• 01/31/2024

TikTok Inspired Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

A vase of flowers and a teddy bear.

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The social media app has made waves in every industry with thousands of reviews and recommendations turning into viral products. If you’ve ever walked into a bookstore and seen the #Booktok section or the TikTok Made Me Buy It section on Amazon, you’ll know just how big the app’s influence is. Whether you have an account or not, every trending product on TikTok is an opportunity to buy a unique and well-reviewed gift for your loved one. From tinted plumping lipgloss to cute plushy toys, here are TikTok-inspired Valentine’s Day gifts for her she will adore. 

Sol de Janiero Bom Dia Bright Jet Set 

Sol De Jaineiro’s award-winning fragrances are a TikTok influencer favorite, and it’s easy to see why. The warm floral scent blends gourmand notes of crème de cassis and black amber plum with jasmine blooms, vanilla woods and Brazilian Orchids. It’s a delicious, sultry scent that lasts long and might just become her favorite. Enriched with vitamin C and fruit AHAs to brighten, reduce hyperpigmentation and soften skin.  If she travels often, she will love this mini self-care set when it’s time to freshen up for a night out. 

Tatcha The Kissu Lip Mask

woman with lip mask

This lip mask is a  #skintok trendy item that lives up to its hype. With Japanese peach and squalane as the star ingredients, people swear by it as a product that gives soft, plump lips after just days. It smells heavenly and comes with a stunning gold mask applicator that would make anyone feel like royalty. Plus, a little goes a long way. She’ll experience the mask’s hydrating benefits for a while before needing a new one. 

Heart Waffle Maker 

Wake her up to breakfast in bed with heart-shaped waffles and fruit on Valentine’s Day, then gift her the waffle maker to use whenever she wants.  The compact size makes it easy to carry around and store. It comes in colors like red for heart-shaped waffles and orange for pumpkin-shaped waffles. It heats up in minutes and has a non-stick cooking surface for easy cleanup. You can also make waffle hashbrowns, pizza or a quick and easy sandwich. 

Stanley Cup

Stanley cup with a bouquet of flowers on crumpled sheets - the perfect Valentine's day arrangement

TikTokkers praise the Stanley Quencher Tumbler for its large capacity and ability to keep their beverage hot or cold for days (quite literally).  Your girlfriend will love this as a gift – that’s if she doesn’t have one already. Besides it’s aesthetically pleasing design, you can get cute accessories to match! You can get replacement lids, glitter replacement straws, personalized nameplates, straw tip covers, water bottle pouches and colorful replacement straws. That’s not all, she will love a Stanley snack ring or a keychain chapstick holder for her lipgloss of the day. 

Electric candle lighter 

Maybe she likes scented candles and has them all over her apartment. What’s the perfect gift for someone who seems to have all the candles she desires? Get her an electric candle lighter. It’s lightweight, easy to use and has a retractable head for easy storage. You can use it 500 times on a single charge and it has multiple protective features to prevent accidents. 

Alarm Clock Mirror

The first TikTok to feature this mirror now has over 3.1 million views. The Szelam Clock is more than just an alarm to get you up on time in the morning, it’s also a mirror and a charger for all your devices. Unlike mechanical alarm clocks, it’s silent, unlike alarms on your phone, allowing you to start your morning without scrolling on social media. It has three brightness settings to choose from, which makes it the perfect gift for light-sensitive sleepers. 

Eternal Roses 

Flowers will always be part of Valentine’s Day gifting. Why not make hers last by giving her eternal roses? Soho preserves real roses with a non-toxic process to give you flowers lasting about 3 years. You can choose between a black and white box with red, pink or white roses. If this is your first Valentine’s Day with your partner, it’s a great way to keep the memory alive with low-maintenance flowers that need no sunlight or watering. 


Brown Jellycat teddy bear

No one’s ever too old for a cuddly teddy bear and JellyCat’s cute stuffed plush dolls have proved it on the app. Look for the #jellycat on TikTok and see how many women are obsessed with them. There are hundreds of options. Whether she likes dragons and bunnies or prefers the classic teddy bear, you will find something for her. They even come in tiny pocket-size plushies– a perfect way to start her collection. Some of the JellyCats come in cute sweaters you can customize with her name, making the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. 

Skincare fridge 

If you want to get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, help her level up her skincare routine with a personal fridge. Its 4-litre capacity is enough to store most skincare items comfortably. And although it’s a fridge, it has heating capabilities too, so she can use it to store snacks and drinks on her desk at work or keep her coffee warm in the bedroom. 

Kitch Heatless Curl Kit 

Every beauty influencer known to TikTok was trying heatless curls for the first time this year. And this brand caught on! Heatless curls produce curling iron-quality curls while you sleep. All you have to do is wrap your hair around the curling rod, secure it with the satin scrunchies, and wake up to voluminous curls. The set comes in colors like charcoal, chocolate, candy cane, princess party and sunset tie dye so you’re sure to find one she will like. 

Mac Lipgloss Stick 

The Mac luscious lipgloss was on every screen this year with reviews from beauty influencers and makeup artists. People love it for its glossy finish with light coloring and nourishing feel. It’s key ingredients are ginger root oil, capsicum extract and menthol to plump your lips while shea butter, coconut and avocado oil make it a good lip conditioner. 

Get Her the Perfect Gift This Valentine’s Day

Use this list as inspiration for your Valentine’s Day gift shopping. Not sure she will love something on this list? A quick search on the app or on the internet will bring up hundreds of options that will be a perfect fit. 

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