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The 12 Best Wedding Planning Podcasts

The 12 Best Wedding Planning Podcasts

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Updated July 2023

Before the days of wedding planning podcasts, brides had to plan their ceremonies by leafing through magazines or paying a professional planner. Now you can listen to people who have been through the process by donning your favorite pair of headphones. 

You can plan your wedding on the bus as you commute and get advice as you cook dinner. Check out the 12 best wedding planning podcasts to get the latest tips and have a few laughs along the way.

1. The Itty Bitty Wedding Committee

If you’re just starting to think about your wedding, make a long list of questions. You can find most answers within the numerous episodes from The Itty Bitty Wedding Committee. 

The co-hosts provide tips for everything from saving money to keeping your mother-in-law busy, so you don’t have to stress about anything. The show hosts are both wedding planning veterans who have the answers. 

2. Hue I Do: The Complexions of Black Weddings

When Ashleigh Coffie started planning her big day, she noticed a lack of representation in the industry. Recent research shows that just 8.8% of event planners are Black, which doesn’t account for representation in areas like florists, wedding dress designers and venue owners. 

Coffie jumped into the world of podcasting by creating Hue I Do, which features diverse vendors to encourage brides to support people of color in the wedding industry. You’ll also get tips for wedded life after jumping the broom.

3. The Bouquet Toss

The most popular podcasts allow listeners to make their own decisions about what’s hot and what’s not. The Bouquet Toss is precisely that show. 

When you listen to their episodes, the co-hosts will teach you about things like wedding traditions and precedents so you can make your big day into whatever you want. It’s run by the folks at the Budget-Friendly Bride, one of the top wedding bloggers for cash-conscious brides.

4. So You’re Engaged, Now What?

So You’re Engaged started at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s an excellent resource for brides who want smaller ceremonies or help dealing with the wellness aspect of planning a ceremony under health restrictions. 

The co-hosts chat about the latest trends and how they impact your health, like if juicing is actually healthy and if it’s worth stressing over removing certain people from your guest list. You’ll also get practical tips on topics like sustainable invitations. 

5. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Two wedding consultants began the Wedding Planning Podcast to talk about what they’ve experienced. Listeners get first-hand accounts of bridal mistakes and success stories without paying for a professional’s time. 

The co-hosts don’t shy away from topics like wedding fatigue or searching for officiants, so you’ll hear expert advice on everything related to weddings. Has wedding planning become your passion? Sign up for their master class to become an expert on the topic. 

6. Engaged and Confused

Photographers blend into the background of your wedding to capture authentic moments, but the two Colorado photographers behind Engaged and Confused are anything but quiet. They dish on the biggest bridal hurdles they’ve seen and invite married couples onto the show to talk about how things went for them. 

Plus, you’ll get actionable tips to make your big day look perfect, like wearing press-on nails to your ceremony so the paint doesn’t chip before your wedding portraits. You’ll also find steamy tips for making your honeymoon fun for you both.

7. Put a Ring on It

If you don’t have a big group of bridesmaids to chat about wedding stressors, you’ll love Put a Ring on It. The co-hosts become best friends for their listeners by telling the hard truth about touchy subjects like long-term engagements or skipping traditions. They also want to help you figure out how to stock your reception bar and sort through venue options, so dive into their episode roster to learn the good and the bad sides of wedding planning. 

8. Almost to the Aisle

Listeners love Almost to the Aisle because the five wedding planners who host the show have so much advice. They’ll walk you through setting up your Pinterest boards, navigating dieting and your mental health and even preparing for lousy weather interrupting your outdoor ceremony. 

You’ll end each episode with a clear idea of how to keep your wedding planning on track. You’ll get tips on venue capacity and how to set up a Plan B if weather interrupts your outdoor affair. 

9. Bridechilla

Bridechilla is one of the oldest wedding podcasts that’s still going strong. The host has nearly 500 episodes that embrace the wedding stress that created the negative stereotype of the bridezilla. 

Release your anxieties by listening to comedic retellings of wedding planning experiences. It’s a great way to cheer yourself up if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

10. Your I Do Crew

What happens when a wedding photographer and an officiant team up to produce a podcast? You get Your I Do Crew. The co-hosts interview wedding vendors, suppliers and all other types of industry insiders. 

Each episode is available for free through your favorite podcast app, so you don’t have to add any subscription fees to your monthly budget to simplify your wedding planning. Just kick back, listen and learn about LGBTQ+ inclusive vendors and whether a microwedding is right for you. 

11. Get Wed Podcast

Two former brides put together the Get Wed Podcast to give brides another resource to discover what they love. You’ll hear their advice about if you should consider eloping, how to write your own vows and if wedding favors are really necessary. 

Don’t miss out on their upbeat, hilarious commentary, especially when it comes to including pets to your ceremony or your engagement pictures. From planning dreamy entertainment to handling RSVPs, you’ll learn all you need to know to pull off your big day without a hitch.

12. Schmanners

There are so many etiquette expectations of brides, but you don’t have to listen to any of them. Each episode of Schmanners encourages brides to be themselves while learning why etiquette presidents exist. 

You may learn something surprising that makes specific traditions look more appealing while others become less stressful. You’ll also get tips for non-wedding related events, like pub trivia night at your favorite watering hole. 

Find New Wedding Planning Podcasts

There are numerous wedding planning podcasts for brides who need a helping hand, a source of joy or a way to vent their frustrations. You’re in good hands if you listen to any of these expert shows, even if you’re only a few weeks out from your ceremony.

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