• 02/12/2023

Vision Board Ideas: Find Your Ambition

vision board ideas

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Vision board ideas can help you visualize your goals and manifest them. They’re easy and fun to make and provide a visual reminder to ensure you stay on track. How do you know what to put on your vision board? Here are some vision board ideas to inspire ambition and motivate you to achieve your goals. 

How It Works

Seeing is believing, right? Have you ever noticed that as soon as you get something new, like a  shirt or car, you start seeing them everywhere? It seems like they started appearing out of nowhere, but odds are they were already there–you just weren’t focusing on them. 

When you give attention to something, like your goals, you give them power—envisioning your goals and how to make them happen increases your likelihood of obtaining them. A vision board can provide a clear path toward your goals and help you find your ambition by boosting your motivation. 

Losing sight of your goals is common–life happens. A vision board can help you keep them in the forefront of your mind, so you can prioritize actionable steps to complete them no matter how long it takes. Plus, they’re fun to create. 

Planning Your Vision Board

First, you’ll need to plan your vision board. Think of the goals you want to accomplish for the coming year. Where do you want to start? You can create multiple vision boards for separate areas of your life or combine them. 

Brainstorm ideas that will encourage you and propel you forward. Journaling is an excellent way to generate ideas and find your ambition. Brain dumps can also be effective in getting your thoughts out of your head so you can categorize them into what’s most important. Once you prioritize your goals, you can begin visualizing them. What brings you the most joy? 

What do you see as the most or least attainable? Set your sights on the goals you want to bring to life and gather supplies. You’ll need a poster board or cardboard, glue, and images that evoke ambition. You can print pictures from your computer or cut them out of a magazine on your vision board. You can also create a digital vision board if that works better for you.

Vision Board Ideas 

If you need ideas for your vision board, you aren’t alone. It can seem overwhelming to start thinking about what you want to achieve. Start small with a realistic change you’re willing to make, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator in your apartment building. 

Instead of attaching a photo of stairs to your vision board, find something gently reminding you. You could find a picture of how toned you’ll look or motivational phrases that remind you why you want to make that change. If you want to read more books, you could motivate yourself with photos of books on your TBR (to be read) list or attach a cup of coffee that relaxes and energizes you that you associate with reading. 

Quotes and affirmations are excellent for vision boards because they can increase your confidence and self-awareness. Consider thumbing through a magazine and cutting out all the words and phrases that resonate with you to gain inspiration for your vision board and give you ideas. You can draw on your vision board to customize your goals and make them aesthetically pleasing. 

Bringing Your Vision Board Ideas to Life

Vision board ideas are everywhere–you just have to focus on them. Search for what will inspire and motivate you to find your ambition and bring your goals to life. Vision boards can aid you in manifesting your goals and becoming the best version of yourself yet. You’ve got this! 

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