• 11/05/2021

15 Cheap Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love


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Most people who throw weddings are on a budget. The average wedding budget allots around $400 for guest favors. You may not think favors are necessary, but in some cases, you might want to gift your guests something for celebrating your special day with you and your sweetheart. Here are some cheap wedding favors you can offer your guests without going over your budget.

Cheap Wedding Favors to Eat

Most people love favors they can eat. That way, it’s not something they have to keep up with in the future. They can have a sweet treat as a thank-you for attending.

1. Jordan Almonds

Jordan Almonds are a wedding tradition and likely the most well-known wedding favor. In Greek history, they were given out as favors because the sugary coating of candy added some sweetness to the bitter almond, which was said to represent life. What better way to express the sweetness of marriage than with this age-old classic?

2. Sweet Candy

What could be sweeter for a wedding than candy? Choose your favorite sweet candy, and you might be able to personalize the wrappers. With commemorative wrappers in their hands, your guests will appreciate the thought put into your favors while also having something they’re sure to love.

A jar filled with candy with a nametag reading "Paul."

3. Chocolate

If you’re more of a DIY kind of person, consider taking candies and putting them in a jar. Hershey’s Kisses are a popular wedding candy, and they convey the sweetest message when gifted to your guests. Candies in a small jar make excellently cheap wedding favors that will delight anyone — especially at the end of the night when they could use a sugar boost to keep dancing!

4. S’mores Packages

Perfect for a winter wedding, a build-your-own s’mores kit could include graham crackers, a marshmallow, a small piece of chocolate and whatever other element you’d like to add. You’ll find it very simple to package these items — just wrap them in plastic and tie them up!

5. Powdered Hot Cocoa Mix

If your wedding takes place during the heart of winter, consider sending your guests home with something comforting. Everyone loves to cuddle up on the couch with hot cocoa — so handwrite the recipe and stick it in the favor bag with all your guests need to create a delightful cup of cocoa once they head home.

A cup of hot cholate with marshmallows on a tray with chocolate balls.

Cheap Wedding Favors to Keep

Everyone loves a keepsake. There’s no better way for someone to remember your wedding than to give them something unique that reminds them of the happy couple whenever they look at it.

1. Personalized Sunglasses

Sunglasses can be worn year-round, making this option one of the best cheap wedding favors you can give your guests. Your eyes are most vulnerable to the sun if you’re under 40, which makes it the perfect gift for a wedding favor. You can personalize these sunglasses with your and your sweetheart’s names and wedding date if you want to make a keepsake of the sunglasses.

2. Personalized Photo Frame

What cuter way to remember the wedding than by being gifted a photo frame of your group? If you have it within your budget, consider having someone go around to each of the tables and take photos of the families or parties that sit there. At the end of the night, everyone can go home with a picture of them sitting at one of your tables in a personalized frame that commemorates the event.

3. Small Succulents

Giving the gift of a potted plant is a nice idea, but sometimes, people don’t feel like raising a huge plant. Consider giving your guests the responsibility of taking care of a succulent. Succulents don’t need much care, and they’re small enough to fit anywhere in your guests’ homes. 

A green succulent in a teal pot.

4. Flower Seeds

If you know that you have some garden-savvy guests, consider gifting them seeds for flowers in season. If your wedding is in the early spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to encourage your guests to plant these seeds in their gardens. Make sure to thoroughly research the type of flower, as some may bloom earlier than others and confuse bees during times of pollination.

5. Personalized Coasters

For smaller, more intimate weddings, consider gifting your guests a coaster or two. Whether you make these yourself using wood slices or find another service to customize them for you, your loved ones closest to you are sure to love the personal touch.

Cheap Wedding Favors to Use

Not everyone wants food or a keepsake. If you’re a more practical couple, consider passing that onto your guests by getting them one of these practical favors they’ll use after they leave your wedding.

1. Hand Fans

If you’re getting married in the summer months, hand fans are an excellent idea for your guests. You can instruct someone to hand them out alongside programs. For an outdoor ceremony in the heat, fans might be just the thing to keep guests cool while you say your vows. Opt to engrave something if your fans are wood and attach a sticker if they are paper or plastic for a more personalized feel.

2. Blankets

Winter weddings shouldn’t feel left out because of the cold. If you can manage to stretch your budget a little more, cheap blankets are an excellent option for wedding favors, especially if your ceremony takes place outside. Your guests will find an immediate use for them, though they might be a bit much to carry with them through the reception.

3. Shot Glass

If your guests are a party crowd, consider gifting them shot glasses. They don’t have to have your and your spouse’s names on them if that’s not your thing — you can find generic shot glasses that mention something about love or just have the date written on them.

Five shot glasses filled with clear liquid and orange slices.

4. Bottle Opener

This option is a classier twist on the shot glass. Bottle openers are cheap wedding favors that almost everyone has a use for. Opt for this classic wedding favor if you want your guests to think of you every time they open a bottle.

5. Pamper Kit

If you’ve planned for a higher favor budget, consider gifting each guest a pamper kit. You can build this kit yourself using small, assorted care products. Consider including a bath bomb, a small lotion and something else of your choice. This kind of favor is an excellent option for a wedding between two people who care about skincare.

Cheap Wedding Favors Can Be Great

Just because something is cheap doesn’t mean that people will dislike it. As you continue with your wedding planning, you’ll find that there are plenty of ways to save money — favors being just one of the categories. No matter what, your guests are there to celebrate your wedding, so they’ll love whatever you choose to gift them.

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