship, and one of them is rock climbing. That’s because this outdoor activity helps foster trust between you and your partner. It is also a challenging activity that showcases your dynamics as a couple. Simply put, rock climbing can reflect the kind of relationship you have with your special someone.


Meanwhile, you and your partner can go hiking if you want a less challenging outdoor activity. What’s cool about this activity is that you can enjoy being in nature with your special someone. Plus, it comes with a handful of health benefits like weight loss, stress relief, and peace of mind. And just like running, hiking can be an affordable activity. All you need is appropriate hiking clothes, gears, and a pair of sturdy trekking poles. And then you can use these over and over.

A man and woman drink tea by a tent and a campfire.


Once you are done conquering the trail with your partner, you might need to spend the night at a camping site. Hence, you might as well enjoy it with your partner. Aside from giving you a repose from your busy lives, camping is another way to enjoy being in tune with nature. Plus, you can get the chance to stargaze with your special someone. This makes the whole thing extra romantic. But more than anything else, camping allows you to spend private moments with your partner.


While we usually think of biking as a solitary sport, it is another affordable activity that you and your partner can do outdoors. Similar to the activities we have mentioned in this post, biking comes with health benefits. This includes improving your cardiovascular health. There are also people who enjoyed weight loss from biking. But more than that, biking can help strengthen a couple’s relationship. It is just a matter of ensuring that you and your partner are on the same page before heading out for a ride.


If you and your partner are not sporty, yet you are outgoing, road-tripping might be good for you. This is ideal if you want to have a quick getaway with your special someone. But more than a quick getaway, road-tripping allows you to explore new places and meet new people. It will only be an issue if your car got busted. Hence, it is essential that you know the necessary auto repair and make sure that you have your toolbox. At the very least, have a couple of spare tires and save your trusty mechanic’s number on your phone. Another pro tip is to look for an auto mechanic in your destination. That way, it will be less of a hassle on your part, knowing that your car is being repaired nearby.

Drive-in Movie Watching

Meanwhile, there are outdoor activities that homebodies can also enjoy. And that’s watching a movie in a drive-in theatre. For one, this is a unique experience. That’s because it is not all the time that you get to watch in a drive-in theatre. Second, watching in your car somewhat gives you a sense of privacy. So, if you do not like the crowd, you and your partner can get cozy inside the vehicle while enjoying the movie.

Wine Tasting Tour

While there is a debate about whether wine is good for the heart, we cannot deny that wine tasting can be a romantic activity for couples. Joining such a tour gives you and your partner something to bond over. Thus, it adds intimacy to your relationship despite having busy and fast-paced lives. Moreover, attending a wine tasting tour gives you and your partner something new to learn about. Who knows? You might end up having unparalleled knowledge about wine that could come in handy at your next party.  Here is the thing: Keeping a relationship intimate does not mean that you should share a hobby with your partner. Enjoying a new activity together might be enough. So, if you want the sparks to fly, consider showing this post to your partner and pick one that you want to give a try.

A man and woman sit in lawn chairs with a dog overlooking a canyon.

Outdoor Activities for Couples

If you an your partner enjoy adventure, take to nature for your next date. Which of these outdoor activities for couples will you try first?

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