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Everything You Need to Know About Confetti Cones

Everything You Need to Know About Confetti Cones

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Planning an event is so much fun. There are numerous creative ways to express your personality and celebrate one of life’s milestones. Confetti cones are a popular method to end a festivity, but what are they and how do you make them? This guide will explain everything you need to know, no matter what type of event is on your mind.

What Are Confetti Cones?

Confetti cones are exactly as they sound. They’re cones of various sizes that fit in the palm of your hand and hold whatever type of confetti the party planner decides to use. The idea is for every guest to have one, so there’s typically more than a few at any event.

Wedding guests throw confetti as the bride and groom walk by.

How Do You Make Confetti Cones?

Are you interested in confetti cones? Follow these steps and you’ll learn how to make them at home. Save more room in your budget for more complicated details that vendors can handle, like catering or floral arrangements.

Step 1: Select Your Paper

You’ll need suitable paper for great confetti cones. It should be firm enough to maintain its shape but not too rigid that you can’t roll it. Scrapbook and construction paper are good options to start with before expanding into other decorative paper varieties.

Step 2: Cut the Right Shape

Once you’ve chosen your paper, trace a diamond shape onto it with a pencil and a ruler. It should have the two longest points at the top and bottom.

Step 3: Roll and Glue

Roll the two shorter points over each other to create your cone. The bottom should close completely to prevent any confetti from falling out. Glue the two overlapping points together and tie a string around it to hold it in shape while it dries if you can’t set it inside a glass or mug.

Step 4: Pick Your Confetti

Now you can have fun making your confetti with tissue paper or whatever other material you desire. Cut it into strips, rip it into pieces or hole punch it into your preferred shapes. Prepare to do this for at least fifteen minutes or longer, depending on how much confetti you need to fill each cone.

Step 5: Fill Each Cone

There should be enough confetti to fill each cone nearly to the top or at least halfway full. Your guests will have to reach in and grab enough to toss, so don’t leave the confetti too low in the cone for them to reach.

How Many Confetti Cones Do You Need?

Each guest will need a confetti cone, so it’s best to make them after finalizing your guest list or receiving all of your RSVPs. The only people who shouldn’t use them are little kids who might ingest the confetti.

Confetti Cone Design Ideas

There are so many ways to create confetti cones and make them match your event. Consider these designs while daydreaming about how much your guests will love your DIY craft.

Paint Them by Hand

Painting is a popular option for confetti cone crafters. You can add any colors or symbols you want to the inside and outside of the cone. It’s a brilliant idea for anyone trying to save money on their event. When your dream wedding in the U.K. could cost an average of £30,000 or the catering budget for your baby shower costs more than you expected, painting your confetti cones will cost less than buying decorative paper.

Create Custom Stamps

Many businesses make custom stamps, which look great on paper cones. Get your event date engraved on a stamp or make a stamp with your event’s symbol. Either way, you can pick an ink color and stamp your confetti cone paper before wrapping it into shape.

Find Elegant Stickers

Stickers have a reputation for only being popular with grade-school kids, but they can be elegant too. Sparkly letters or pastel flowers will look lovely on your confetti cones and even hold them in their shape if you don’t have glue.

Use Glue and Sparkles

The best way to make your wedding stand out or give your event some extra flare is to cover your confetti cones in sparkles. Wrap them into shape and dip the ring of each cone in glue, then swirl it in sparkles.

Choose Decorative Paper Prints

Any craft store will have decorative paper already printed in florals, pastels or any other design you’d like for your confetti cones. Check out your options in-person or online if you’re short on time and need your craft done as soon as possible.

Wrap Them in Twine

Twine is a modern decorative element that works at any event. Once your cones have dried and the glue holds them in place, take a chair outside and twist twine around each one. They’ll match the twine around your bouquets or napkin holders and you’ll improve your mental health by spending a bit of time in nature.

Glue Ribbons to the Bottom

Thin ribbons can become streamers when glued to the bottom of your confetti cones. You can also tape them or hold them in place with twine. This decoration is perfect for events like birthday parties or festivals with a laid-back atmosphere.

Events for Confetti Cones

When can you use confetti cones? The real answer is whenever you want to, but many people feel like they need a reason to make this craft. The good news is these cones are great for so many types of events, like:

  • Weddings
  • Graduation parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Vow renewals

As long as some part of your event has a moment where everyone can toss the confetti in celebration, you can make cones for each attendee.

Potential Display Ideas

Confetti cones are great, but keeping them upright after filling them with confetti can seem complicated. Here are a couple of options you can use to organize everything right up until your guests need them.

Use a Shoebox

Most people have an empty shoebox or two hiding around their homes. Find one, take the lid off and flip the box upside down. You can punch holes in the bottom and make them the size of the confetti cones. They’ll sit in each hole in your budget-friendly display.

Find Paper Tubes

You can also use paper tubes to hold your confetti cones. Cut paper towel rolls into thirds, collect toilet paper rolls or make them out of leftover decorative paper. Glue them side by side to create your display or hold the tubes together with twine, ribbon or string. They need to be easy to transport, especially if you’ll carry them from your home to an event venue.

Collect Small Vases

Homegoods stores always have small vases that are perfect containers for confetti cones. You might be able to stick a few in each vase or get a singular vase per cone. If the cones are too top-heavy, find decorative vase fillers like stones, sand or pearls to hold them in place until it’s time to toss confetti.

Enjoy Making Your Confetti Cones

Anyone can make confetti cones for an upcoming event by considering details like these. Once you know how big they need to be, what materials you’ll use and how you’ll put them on display, you can fill your afternoon with a fun craft that will make you even more excited about whatever your future has in store.

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