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Everything Travelers Need to Know About Snake Island, Palawan

Everything Travelers Need to Know About Snake Island Palawan

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Your next vacation should be somewhere that feels like a dream. White sand beaches, pristine waters and swaying palm trees create the perfect place to relieve stress and replenish your spirit. Snake Island, Palawan, has all of that and more. Check out why so many people visit it every year and what you can do while you’re on your upcoming adventure.

Blue waters at the beach at Snake Island.

Where Is Snake Island, Palawan?

You might picture an island of snakes off the coast of a rainforest when you hear about Snake Island, but that’s far from the truth. It’s a luxurious island in the Philippines with perfect weather, tons of beaches to explore and no actual snakes.

The island gets its name from its shape. It’s a long strip of sand that connects it to Vigan Island and El Nido. Although it may seem small compared to the land around it, there are so many things to do that it’s a popular place for locals and curious tourists to hang out. 

How to Reach It

The only way to reach Snake Island is by boat. You can rent one for a 30-40 ride or sign up for an island-hopping cruise that includes Snake Island. Use a currency conversion calculator to determine how much money you’ll need to pay for transportation in Philippine pesos.

Things to Do on Snake Island

Once you get to Snake Island, don’t miss out on these fun activities. They’ll help you make incredible memories before your trip ends.

Explore the Sandbar

There’s something incredible about walking across Snake Island’s sandbar at low tide. The clear turquoise waters will lap on either side of you and reveal creatures like starfish. Even if your adventure occurs during high tide, you can still walk across the sandbar. Just wear your favorite swimsuit because the water will likely reach past your waist.

Take in the View

There’s a small hill covered in a mangrove forest at the other end of the sandbar. It’s an easy hike to the top, where you’ll find a magnificent panoramic view of Snake Island and the surrounding waters. If the weather is clear, you’ll also see El Nido

Anyone who wants to take this hike should note that monkeys live on the small island. They’re cute but territorial. Don’t approach them or try to feed them any food.

Pose for Pictures

Another great thing about Snake Island is that it has excellent lighting. You’ll be able to capture the perfect photo for scrapbooking or social media, whether you’re on the sandbar or hiking through the trees. Prepare to take plenty of pictures during your afternoon on the island by bringing a professional camera, your smartphone or even a photography drone.

Spend the Day Snorkeling

You can wade into the water from anywhere on Snake Island, which makes it perfect for snorkeling. Sign up for an adventure with a local snorkeling guide and bring the latest gear like a mesh bag and collapsible fins. You’ll love swimming with the many aquatic creatures that thrive around the island and even take a few underwater collectibles home.

Relax With a Drink

The hill at the other end of Snake Island has a locally-owned bar. You can stop by when you get hungry and relax with a drink out on the beach. It will be a relief to avoid carrying a heavy cooler with snacks and beverages while island hopping.

Other Activities in Palawan

What else can you do during your vacation to Snake Island, Palawan? These are a few other activities in the surrounding area that tourists rave about.

Tour an Underground River

The Philippines has many underwater caves, so schedule a tour and explore them before heading home. There’s a river that winds underneath the land surrounding Snake Island that’s also wide enough for boat tours. Purchase your tickets and get excited. A tour guide will explain the area’s history before and after your included buffet lunch.

Go Scuba Diving

You’re traveling to an island to be on the beach, so why not go scuba diving while you’re there? You’ll dive deeper than you ever could during a snorkeling tour and even get certain health benefits from spending more time outside.

The extra exercise and day full of fun will boost your immune system, improve your mood and even strengthen your memory retention. The physical movement of kicking your way through schools of fish and over coral reefs won’t feel like a chore because it’s so different from what you’d experience back home.

Visit the Water Park

Anyone traveling with young kids knows that activities only entertain them for so long. You’ll need to fill your time with more than walking along the beach and jumping in the waves, so check out Puerto Princesa Astoria Waterpark Adventure.

It features splash zones and rides for kids of all ages, including a lazy river that will recharge your batteries. Vans will take you to the site from your hotel and numerous culinary options suitable for even the pickiest eaters. 

Drive to a Water Fall

Kuyawyaw Falls isn’t far from Snake Island, so consider hiking to the gorgeous location during your trip. A tour guide will help you navigate the trail safely and easily. People pose for pictures there every day, but you might need to pack a few extra things if you want to try this hike. It’s a bit of a walk, so use a packing guide that includes things like comfortable shoes and breathable clothes to prevent blisters or overheating.

Tips for Traveling to the Philippines

Before leaving home, read through these essential travel tips to learn what you can expect from visiting the Philippines.

English Is the Official Language

Unlike other international vacations, you won’t have to worry about a language barrier in the Philippines. English is their official language, so you’ll be able to easily communicate everywhere you go.

Travel in the Winter

Because the Philippines are close to the equator, the best time to visit is during the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere. November to April are the warmest months for the islands, although travelers should know that accommodation and food prices will peak between November and January due to the increased number of tourists.

Motorbikes Are More Affordable

There are plenty of taxis in the Philippines that will take you wherever you want to go. The only catch is that they’re often expensive. Vacationers on a budget may find motorbikes more economical. You can rent them on each island for the length of your stay or singular trips to destination activities.

They Use American Outlet Plugs 

International travelers also know the pain of searching for a new charging cord after their plane lands in a new country. Anyone from America won’t have to worry about that in the Philippines. They use outlet types A and B, with two flat live pins and a circular conductor pin beneath them.

Enjoy Your Vacation in Snake Island

There are so many things to do while visiting Snake Island, Palawan. Whether you want to hang out on the beach, take incredible photos or explore the area, you’ll have the trip of a lifetime by booking a flight and boating out to the unique island.

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