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Wedding Ring Cuts Every Bride Should Consider

Wedding Ring Cuts Every Bride Should Consider

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Figuring out your preferred styles for your engagement ring and wedding band is a big deal. Future brides often feel pressured to decide right away, but you should check out all of your options before picking any jewelry. These are some wedding ring cuts to consider while figuring out what you prefer to wear.

1. Cushion Cut

Browse a few cushion-cut diamonds while at a jewelry store or searching for rings online. You’ll know when you’re looking at one because they feature more facet diamonds around the center stone. These rings add glamor and a vintage vibe to any bride’s style.

A cushion cut ring features one large stone with smaller stones surrounding the band.

2. Marquise Cut

Marquise diamonds have matching points on both ends, making anyone appear to have longer, leaner hands. It’s an elegant cut that’s perfect for any wedding theme. You could pick the marquise as your wedding ring cut and it’ll match your spring-inspired bridal nails or cozy winter ceremony decor.

3. Asscher Cut

Take a step beyond square-cute diamonds by trying on a few Asscher cut rings. They have square diamonds with tapered corners that mix vintage and modern styles. See how they look on different metal bands while listening to your favorite wedding podcasts or chatting with diamond experts at a locally owned jewelry store.

An engagement ring with a square, Asscher cut diamond

4. Princess Cut

Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on their big day? That’s what makes the princess cut a popular style. The inverted pyramid look merges the Barion and Profile cuts for a regal appearance. The style maximizes a diamond’s sparkliness while remaining one of the more budget-friendly wedding ring cuts.

5. Heart Cut

Lean into the romance of your wedding by getting a heart-cut diamond. It looks exactly how it sounds. Hearts will always represent romance and long-lasting love, so your ring will never go out of style. Set it in a rose gold band and add heart motifs to your wedding decor to carry the theme through every moment of your big day.

6. Radiant Cut

Sometimes diamonds that make hands look shorter are what brides want in their forever rings. The radiant cut is exactly what you need if that’s the case for you. Radiant rectangular diamonds also match edgier vibes, so they’ll pair well with leather jackets, black flowers or other non-traditional wedding themes.

A ring with a pink rectangular, radiant cut stone.

7. Emerald Cut

The emerald cut may be trendy, but the trend has remained popular for decades. It shows off high-clarity gems of any size and color. There’s a minor vintage appeal, but the cut is more glamorous than anything. Wear it with a long gown that stretches into a gorgeous train or a plunging mermaid dress that accentuates every curve.

8. Pear Cut

Pear cut wedding rings resemble teardrops, but there’s nothing sad about this beautiful style. Turning the pointed end toward your fingertips will make them look longer, while the rounded edge softens the jewel’s appearance. It’s an excellent style for gems other than diamonds as well. Non-traditional brides often pick this cut because it adds class and character to any personal aesthetic.

A pear cut engagement ring sits on a rose.

Learn About Wedding Ring Cuts

Keep these ideas in mind while browsing wedding ring cuts in stores or online. You’ll find the best shape for your bridal look and your personality without having to consult experts or spend too much time on your search.

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