• 02/23/2023

How To Prepare For Beach Engagement Photos


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Who can resist a beach backdrop? Beach engagement photos are breathtakingly beautiful. If you have the opportunity to get your engagement photos done at the beach, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible to ensure you get the engagement photoshoot of your dreams. Let’s explore some ways you can prepare for your beach engagement photos. 

Find Your Photographer

You’ll want to find a photographer that can bring your engagement photo vision to life. Do some research in the area you wish to have your photoshoot and peruse some photographer websites. Most photographers have a niche you can see by looking at their photos. You’ll likely be happier with a lifestyle photographer if you want a more laid-back vibe with natural poses. 

Your photographer will most likely help you choose the time for your photoshoot. However, the most coveted time for photos is the golden hour–the hour following sunrise and the hour before sunset–so get one of those time slots if you can. 

Pick a Location

Once you have chosen your photographer, you’ll want to scout locations unless you trust your photographer to find one for you. If you don’t live near the beach, you might want to look up the best beaches to decide where you want to travel. In this case, you should choose your beach before you pick your photographer so you won’t have to pay for their travel expenses. 

Everywhere is pretty at the beach, but your photographer might know some secret spots that offer the prettiest views for your photos. They might even know of an area with rock formations or flowers you can use during your shoot. Communicate with your photographer about your vision for your photos and let them help you make your beach engagement photos dreams come to life!

Look Up Poses

Pinterest is the holy grail for photography poses. Your photographer will pose you and your soon-to-be spouse in many different ways, but research can help if you have a few special ones you’d like to try. Having a few poses up your sleeve can help your photographer in a pinch. If you or your spouse don’t love having your photos taken, having some fun poses can break the ice and make you more comfortable in front of the camera. 

Plan Your Outfits

Planning what to wear can be the most challenging part of your beach engagement photos. You’ll treasure these photos forever and likely use them for save-the-dates or wedding invitations–what you wear matters. 

Prepare for Weather

It can get pretty windy on the beach, so ensure you pack accordingly. You’ll want to bring pins to hold your hair out of your face if the wind isn’t cooperating and a hairbrush to keep your hair on point during your photoshoot. It can also get very hot and humid on the beach. Long and flowing dresses are perfect for beach engagement photos. 

They photograph beautifully, create movement and allow air circulation to help you survive the humidity. Guys can get away with pretty much anything, but a solid-colored shirt works best if your dress has a print. You’ll also want to bring sunscreen. Even on an overcast day, the sun doesn’t discriminate, and you will want to protect your skin. 

Pick Your Color Scheme

You don’t want your clothes to blend in with the background of your photos. White is a fantastic color to wear on the beach unless it’s winter and there’s snow on the ground. In that case, you’ll want to avoid white because you’ll blend in with the snow. Similarly, in the summer, you’ll want to avoid shades of blue since there’s so much blue in the stunning water that will likely be in the background of your beach engagement photos. 

Beach Engagement Photos

Photoshoots at a beach can be as dressy or down-to-earth as you want them to be. You can dress them up or down for the water or take photos on the shore for elegant images with a dreamy background. Beach engagement photos are so versatile and perfect for everyone that wants to give them a whirl! 

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