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21 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him to Encourage Self-Care 

A woman gives a man a Valentine's Day gift.

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When was the last time your man took a spa day for himself? If you answered “never,” you aren’t alone. However, self-care isn’t the exclusive domain of the XY chromosome set. It matters for everyone, and the right Valentine’s gifts for him can inspire it. 

What can you do to encourage your man to be healthy and improve your chances of growing old together? Here are 21 Valentine’s Day gifts for him to encourage self-care. 

1. Bean Products Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set 

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift for him that lets your guy get into his practice in comfort, whether he prefers to sit in a variation of lotus or hero’s pose. Use the zafu alone or combine the set to buffer his knees against the cold ground. 

2. Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mat 

Yogis anywhere on the gender spectrum need a quality mat. Manduka is among the best in the business, and their Pro Lite model is one of their most popular mats for its lightweight, easy portability and superior sweat-wicking power. 

3. Source of Life Gold Multivitamins

Vitamins might not sound like a romantic gift until you think about it. You’re telling your guy, “I love you and want you to have a longer, healthier life with me.” Source of Life Gold contains oodles of plant-based nutrients to fill in any micronutrient gaps in your beau’s diet. 

4. All-in-One Flosser and Ultrasonic Toothbrush Kit 

Did you know that failing to floss contributes to heart disease and Alzheimer’s, but only a third of Americans do so daily as they should? Why do most people skip the string? It’s the pain factor. Eliminate it with this water version that provides a pain-free way to clean between your man’s teeth paired with an ultrasonic toothbrush to scrub away gum line plaque. 

5. Manscaped Premium Beard Trimmer 

Do you, like Kesha, love your guy’s beard? If so, help him keep it in kissable shape with this Manscaped premium trimmer as a Valentine’s gift for him. It works wet or dry and has an adjustable blade to take him from 5 o’clock shadow to full ZZ Top. 

6. Walito Resistance Bands 

Gym memberships create an ongoing expense. Working out at home is convenient with the right equipment, and resistance bands offer heavy-duty strength training without taking up the space of plates and barbells. This colorful set combines for a total resistance of 300 pounds, plenty of oomph for his bench press. 

7. The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh 

Mindfulness is the practice the modern world needs. Learning its secrets can bring you greater inner peace and extend your healing beyond yourself to humanity as a whole. Let Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh inspire your man’s journey. 

8. Organic Kombucha Home Brewing Starter Kit 

What makes kombucha a form of self-care? It’s the “Mother” within — the signature probiotic blend that produces the brew while nurturing your intestinal microbiome. This kit sets your man off on his home brewing journey with all the tools he needs to concoct a healthier way to sit back, sip and unwind. 

9. Power Up Assorted Trail Mix Packs 

Trail mix isn’t just for hiking, although these tiny sacks are the perfect addition to your man’s back frame. They’re also a nutritious snack by themselves or a healthy addition to salads — use a bag instead of croutons to add crunch and complexity. Of course, heading out on the trail is the perfect way for you to practice self-care with your man. 

10. Timberland Anti-Fatigue Hiking Boots 

Hiking is fabulous self-care. It provides, solo, mindful time in a gorgeous environment or a fun form of team exercise when done with a partner. However, your man’s feet can get achy after a few miles — give them relief with these Timberland boots. They’re also waterproof and have a fully gusseted tongue to keep out debris. 

11. NutriBullet Pro 1200 Watt Personal Blender 

Juicing is a fabulous way for your man to practice self-care by increasing his fruit and vegetable intake. A green smoothie to start your day gets you going with phytonutrients and filling fiber, and the right blender smooths it to the perfect consistency. NutriBullet has an excellent brand reputation for products that last. 

12. Flybird Weight Bench

If your man has limited space for a home gym, a weight bench is the one device he’ll appreciate. He can pair it with bands and dumbbells to get a complete workout at home while watching TV. This Flybird model folds into a tiny rectangle, letting him store it in a hall closet between sweat sessions. 

13. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells 

Bowflex switched their focus from marketing to improving product quality, and it shows. Each dumbbell adjusts from five to 52 pounds, providing enough weight to hit everything from presses to overhead triceps extensions. The compact design won’t take up much space, tucking easily into a corner when he’s not using this Valentine’s gift for him. 

14. Iron Gym Pull-Up Bar 

Pull-ups might be the ultimate upper-body exercise, and they aren’t easy. Machines can take up considerable floor space, but fellas with high doorways can hang this model anytime they want a workout. You don’t need any screws or tools to maneuver it into place, and it doubles as a pushup intensifier. 

15. Ross Michael’s Hooded Sherpa Robe 

Self-care can sometimes mean indulging in luxurious comfort. This Ross Michael’s hooded Sherpa robe keeps your guy cozy on the coldest winter days. It also feels heavenly to slide into — don’t be surprised if it becomes your favorite thing to borrow. 

16. Mountrax Foot Massager With Heat 

You can’t talk every guy into a pedicure, but their tootsies still deserve love. Give your guy’s feet a break with this heated massager. It’s especially good for cashiers, stock clerks or anyone who works long hours on their dogs. 

17. Professional Nail Grooming Kit 

While long nails may be a TikTok trend, there’s a reason they don’t let nurses have them. They can harbor far more bacteria than your hands, which is why biting them isn’t a wise choice. Instead, let your man groom his paws the healthy way with this professional kit. 

18. Chefman Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer, Rotisserie, Dehydrator and Convection Oven 

Healthy cooking is self-care, and it just got easier. This all-in-one digital air fryer, rotisserie, convection oven and food dehydrator whisks excess fat away from meals and precludes the need to add extra oil. It’s perfect for everything from making homemade jerky to preparing a holiday dinner for two. 

19. iLOLA Tea Disc Essential Set 

Does your guy love the planet? This iLOLOA tea disc essentials set features a unique diffuser that eliminates the need for bags. That’s right — he doesn’t have to check for plastic in the packaging or compost them to feel good about indulging in his favorite beverage. 

20. The Complete U.S. Army Survival Guide to Medical Skills, Tactics and Techniques 

You might not think of first aid as self-care until you’re stranded in the wilderness. Hiking and camping are fabulous, healthy activities, but they carry inherent risks. Here’s a Valentine’s gift for him that embraces your man’s rugged side and desire to be a hero by teaching him the ropes of outdoor survival. 

21. UBGO 1-2 Person Rooftop Tent 

Camping may be the ultimate self-care activity you can enjoy together, growing your bond. The fresh air and outdoors improve your mood and boost your immunity while the adventure teaches you new skills, building your sense of agency. However, the cold ground can make you shiver even in a subzero bag and invites creepy crawlies — uplift yourself with this rooftop model. 

Inspire Self-Care This Valentine’s Day With These Gifts for Him

It can be tricky to get your guy to indulge in self-care. However, healthy practices matter for every gender. Inspire the spirit in your man with these Valentine’s Day gifts for him. 

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