• 05/06/2022

The Best Snorkeling Gear for 2022 Adventures

A coral reef.

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Ready to fly across the world and dive into sparkling blue ocean waters? The beach has plenty of opportunities for adventure, especially if you arrive with all the tools you need to explore. Keep reading to find the best snorkeling gear for any of your travel plans, even if you’ve never tried on a pair of fins.

1. Aqua Lung Dive Mask

The Aqua Lung dive mask has a single lens that’s easy to clean and use. If water leaks behind the glass, you can turn the purge valve to clear it away in seconds. The only thing this mask can’t do is keep your sunscreen on your face if it hasn’t dried yet.

Waiting until you get to the beach to apply your sunscreen risks making it less effective by not allowing it to absorb into your skin. Apply it before leaving your home or hotel room and you won’t have to worry about washing it away while you dive with your new mask.

2. Basic Black Silicone Snorkel

Some people find it easiest to use a spearfishing snorkel. It has a simple design that doesn’t use flexible parts that might complicate things for anyone new to snorkeling. As long as waves don’t crash over your head, this snorkel will open the door to ocean adventures.

3. 180-Degree Dry-Top Mask

You may want a dry-top mask if you plan to be in the water for hours on end. The built-in snorkel uses dry-top technology to help you breathe even if water tries to enter the snorkel’s tube. Meanwhile, you’ll get a 180-degree view of anything under the sea. Your mask will prevent any fog or water leakage so you can practice your favorite mindfulness techniques to enjoy every moment of your trip.

4. Dry-Top Aegend Snorkel

If you already have a mask you love, you can always pair it with a dry-top snorkel. It uses a simple flap to prevent water from entering the tube by automatically closing it if the snorkel senses that you’ve gone underwater. You’ll also love the silicone mouthpiece because it prevents jaw fatigue for anyone with dental issues.

5. Mares Full Foot Fins

Fins make snorkeling much easier, but they come in different sizes for a reason. Long fins will push you through the water faster and even allow you to dive deeper. You could use the Mares full foot fins to swim around an entire island and capture the best Instagram pictures before catching your flight home. Take advantage of the closed heels for extra footwear security in rough waters.

6. WAVE Adjustable Short Fins

Short fins are better for anyone who needs to travel with lots of luggage or wants to try their first snorkeling experience. The size is more practical and is better for shallow waters because you’ll have more control while going shorter distances. The adjustable heel is also perfect for achieving a secure, comfortable fit without multiple purchases and returns.

7. Mesh Dive Bag With Wired Handle

People often collect unique shells or rocks while snorkeling. It’s fun to bring something home that you discovered in the wild, which means you’ll need a bag to carry it back to shore. Use a mesh bag with a wired handle for more control when the bag gets heavy. If you collect neat findings, you can post about your underwater treasures to launch your travel influencer empire and make money by exploring the globe.

8. Antifog Snorkel Mask Spray

Fog is inevitable when anyone wears a tight mask that fits securely on their face. Your breath is warm and made of water droplets, but you might struggle to wipe it away after the condensation has built for more than a few minutes. Spray an antifog solution on your mask to quickly wipe away buildup or bacteria while you’re taking a break on a boat or along the shore

9. Snorkel Gear Travel Bag

Your suitcase might not have room for all of the best snorkeling gear after it has your clothes and personal items in it. You won’t have to worry about strategizing your suitcase space to fit your fins and mask if you invest in a snorkel bag. It should be the correct length for your fins and have enough room for your preferred gear. You’ll also have an easier time carrying everything to the ocean if the bag is lightweight and designed for adventuring. 

10. Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Divers should never wipe their masks clean with just any material. Rough fabric could damage the glass or scratch it by pushing microscopic sand particles around the mask. Microfiber cloths are a much safer choice for cleaning your snorkeling gear, especially if you plan to clean it between dives. Keep your beach towel dry so you don’t have to wrap yourself in something damp after your adventure ends for the day.

Find the Best Snorkeling Gear

Before leaving for your next big trip, consider using some of the best snorkeling gear to discover new underwater worlds. The right mask, snorkel and pair of fins will help you get the most out of your adventure and make incredible memories.

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