• 10/18/2022

The Best Travel Backpacks for Women

The Best Travel Backpacks for Women

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Adventures are much more fun when you have the right luggage for your belongings. Check out the best travel backpacks for women to find your next favorite carry-on bag. Whether you wear it on a hike or stow it under your seat on a plane, you’ll have the perfect backpack for whatever you want to bring.

1. MATEIN Travel Carry-On Backpack

The MATEIN carry-on backpack has enough room for travel necessities and two days’ worth of clothes. Tuck your electronics into the designated pockets and the water-resistant nylon will keep everything safe on the road.

$32 from Walmart

2. Women’s Travel Backpack

The latest women’s travel backpack from Ideal Deals comes in two colors — pink and grey with pink accents. It has rigid siding to maintain its shape and protect your belongings during busy trips. The mesh pocket on the side will hold your favorite on-the-go beverage, while the inner pockets carry your travel journal, charging cords and headphones.

$60 from Ideal Deals

3. Active Kendall Backpack

You don’t have to sacrifice style to carry everything in a travel backpack. The Kendall pack utilizes stylish features so it looks like a designer purse. The multiple pockets and nylon material will hold up well during frequent travel, while the anti-theft zipper pocket on the back can safely store your travel ID documents.

It’s also small enough to be a carry-on bag, so you can bring your scuba gear or conference materials in your suitcase and still have room for other essentials. 

$55 from Louder Packs

4. MOS Canvas Travel Backpack

The trendy dual-strap backpack look can be part of your next travel outfit with the MOS canvas bag. It’s big enough to fit laptops, books and other gadgets that make traveling more enjoyable. Thanks to the padded shoulder straps, you could also pack your favorite glamping essentials or work supplies without any discomfort.

$53 from Wolph

5. Genuine Leather Anti-Theft Backpack

Leather lovers can’t get enough of the anti-theft backpack from ViconChic. It comes in eight colors and has a large capacity, so you can bring your umbrella, laptop, cosmetic bags and more on your next trip. The adjustable straps and interior pockets ensure that no one has to give up usability to carry high-fashion accessories.

$80 from ViconChic

6. Fairview Travel Pack

Rigorous trips require durable backpacks. The Fairview model is lightweight but large enough to carry your backpacking essentials. Everything fits more compactly in each pocket after the compression straps activate, allowing you to wear this pack on your back or over your shoulder with the detachable strap.

$160 from Osprey

7. Metro Microfiber Backpack

Sleek and stylish bags have difficulty competing with the Metro backpack from Monos. It dominates its competitors with a 15-inch laptop sleeve, shoe compartment and quick-snap kit that makes everything easy to reach on the go. Anyone with an eco-friendly lifestyle can also enjoy the sustainably made vegan materials in every bag, like recycled plastic bottles that minimize each user’s carbon footprint.

$194 from Monos

8. Large Capacity Anti-Theft Backpack

The anti-theft Alexnld backpack comes in chic nylon fabric that looks like linen. It’s perfect for people into more earthy, organic styles who want the ultimate travel bag. Charge your phone with the built-in ports and use the unique strap across the back to securely attach it to your suitcase’s extendable handle in airports.

$71 from Alexnld

Find the Best Travel Backpacks for Women

These are some of the best travel backpacks for women because they merge style, organization and functionality. Think about what you bring during routine trips or previous adventures to find a bag that can carry everything you need without clashing with your style aesthetic.

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