• 02/17/2023

Do You Need a Wedding Website? 5 Ways to Customize Yours


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Since everything is online nowadays, most people have a wedding website. Truthfully, people will likely expect you to have a website of your own where they can go to see all the information about your upcoming wedding. Building a website dedicated to your special day might sound like a lot of extra work, but you might find it the most fun part of your planning. Since you can customize your website to fit you and your partner perfectly, you should strive to include as many creative elements as possible.

1. Basic Information

Of course, the first thing you’ll want to include on your wedding website is the date you’ll be getting married and where your guests need to go. If you’re having a destination wedding, your guests will likely need to know information regarding hotels and travel. Make sure to include all the logistics right off the bat, and your guests will know to look in one place for everything they need to know.

2. Registry

You may feel a bit shy about including a request for gifts on your wedding website. Still, registries are an important part of marriage — they help people give you gifts they know will benefit you in what may be a new space. Over 90% of couples to be married will sign up for registries and offer people the option to gift them what their new life together needs. You can register with several different stores to ensure you get the variety of items you need.

3. RSVP Info

You should also include your RSVP info on your wedding website. If you have mostly younger people attending your wedding, they may want to RSVP online. In this case, you can skip sending RSVP cards out with the wedding invitation, which can save paper. 

The average number of guests at a wedding in the United States is around 126 people, though many skew much more or much less. Having an online RSVP means that people will have fewer excuses about not responding yes or no to your invitation. You may still want to send out paper RSVP slips to older folks who may not have internet access, though.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section is the page people will go to learn things about your dress code, whether kids are allowed and any other questions they may have. Make sure to provide contact information on that page so they can direct their additional questions to someone else who will know the answer. Don’t put your contact information down — you have enough to worry about!

You may also include questions about COVID-19 for those who might be afraid of exposure. Some people want to know how high the risk will be at a large gathering. You can choose whether to enforce negative COVID tests, masks or vaccines, depending on your stance and what makes you feel the safest. Make sure to include any information you think your guests need to know on this page.

5. Photos and Personality

Above all, your wedding website should have personality. You can include photos from your engagement and throughout your relationship. Make sure to include a page on your relationship and how the two of you met. Style your website how you like it, and have pages that speak to you. Your website should be a window into your relationship and a taste of what people can expect on your big day.

The average bridal party size might be between three and five on each side, but if you have a larger wedding, you’ll likely want to give everyone a chance to be seen. If you have the space on your website, you can include a page with a little info about every member of your wedding party. Doing so lets your future guests know a little about everyone who will play a part in your special wedding.

Decorate Your Wedding Website to Fit You

Instead of wondering whether you need a wedding website, you should ponder precisely what you could put on your site. These pages will be entirely your own, giving you the chance to display anything you want about yourself and your sweetheart. Your website should be a one-stop place for anyone who wants to know anything about your upcoming big day. Plus, you can take a break from your other forms of planning to design it. It might be one of the most fun things you do before your wedding!

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