• 05/04/2022

10 Ways to Get a Wedding Dress Under $200


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If your wedding is coming up, there’s truly no need to break the bank over a dress. Of course, you want the dress of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice other elements of your budget. If you want to find a dress that really suits you and your budget — the way that any wedding detail should — here are a few ways you can keep it under $200.

The Thrift Store

The thrift store is one of the best places to find clothes on a budget. You might not think of it as the first place to find beautiful gowns or fancy clothes, but you might be surprised. Many thrift stores even have specific sections or stock in the back designated for wedding dresses. If you don’t see any around at your local thrift store, try asking the employees if they have any in the back. It might surprise you.

Sample Sales

If there’s a designer you really love, going to a sample sale can be the best of both worlds. Not only do you get to wear your favorite designer, but you also get the opportunity to find something that’s within your budget. You might have to travel or take a little bit of extra time to get to a sample sale, but many people find it to be worth it.

Your Own Wardrobe

If you have a dress that you truly love in your own wardrobe, you might not even need to go shopping at all. This depends on how traditional you want to get for your wedding. If you are the kind of person who prefers a little bit of color or a more casual vibe, you can always wear what makes you feel the most confident.

The Bridesmaid’s Section

Again, if you prefer a little bit of color in your wardrobe, even on your wedding day, you might want to take a look in the section that isn’t marked for bridal. You can take a look at the bridesmaids dresses for the same fancy gowns, but with a little bit more color. Many places will charge extra for white dresses simply because they are labeled as wedding dresses. Even taking this small shift can make a big difference.

Keep It In the Family

This is an age-old tradition that many people love. And it’s clear why. Wearing your mother or grandmother‘s dress down the aisle can make things even more special. Not only is this sentimental, but you’ll likely only need to pay for the necessary alterations if there are any.

Online Secondhand

If you really want a secondhand dress, but you can’t seem to find exactly what you want in the thrift store, you can always go online to look for something that’s a little bit more your style. Not only does online second-hand have a bit more of a size range, but there’s also more style variety.

The Divorce Dress Makeover

If you know somebody who has been divorced, bringing more life into that dress can actually be a fantastic omen! Revive the dress and let it shine at your wedding.

Keep It Short

Most traditional wedding dresses are long, but that doesn’t mean that yours needs to be. If you already like a shorter silhouette and a more casual vibe, you can always go for a shorter dress. Shorter dresses will likely have a lower price point.

Make It Yourself

If you’re crafty, you can always make your own dress or upcycle a dress from the thrift store. Not everybody loves this option, as it requires more work and an intricate understanding of sewing. However, if it’s in your wheelhouse, it can be worth it to try.

Sharing Is Caring

This option requires quite a bit of trust, but if you are okay with sharing with somebody you care about, this can be a convenient option for everyone involved. If you and your sister or friend are getting married around the same time, and you have similar styles, you can always find a dress that works for both of you and split the cost so you can both wear it. Just make sure that you’re making this compromise with somebody that you truly trust.

Finding Your Perfect Budget Dress

There are so many ways that you can find the perfect dress and still stay under your budget. From the thrift store to the sewing machine, the possibilities are endless.

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