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10 Things to Do in Hidalgo, Mexico

10 Things to Do in Hidalgo, Mexico

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Updated July 2023

Of all the beautiful tourist attractions in Mexico, Hidalgo is the crown jewel of adventure. The state has numerous places to visit and experiences waiting for your next vacation, but where should you start? This guide features 10 great things to do in Hidalgo, Mexico, no matter who you’re traveling with or what you typically enjoy doing during globe-trotting adventures.

1. See the Reloj Monumental de Pachuca

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Mexican War of Independence, Tomás Cordero orchestrated the construction of a clock that rivals the architecture and engineering of Big Ben. The Reloj Monumental de Pachuca finished construction in 1910 and still stands today. 

Enter the building and climb to the balconies on the second floor for unobstructed views of the plaza below. The clock’s four female statues represent the most important events in the nation’s history. Getting to see them will cost you a hike — the tower is 40 meters high, meaning you’ll get your stair-climbing quad blast in for the day. 
However, you can relax afterwards amid the beautiful grounds. The surrounding Pachuca area is home to multiple parks where you can enjoy a picnic lunch while stretching out from your adventure and gazing at gorgeous architecture and scenery.

2. Experience the Grutas Tolantongo

Ever wanted to take a dip in a natural hot tub? Add the Grutas Tolantongo to your list. They’re mineral-infused hot springs along the side of volcanic mountains. There’s even a natural pool with a rock slide for families.

Rinse off under a waterfall when you finish exploring for the day and feel ready to go back to your hotel or campsite. Consider it a new addition to your self-care routine alongside meditating and drinking tea in-between travel activities.

3. Stop by the Prismas Basalticos

Locals love hiking out to the Prismas Basalticos during the weekends and holidays. It’s a gorgeous waterfall that cascades over natural basalt columns, which you can’t see anywhere else in the world. These structures look like natural stairs, as if a pyramid spontaneously erupted from the desert, creating a gorgeous rainbow cascade as the water tumbles down the edifice. 

Hiking to the falls is a great way to reduce your stress and anxiety while you’re on vacation too, so invest in a pair of boots and pack a water bottle for the experience. Average summer temperatures in Hidalgo often reach the mid-90s, and the humidity ensures you’ll sweat out plenty of fluids.

4. Explore the Museo El Rehilete 

Kids love stopping by the Museo El Rehilete. There are life-size recreations of dinosaurs for them to play on before stopping by the planetarium for a show or the lab for fun experiments. This center offers 10 unique exhibits about all things science, making this site the perfect stop for families who want to make learning fun and lifelong. 
There’s always something to learn and do at the museum, especially if you want to pose for Instagram pictures in the gorgeous botanical garden. You’ll also find a Fire Scene Station external exhibit where kids can explore their love of the big red trucks.

5. Walk the Pueblo Mágico de Huasca

The town of Huasca has so many magical experiences waiting for you and your loved ones. You can go ziplining over forests or fish for rainbow trout in the area’s many rivers. Anyone who loves scuba diving can see the underwater San Antonio hacienda and the haunting chimney that still rises from the water.

6. Visit the Historic Site of Tochatlaco

Tochatlaco is a 19th century farm that people still visit for tours. The historic hacienda used to produce and distribute pulque, which is like kombucha made with okra. There’s also an ancient church still in its original condition. You’ll have to make an appointment for a weekday tour or stop by on a Saturday when the site’s doors remain open to the public.

7. Climb the Pyramid of the Sun

The Pyramid of the Sun is in the State of Mexico, which is below Hidalgo. However, it may only be a short drive from where you’re staying. It’s one of the largest buildings in Mesoamerica and one of the oldest.

Historians aren’t sure who built it, but archaeologists discovered a network of tunnels beneath the pyramid in the 1970s. The mystery and beauty of the area draw tourists from around the world, so climb the steps for yourself and tour the dedicated museums to learn more about the fascinating site.

8. Tour the Tula Archaeological Ruins

The Toltec Empire’s once magnificent capital city is now the Tula archaeological ruins. People book tours at the site to see imposing warrior statues, the burned remnants of a palace and the pyramid Temple of Quetzalcóatl. The surrounding city also has family-owned restaurants and places to stay, so you can make an entire trip out of the famous ruins.

9. Dine at Real del Monte

The town of Real del Monte began when people started mining silver within the mountain region. It’s still a flourishing place for locals and offers many historical activities for tourists to learn about the area. It also has an interesting nod to the Cornwall region of England because of the English miners recruited when the area first started to grow. Check out the meat pies and specialty paste shops made famous when the British royal family visited in 2014.

10. Enjoy the Centro de Arte y Filosofía

Creatively-minded people will love visiting the Centro de Arte y Filosofía while they’re in Hidalgo. It’s an independent space dedicated to showcasing all expressions of art forms. Although it’s small, it’s reflective of the work of local artisans. 

See which seasonal showcases are on display during your vacation to learn more about the region’s artistry. Contact the center in advance to learn what seminars are current if you want to expand your knowledge.

Plan Your Trip to Hidalgo, Mexico

There are many things to do in Hidalgo, Mexico, so start planning your vacation now. There’s something to entertain people of all ages and interests. Whether you want to go camping, climb a pyramid or relax in a hot spring, you’ll find adventure everywhere in Hidalgo.

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