• 04/04/2022

12 Ways To Have a Leather Wedding

12 Ways To Have a Leather Wedding

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Wedding decorations make your big day more memorable and personable. They weave your personality into every part of your ceremony and reception, especially if you pick bold decorative elements. Leather adds a unique texture and warmth, so check out this guide to learn 12 easy ways to have a leather wedding without breaking away from your preferred theme.

1. Wear Leather Shoes

Ballgown dresses or floor-length gowns create the perfect excuse to wear footwear with flair. Find leather flats or heels in colors or designs that strike you as authentic to your personality. You’ll feel more confident than ever when it’s time to walk down the aisle.

2. Engrave Leather Placecards

Guests might need to know where to sit at your reception, so engrave leather place cards to direct them to their seats. Depending on the look they need to achieve, you could paint them at home or order a professional engraving.

3. Wrap It Around Your Bouquet

No matter which flowers you want for your bridal bouquet, they’ll look gorgeous in a leather wrap. Soft browns and smooth leather invoke a mid-century vibe that works with modern weddings or brides who love anything with a vintage appeal.

4. Pose in Leather Jackets

Couples often post in leather jackets for their wedding photos because they get cute slogans engraved across the back. You could also pose with your new last name to celebrate your new family. It’s the perfect way to use your outdoor fall wedding venue while keeping your outfits in season and staying warm.

5. Give Luggage Tags as Favors

Luggage tags are always a welcomed gift. Anyone who has to travel for your wedding or loves to go on adventures can use a leather suitcase label to keep track of their belongings easily. They’re also an excellent way to give wedding favors on a budget because you can cut and engrave them at home.

6. Wear a Leather Hair Accessory

You might not picture hair accessories when you think of leather, but it’s a subtle way to add the material to your wedding. Find a barrette for your updo to stick with trendy bridal hairstyles without missing out on an opportunity to use more leather in your ceremony.

7. Use Leather Placemats

Investing in high-quality leather placemats for your reception is a great idea for a few reasons. They double as decor for your big dinner and will become your new nightly set at home. You’ll always have something fun to add to your table at parties that also reminds you of your wedding day.

8. Save Your Rings in Leather

There are so many ways to get your wedding bands down the aisle. Whether you want a ring bearer to carry them or set them up by a unity candle, you can make a custom ring box with whatever type of leather you want. Design the box to represent your love or create one that will last forever as a mini jewelry box that will hold your wedding bands every time you go to sleep.

9. Place Guests in Leather Chairs

Leather chairs are always classy, especially at weddings. See if there’s a rental company near your venue that could provide leather chairs for your reception or ceremony. You could even use one as a decorative element in photos while posing for pictures with your future spouse or loved ones.

10. Make a Statement Sign

Brides always have fun creating signs for their venue. They might need to direct guests to parking spots, point out where the bathrooms are or become a backdrop for pictures. No matter what you want your sign to say, paint the message over a custom-cut piece of leather and hang it with rustic string. The design elements work well together even at chic venues.

11. Seal Cards in Custom Envelopes

You’ll have to mail a few thank you cards after your reception ends or when you get back from your honeymoon. If you only have to send a few, seal them in leather envelopes. It’s an especially great idea if you’ll write cards that you think your loved ones or bridal party members will save in keepsake boxes.

12. Give Watches to Groomsmen

Watches are a classy wedding accessory that are popular gifts for groomsmen. If they have matching leather watches, they’re even better gifts. Look for bands that work with standard watch faces or get brand new watches to celebrate their part in your big day.

Plan the Ultimate Leather Wedding

If you’re dreaming about hosting a leather wedding, this guide can help you start planning every last detail. Use the creative material to personalize everything from your bouquet wrap to your wedding portraits. It will make your big day feel more special and add a bit of fun too.

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