• 02/14/2023

How To Find the Perfect Summer Wedding Guest Dress

summer wedding guest dress - women in short dresses

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Scorching hot weather calls for a particular wardrobe when it comes to weddings. Finding fabrics you can breathe in that look flattering on you can be challenging. If you are going to be a wedding guest this summer, read more to find the perfect wedding guest dress that you can wear to your festivities this summer. 


When it’s hot out, you want to make sure you wear a fabric that is breathable and lightweight. Heavy textiles will weigh you down and make you hotter than necessary. Cotton is arguably the best fabric for summer because it’s cheap and versatile and soaks up moisture. 

Linen, nylon, silk, rayon and polyester are all excellent materials for summer dresses. Their sweat absorbent capabilities will help you stay refreshed and relaxed while you enjoy your time at a summer wedding. 


You want to avoid wearing dark colors in extreme heat. Black especially attracts more sun than lighter-colored clothing. Loose-fitting sleeves or sleeveless wedding guest dresses are ideal for breathability. Flowing styles that aren’t fitted allow more room to breathe. Avoid wearing too many accessories as they can stick to your skin, irritate it in hot weather and potentially cause a rash. 


Shorter-length wedding guest dresses are preferable in warm climates since they allow more skin to be exposed to the air. If you are attending an outdoor wedding, you want to be as cool as possible.

If you don’t feel comfortable in shorter-length dresses or you can’t find one that is an appropriate length, don’t fret. Opt for a longer, more flowy style with a slit that provides almost as much air circulation. 


Your wardrobe as a summer wedding guest can get pricey if you’re trying to buy a new dress for every event. With 2022 being the year of the wedding boom, you are likely invited to more than one wedding this summer season. Try finding a dress that can be versatile and worn more than once. 

You can choose a dress that you can dress down for casual days and dress up with accessories and heels for a wedding. There are multiple options for low-cost dresses that can be worn throughout your summer festivities. Buying an item of overpriced clothing that you will only use for one occasion is a waste of money and will have you regretting the purchase later. 

What Not to Wear

The etiquette as a wedding guest in the clothing department has changed so much in recent years. Some traditional rules no longer apply as brides are stretching the norm and breaking the rules left and right: their wedding, their rules. Go them. As a guest, it can be challenging to know what is and isn’t appropriate attire. 

White is still considered an insult and an attempt to upstage the bride when worn by a guest. Choose something else to wear, even if your dress is off-white, beigeor ivory. If it’s in the white wheelhouse, it will be frowned upon. The bride should be the only one wearing white at her wedding. 

Be careful about the patterns and materials you choose to wear as a wedding guest, as anything too bold or sparkly can also be viewed as an attempt to steal the bride’s spotlight. Extremely light pastel shades that can appear a shade of white in photos should also be avoided. 

Denim is too casual for most weddings, and bridesmaids should also have their color scheme. If your dress matches the bridesmaids, consider finding an alternative shade for your ensemble. 

Find the Perfect Dress

Utilize these tips to find the perfect summer wedding guest dress that you can wear all summer long. You won’t regret opting for a lighter fabric and color that will help you beat the heat in those outdoor ceremonies! Being hot and miserable will take away some of the joy you want to experience during the nuptials. Stay cool so you can enjoy watching your loved ones tie the knot!

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