• 02/14/2023

9 Active Date Ideas for Adventurous Couples

active date ideas

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Dinner and a movie might be the classic date night fare, but it’s hardly your only option. Besides, the cinema is scarcely conducive to conversation. You’re not out of luck if you and your partner would prefer active date ideas that keep things interesting.

If you enjoy moving your body, the endorphin rush you feel from getting in the game could make you feel more romantic toward your partner. It will boost your mood if nothing else, and smiles are contagious. It’s the perfect way to beat the blues after a blah day. 

What should you and your partner do? Here are nine active date ideas for adventurous couples. 

1. Play Frisbee Golf 

Traditional golf is fun, but it’s also pricey. The average price for one round is $61, and many exclusive venues charge double or triple that amount. Plus, you and your mate could end up paired with another team if you come too close to the day’s end. You might meet new friends, but hanging out with strangers is hardly conducive to romance. 

Why not test your arms with a round of frisbee golf instead? You can find an official course — some parks feature these amenities — or set one up yourself. Just remember to apply sunscreen with a 50 SPF rating to protect your skin while you’re having fun.

For an official course, you’ll need at least three disks and a carry bag. However, you can make do with any old frisbee in a pinch and use baskets to create a homemade challenge. Are you playing a round near sunset? Why not make it fun with a glow-in-the-dark disk? 

2. Boulder Up

If you and your beau are master belayers and have the equipment, mountain climbing is a fun excursion. However, you can likewise enjoy a good climb with bouldering, no carabiners necessary. You will need a set of helmets and a crash pad. The challenge in this sport is scrambling up tricky boulders — about ten feet in height or so — without using equipment. 

Do you want a slightly different twist? Why not seek an indoor rock climbing gym to hone your skills before hitting the great outdoors with your partner? 

3. Brave the Rapids 

If you prefer an aquatic outing with your beau, why not head to the nearest white water and rent a canoe or kayak? You’ll likely need a guide, so make reservations to secure your spot and pack everything you need in a water-resistant backpack.

However, you can also have a lovely time canoeing or kayaking on more peaceful waters. Why not hop on Google and look for marinas near you? Many facilities have a variety of vessels, including paddle boats for those who prefer to stay close to shore. 

4. Hike After Dark 

Hiking is a fun, active date idea for adventurous couples. However, planning it after dark can make it even more romantic. Make your trip memorable and safe with these tips:

  • Start while it’s still light: Out-and-back hikes are best for after dark. Start while it’s still daylight. That way, you can get familiar with the trail on your way — even familiar paths may look different after a storm. Plan a gorgeous sunset view where you can (maybe) sneak in a kiss.
  • Take layers: You might be warm when you start. However, temperatures can drop quickly after dark, especially in the desert. It’s better to have a warm sweatshirt and not need it than to shiver. 
  • Bring the bug spray: Many biting insects are more active at dusk. 
  • Let there be light: It’s best to hike by moon or starlight — but it also helps to have a flashlight if you hear a funny rustle in the bushes. 
  • Keep your eyes peeled: Many forest creatures are nocturnal, especially when they live close to humans. Who knows what you and your sweetie might see? 

5. Tag, You’re It 

Do you have a little aggression to work out in a fun way after the work week ends? Why not treat your date to a game of indoor laser tag? The two of you will race through various mazes and obstacles while targeting your prey — or each other. 

If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, paintball is another option. Be warned, however: those things can hurt. It’s best to avoid this activity too close to special occasions like your wedding day, assuming you don’t want to sport a colorful bruise with that sleeveless gown. 

6. Reel It In

Even active couples get a case of the lazies now and then. If such a mood strikes you and your sweetie, why not pass the day on the lake? You can kick back in a rowboat while you reel in your dinner. 

However, book a deep sea fishing expedition the next time you’re close to the shore for a more active date idea. You’ll use muscles you didn’t know you had — some of the big ones take multiple people to reel in. Imagine the fish tales you’ll have to tell. 

7. Go Spelunking 

Active date ideas like spelunking might not be for you if you have claustrophobia. While many caves, like Mammoth, are geared toward visitors and feature wide open caverns, many of those favored by spelunkers do not, at least not near the entrance. Instead, you’ll crawl through mucky corridors to reach your prize. 

Pro-tip: If you have long hair, put it up. You should also wear a hat regardless of the length of your tresses. Bats have a pesky way of getting entangled and causing distress. 

8. Pony Up 

When was the last time you rode a horse? You don’t have to be a member of the elite to enjoy this active date idea. All you need to do is find your nearest ranch that offers rides. 

Your guide will pair you with a mount based on your ability. Be honest. If you’re a bit green, it’s okay — you’ll have a much more enjoyable time on a gentle steed. 

9. Just Dance 

Finally, when was the last time you and your sweetie danced the night away? If you haven’t been to a club since before the pandemic, what’s stopping you? Look for one with an outdoor dance floor if you have lingering fears. 

What if all that bumping and grinding gives you a headache? You can still trip the lights fantastic. Why not sign up for ballroom dance lessons with your beau? You have the perfect excuse to hold them close. 

Try These Active Date Ideas 

The traditional dinner and a movie are nice. However, what if you want a date night idea that gets you moving? 

Why not propose one of these active date night ideas? You and your adventurous sweetie will have a blast moving your bodies while falling more deeply in love. 

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