• 03/27/2023

8 Pairs of Wedding Flats Brides Love

Pairs of Wedding Flats Brides Love

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People always ask newly engaged women if they’ve found their dream dress but rarely ask about shoes. What you wear on your feet determines your bridal look and comfort level for the day. Check out these popular wedding flats to see what shoes brides love for ceremonies at any time of the year.

1. Bejeweled Ballerina Flats

Beachfront locations are some of the most desired wedding venues, but they don’t limit brides to flip-flops. You can always walk down the aisle in a pair of bejeweled ballerina flats. They’re sparkly, gorgeous and easy to empty if sand finds its way inside your shoes.

$34.99 from Amazon

2. Lacy Round-Toe Flats

As you plan your wedding, you’ll likely notice how costly everything can get. Selecting a pair of wedding flats under $30 is a great way to save money without compromising your style. This pair features lace all the way around so your feet can breathe from morning to night on your big day.

$29.99 from Amazon

3. Rhinestone T-Strap Sandal Flats

If you’re trying to choose between wedding flats and sandals, these rhinestone flats are the perfect middle ground. They feature the comfortable t-strap from popular sandals and bedazzle any outfit with lines of rhinestones. You won’t have to worry about blisters or sweating, no matter how long you spend on the dance floor.

$39.99 from Amazon

4. Soft Ankle Strap Flats

Classic brides seeking an elegant pair of shoes can try these soft flats. They have a simple ankle strap to keep your shoes in place while you walk down the aisle. They’re one of the many wedding flats brides look forward to trying on while working on their virtual registry and designing invitations.

$34.99 from Amazon

5. Lace-Toed Ivory Flats

Spring and summer brides can wear these lace-toed flats with any ivory dress. The tiny lacy flowers cover the toes of these shoes while a simple heel protects your ankle with each step. They’ll feel comfortable under your wedding gown and double as a bridal accessory if you wear a shorter dress to your reception.

$24.89 from Amazon

6. Low-Wedge Rhinestone Strap Flats

Beachfront or lakeside brides can wear these rhinestone flats to maximize their style. The straps have rhinestones that cross over your feet, while an ankle strap secures your feet from behind. All you have to do is pick the location for your ceremony and wedding photos to choose destination-appropriate shoes.

$41.99 from Amazon

7. Pearl Strap Satin Flats

Satin is a luxurious fabric for any bride, so consider using it for your wedding flats. These flats feature pointed-toes in glossy satin and an extra beautiful ankle strap. It’s a string of pearls that curls around your ankle and ends in a satin bow at the heel. They’re flats fit for a princess with all the elegance of a royal wedding.

$39.99 from Amazon

8. Foldable White Ballet Shoes

Destination brides don’t have to worry about bringing extra suitcases for their wedding look. These white ballet slippers fold in half and tuck into the toes for optimal storage. They’re comfortable, casual and the perfect shade of white for brides. You can also style them to fit a winter aesthetic, so they’re a year-round option for any ceremony.

$23.99 from Amazon

Find Your Dream Wedding Flats

Now that you’ve browsed some of the most popular wedding flats, consider what matches your style. Whether you want something flashy, traditional, decorative or practical, you’ll find the best shoes for your big day.

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