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20 Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple Who Has Everything

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Searching for wedding gift ideas usually pulls up cookware, sheets, blenders and more. Don’t most couples already have those things? If you’re struggling to shop for the bride and groom-to-be who have everything, consider these fun, unique ideas we put together.

1. Private Chef

An experience is one of the best wedding gift ideas for couples who have enough stuff. If you want to give them a night they’ll never forget, hire a private chef to cook for them in their home. You could use Take a Chef — a highly-rated service with over 40,000 chefs available across the country. To surprise them, secretly ask the private chef to recreate their wedding menu for them.

2. Monogrammed Luggage

Useful wedding gift ideas involve the honeymoon. Help the future bride and groom travel in style by getting them custom monogrammed luggage. As a bonus, their suitcases will be easy to find at the baggage claim. You can also go with smaller travel bags or luggage tags personalized with the couple’s initals.

Personalized Men’s Toiletry Bag: $32.99

Personalized Travel Makeup Bag: $9.99

Monogrammed Leather Luggage Tags (3-Pack): $38.99

3. Flower Subscription

A subscription is one of the better wedding gift ideas because it’s a gift that keeps on giving. Getting a fresh flower subscription for the newlyweds ensures their home will always have a touch of color and life.

4. Espresso Machine

Most couples have a coffee maker, but few have a high-end espresso machine. If you get one that is particularly beginner-friendly, they’ll be able to make barista-style drinks even if they have no experience. The best models froth milk, have built-in bean grinders and heat up in seconds.

Espresso Coffee Machine with Steam Milk Frother: $49.99

5. Chef Knives

Most people have regular knives instead of chef’s knives because they can never excuse spending so much on a luxury purchase. Fortunately, a wedding is the perfect time to spoil the happy couple. This gift is long-lasting, practical and thoughtful.

Japanese Chef Knife Set (5-Pcs): $49.99

6. Custom-Scented Candle

Plenty of high-end candles have names like “Just Married” or “I Do,” making them great wedding gifts. However, you can take things a step further by commissioning a small business to make a custom scent. For example, an ocean-inspired smell is perfect for a beach wedding.

Best Couple Ever Candle: $16.99

Personalized Candle with Photo: $21.99

Scented candles.

7. Personalized Art

Do you know where the future bride and groom met? How about where they got engaged? If you do, consider commissioning a painting of that place. While many guests will buy them wall decor, you can almost guarantee nobody will show up with one as sentimental as yours.

8. Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Who doesn’t want an enameled cast iron Dutch oven? As one reviewer puts it, Le Creuset ruined every other Dutch oven for her because it was so good. She recommends it above all other brands because it lasts a lifetime and is extremely high quality.

Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven: $64.97

9. Special Champagne

The most thoughtful wedding gift ideas consider where the couple will be once they’ve settled into their marriage. Get them a special champagne — one created during their marriage year or month — so they can celebrate in style on their anniversary.

10. High-End Spice Set

A high-end spice set contains quality herbs and powders in aesthetic containers. It’s an especially useful gift, considering they’ll probably get loads of cookware and dish sets.

McCormick Gourmet Spice Rack with Spices: $76.98

11. The Frame TV

The frame TV is a regular TV that looks like a painting when it’s in art mode. Most people enjoy binge-watching their favorite shows and having beautiful art on their walls, so it’s a win-win. Plus, the future bride and groom will love being able to change the ‘painting’ with the click of a button.

12. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

A KitchenAid stand mixer is one of the classic wedding gift ideas. You can pick from thirteen colors and even add attachments. It’s a bit pricey, but the wedding guest standard is to spend as much on a gift as it costs to host you for the day. 

KitchenAid Stand Mixer: $449.99

A white KitchenAid stand mixer.

13. Record Player

A record player is one of the best wedding gift ideas because it’s fun, uncommon and affordable. If you know the future bride and groom don’t own any records, consider getting them one to start their collection.

Victrola 6-in-1 Record Player & Multimedia Center: $99.99

Vosterio Record Player with External Speakers: $95.99

14. Honeymoon Book

Even though around 90% of couples sign up for wedding registries, guests deviate all of the time. Whether you’re looking for something more sentimental or simply don’t want to buy them their third toaster, a honeymoon book is the perfect gift.

Find out where they’re honeymooning and get them a tasteful, colorful book about the destination. They’ll love reading about the history, tourist tips and the hidden destinations they should check out.

15. Wedding-Inspired Doormat

The best wedding gift ideas are useful in any circumstance. A custom doormat is great no matter where the couple lives. You can get a personalized version with their last name or one with a phrase like “Just Married” to put a smile on their faces whenever they get home.

Personalized Family Name Doormat: $54.95

16. Custom Blanket

The goal of a wedding gift is to give the lovely couple something they’ll continue using for years. A monogrammed, hand-knit or personalized blanket is a great go-to choice. If you want to make it even more special, get it in their wedding colors.

Embroidered Letter Blanket: $23.99

17. Handled Serving Tray

Some of the greatest wedding gift ideas are simple and sweet. A handled serving tray is useful for everything from serving snacks to holding toiletries, so you know the newlyweds will get a lot of use out of it.

Wooden Tray With Gold Handles: $45.95

18. Hand Casting Kit

Hand casting kits are an experience and an art. They let the couples create sculptures of their own hands. Whether they need a custom ring holder or want to permanently hold hands, it’s a fantastic reminder of their love for one another.

Hand Casting Kit: $39.99

Two casted hands touching.

19. Cocktail Supplies

Most newlyweds walk away from their wedding with loads of new glassware. Stand out from the crowd by getting them a high-end cocktail recipe book and nonperishable ingredients. Trust us, it’ll give them something fun to try during cozy nights inside.

Cocktail Shaker Set with Stand: $32.99

20. Custom Record

You need some intel for this gift — find out what songs the future bride and groom will play at their wedding. Then, create a personalized record so they can relive some of the most touching moments from their big day. American Vinyl Co. offers heart-shaped vinyl records and custom jackets so you can make it even more sentimental.

The Best Wedding Gift Ideas are Personal

Since most wedding gift ideas seem like run-of-the-mill housewarming gifts, it’s no surprise you want to switch things up. Rest assured, the future bride and groom will get plenty of generic sheets and cookware. If you want to make an impression and get them something they’ll look upon fondly for the rest of their marriage, consider getting them one of these gifts.

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