• 10/15/2021

The Relationship Between Nutrition and Mental Health


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It’s no secret that the mind and the body are connected in a variety of ways, and that includes the relationship that exists between the food you eat and your mental health. Everybody is different, and that includes the way that we approach nutrition and mental health.

Nourishing your body and finding the best balance possible is one of the most important things that you can do for your health, and devoting attention to that can be extremely transformative. Although it’s possible to have a healthy body while you struggle mentally or to be mentally healthy even Among physical health challenges, the relationship between nutrition and mental health can’t be denied. Here is a bit more about why.

1. Caring For Your Health

Although this point is a bit more general, it definitely makes sense that caring for your physical health can help you feel more secure in your mental health. Really, eating food that is good for you and makes you feel nourished is an act of self care, and practicing self care is one of the most important ways that you can look after your mental health. Of course, there are other parts of caring for your health that nutrition doesn’t cover, but eating healthy foods is a great way to take your toes into caring for yourself, especially if you feel like you haven’t been doing enough of that recently.

2. Keeping On top of Your Mental Health

On the flip side of things, taking care of your mental health has the capacity to enable you to take better care of your physical health. When you are struggling mentally, it can be difficult to stay on top of basic tasks like caring for your health and eating healthy food. However, when you take care of your mental health and check in with yourself regularly, you may notice that eating healthier and paying more attention to your nutrition comes naturally to you.

3. Finding Balance

Although the link between mental and physical health is extremely apparent in many situations, it can also be extremely important to find a sense of balance both between those two elements of health, and with the moderation that it takes to tackle your health sustainably. Not only is it important to find a balance between mental and physical, but it also can be important to treat yourself and allow yourself to break the rules every now and then in order to maintain your emotional health, too.

4. Healing the Body

Eating healthy foods actually has the power to heal the body as well as the mind in the way that it connects and nourishes all the different elements of you! For example, The food that you eat can influence your gut microbiome, the levels of serotonin in your body, the amount of inflammation you experience, your risk of depression and your risk of anxiety. Specifically, eating fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grains and lean proteins has been proven to have a profound impact on many of these factors. This is great news, too, as it allows for moderation and finding balance in your diet, too.

5. Vitamins and Minerals

Everybody knows that taking vitamins and eating foods that are rich in nutrients can help your body thrive, but did you know that eating foods that are rich and vitamins and minerals on a regular basis can also help to improve your mental health? Specifically, eating lots of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, nutrients, hydration and nourishment can help you feel more energized and improve your overall quality of life. While taking a multivitamin can also help with this as well, it truly is best to get the vitamins and nutrients you need from the source — the food itself!

6. Adjusting to Your Own Routine

Of course, everybody has their own needs, both mental and dietary, and it makes sense that you will still need time to adjust to your own routine. That’s one of the ways that the mind-body connection works at its best — when you are able to explore your needs at a more intimate level so you can find a routine that works for you in a sustainable way.

Nutrition and Mental Health

There are so many ways that the food you eat can influence your mental health, and vice versa. Your health is a cycle, because the body and the mind are inherently connected. Really, caring for your nutrition and your mental health is all about practicing self-care, finding balance and figuring out which forms of healing work best for you.

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