• 09/14/2022

The Best Morning Skincare Routine for Any Type of Skin


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Whether they’re a skincare expert or someone just dabbling with products, most people who are aware of the benefits of skincare have a multi-step nighttime routine. Still, you shouldn’t neglect to build a proper morning skincare routine just because you don’t think you need one. While it’s not as intensive as the steps you may take in the evening, your morning routine is just as important — if not more, because you can set yourself up for a successful and productive day.

Why Do You Need a Morning Skincare Routine?

Morning skincare routines are worth all the hype. Aside from waking you up in the morning, it can give your skin a nice, hydrating drink while protecting it from the sun and other dangers it may encounter throughout the day. 

Having a skincare routine that works for you is essential for growing up and learning to care for yourself. Your nighttime skincare routine might keep your face hydrated throughout the night, but its effects are likely over by the time you wake up in the morning.

Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare. You won’t find one routine that works for everyone and is better than every other routine. Still, using a few beneficial products on your skin can slow signs of aging and keep you feeling good all day and night long. 

The Essentials of Any Morning Skincare Routine

Skincare routines are crucial for anyone who cares about their skin. Your morning skincare routine should be lighter than your nighttime one, but you still have a few elements that you must include if you consider yourself a skincare enthusiast. Unlike your nighttime routine, your morning routine is a generalized one, not targeting any specific issues but rather keeping you protected and moisturized all day long.

1. Cleanser

How often do you wash your pillowcase? Unless it’s every day, your pillowcase might accumulate oils and dirt from every time you rest your head. Your face can acquire bacteria and other harmful things overnight, so cleansing your skin is the best way to start your day and refresh your complexion.

The type of cleanser you use depends on your skin type. Micellar water, which works great on all skin types, is excellent for those who don’t know their type or have a combination. This special cleanser can rid you of dirt and oil just as well as any other cleanser. 

Still, if you want one more geared toward your skin type, pick a foaming cleanser for oily skin and a creamier one for dry skin to lock in the moisture. Whatever the case, do not skip this step. Cleansing your skin first thing in the morning is essential to maintaining a blank canvas for everything else you’ll put on, whether other products or even makeup.

2. Exfoliate

You shouldn’t be rough with the skin on your face, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid exfoliating. Exfoliating your face is the best way to remove dead skin cells. A clean, smooth complexion is the best base for makeup or other products you’ll be wearing throughout the day. 

Exfoliating can help your skin lock in moisture better, making your moisturizing products more effective. You may also have a brighter appearance once all the dead skin cells have been wiped away. There isn’t a downside to exfoliating your face as long as you’re gentle.

3. Sunscreen

You should wear sunscreen every day, not just when you expect to be outside for a long time. The sun can hit you at any time of day, even while you’re driving, so having sunscreen on is the best way to ensure you don’t age prematurely or damage your skin. SPF 50 is the best sunscreen to wear to protect your skin from damage. In cases where you may not be layering as much sunscreen as you should, SPF 50 can protect you in areas you fall short.

4. Moisturize

You should moisturize after exfoliating so that your skin can soak up the moisture better rather than having it just sit on top of dead skin cells. Moisturizing becomes incredibly important as you get older. Mature skin needs much more moisture to appear healthy and plump wrinkles. Starting preventative skincare when you’re younger can help you develop an excellent morning skincare routine that can slow the aging process and leave you with glowing skin for years to come.

5. Makeup

You should put makeup on as the final step to your morning skincare routine if you wear it. Once your skin has been properly cleansed and exfoliated, and you’re sure to have protection against the sun’s dangerous rays, you can get creative with your makeup. Just be sure to wash it all off at the end of the day. Your nighttime skincare routine shouldn’t take a hit because you’ve done so much to help your skin in the morning.

Find a Morning Skincare Routine and Stick to It

Your morning skincare routine will be slightly different from your nighttime routine, but that’s for the best. In the daytime, you want to focus on lighter products rather than heavier ones that will sit on your face for a while, as you do with your nighttime creams and serums. How you take care of yourself in the morning sets you up for a day full of successes or failures. Keep yourself in mind — how you treat your body matters, and your skin will thank you for the extra care.

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