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Where to Travel in June? Explore These 8 Exciting Places

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Many people want to travel in June as the world embraces warmer weather. While there are many fantastic places to explore, knowing where to satisfy your wanderlust is essential. Discover where to travel best in June.

Why June is the Best Month to Travel?

The month of June is well-loved by many sun-seeking travelers. During this period, countries in the Northern Hemisphere experience warm yet comfortable temperatures. On the other hand, the Southern area has dry and cool weather. It’s the best time to enjoy pristine beaches, bask in the lush rainforests and live like a local in a lesser-known gem. 

Top 8 Places to Travel to in June

Satisfying your wanderlust this month is more enjoyable when you visit these destinations. Discover where to travel in June—from exotic holiday destinations to well-known spots across the globe. 

Bali, Indonesia

When you think about wildlife and beaches, it’s hard not to think about the beautiful landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. This Southeast Asian destination strikes a perfect balance between land and ocean adventures—and June is just the ideal time to tick all off your bucket list. While the rest of the world ventures to Northern destinations, bask in the glorious sun and sea in Bali.

What to Do: Capture photos of the Lempuyang Temple, Tegallalang rice terrace and the turquoise waters. Join a cooking class or any local activities run by Balinese locals to immerse yourself in the culture. 


As you say goodbye to colder months, Canada blooms into a colorful, vibrant destination. The snow has thawed, and national parks are livelier than ever. The country will open to new sights, festivals and picturesque nature in June. 

What to Do: For a unique experience, visit Yukon to witness the midnight sun. Never miss out on the famous Niagara Falls and drop by Vancouver and Montreal, where you can satisfy your cravings with Asian dishes and French delicacies.


In 2022, almost 1.5 million international tourists visited Kenya, an exotic holiday destination for nature-loving people. Due to the country’s equatorial setting, you can expect to enjoy sunny weather in June. During this time, you can see the Big Five and the Great Migration, where millions of zebras, wildebeests and other animals travel over the savannah in national parks.

What to Do: Witness the Great Migration in Maasai Mara National Reserve and Amboseli. The Great Valley Rift is also a must-visit to witness rare Rothschild giraffes and black rhinos. Remember to pack neutral-colored clothing to stay safe as you explore the wild. 

South Korea 

While there’s no wrong time to visit this East Asian country, June is ideal if you dislike traveling during colder months. Spend time exploring the electrifying streets of Seoul, where you can shop, dine and immerse yourself in a vibrant crowd. There are also excursions like hiking while taking in the breathtaking views of the city.

What to Do: Myeongdeong is a place for skincare and food enthusiasts, allowing you to shop as you munch on delightful snacks. Explore the Han River by taking a cruise or cycling through the streets. Witness the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), a guarded border between North and South Korea, and learn about the area’s history. 

Lastly, if you’re particularly interested in Korean music, take snaps in front of K-pop entertainment companies, such as SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and HYBE Entertainment—don’t miss out on seeing your idol in the flesh.


Jet off to Italy if you want a sophisticated way to celebrate the summer. June marks the final mark for sightseeing before the scorching hot weather arrives. During your stay, try Italian dishes that are absolute must-try—pizza, lasagna, Fiorentina steak, bottarga, polenta and truffles.

What to Do: Start your adventure in Rome, where flowers are already in full bloom, creating a romantic backdrop to your photos. Piazza San Marco and Rialto in Venice are excellent at this time. Cap off your journey at Amalfi Coast, a hilly UNESCO World Heritage site famed for its evolving Mediterranean landscape and colorful towns. 


Go big this summer by visiting the world’s largest island—about the size of Western Europe with a population that can fill a football stadium. Visiting this lesser-known destination in June means experiencing unique things, such as the midnight sun, whale watching and iceberg harvesting. What makes Greenland even more worthwhile is getting to be the receiving end of Greenlandic’s hospitality and kindness.

What to Do: Celebrate Greenland’s National Day, called Ullortuneq, with the locals in Nuuk. Experience the beauty of folk dancing, live entertainment and barbeque with the locals. Relax in the hot, picturesque springs of Uunartoq.


France never fails if you want a romantic and historical place to travel in June. The country is always a safe choice for solo travelers and couples. During this time, expect lots of wining, dining and seeing big crowds in famous landmarks. 

What to Do: You can’t complete a trip to France without visiting the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre, which was reported to have 7.8 million visitors in 2022. Fill yourself with dishes from Michelin-starred restaurants, like Epicure in Le Bristol, Paris. Enjoy a Champagne and a relaxing time at the Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa.

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Wander around the volcanic islands of Galápagos, the source of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. The June weather in this dreamy place is ideal for you if you want to enjoy the outdoors with cooler temperatures. The variety of wildlife is remarkable because of the remoteness of the islands. Marine iguanas, leatherback turtles, albatrosses and giant tortoises continue to amaze visitors and scientists.

What to Do: Explore nature in a luxurious Galapagos Cruise. Go island hopping and snorkel in between to maximize your travel time. See giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Center or Asilo de la Paz on Floreana Island.

Jet Off This June

Plan your summer getaway as early as today. With so many excellent options for travel in June, it’s challenging to pick just one destination. However, if you prefer the beaches, head over to tropical spots. A tour of Italy or France is highly recommended if you want a luxurious vacation. For an exotic and unique experience, fly to Kenya or Greenland. So, where to go next?

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