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Discover the Best Resorts in El Nido

Discover the Best Resorts in El Nido

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There are so many beautiful places to visit, especially if you’re an avid international traveler. You won’t want to miss out on the sights and experiences waiting for you in El Nido. When you’re ready to book your trip, compare your lodging options by reviewing the best resorts in El Nido and prepare to have a great time.

Palm trees at El Nido beach.

Where Is El Nido?

You might think of a beachside city in Mexico or Spain when you hear of El Nido, but it’s in neither of those places. It’s actually a district in the northern island of Palawan in the Philippines that attracts thousands of tourists every year. You’ll have to venture just south of China and east of Vietnam to discover the tropical getaway hidden away on the island.

Why Do People Love El Nido?

People who visit El Nido fall in love with the area for its paradise views. There are so many water activities to try while you’re visiting, like scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling and more. Crystal clear waters lap calmly against the base of palm trees and white sand shores, creating the ultimate atmosphere for relaxation and meditation.

No matter what you want from your next getaway, you’ll find it at El Nido. It’s a family-friendly destination that also caters to couples and solo travelers, so it’s a good match for anyone’s travel bucket list.

How to Reach the Island

There are a few ways to reach the island, depending on what transportation method you prefer. You could catch a flight from Manila to the airport in Puerto Princesa, then hire a ride to drive you to El Nido. It’s a long drive and may require an entire day, but tourists often prefer the more economical option.

There’s also a direct flight to El Nido from Manila, but it’s a much smaller plane and a most costly ticket. This may not be the best option for your travel budget if you’re island hopping and need to afford multiple mini trips.

Keep in mind that you will see the prices increase as you research flights. Web browsers track your searches through cookies that they share with websites. The airline company sites will know you’ve been searching and increase the cost per flight related to a repeated search inquiry. Search in incognito mode or clear your cookies between each search to find the best deals on either transportation arrangement.

The Best Resorts in El Nido

Now that you want to go to El Nido, consider these popular resorts while choosing a place to stay. They offer a range of pricing and entertainment options for travelers with all kinds of dreams for their visit.

Cauayan Island Resort & Spa

The eco-friendly traveler should check out the Cauayan Island Resort & Spa. The entire venue operates on sustainable business practices so the ecosystem around El Nido doesn’t suffer from pollution or waste. Even your luxury baths and showers will use a greywater recycling system to reduce water use and purify however much water you need.

An array of villas along the water, beach and lagoon provide a relaxing place for every visitor. When you’re not swimming with sea turtles off the porch to your private room, visit the spa for a deep tissue massage. The staff also provide sunset cruises, yoga classes and snorkeling tours. All you have to do is book a room to have fun.

Nacpan Beach Glamping

Don’t let this resort’s name fool you — Nacpan Beach Glamping guests experience the finest luxuries during their visits. You’ll get a beachfront glamping tent with state-of-the-art amenities, air conditioning and technology. Dine at the venue’s restaurants or order a drink while swimming in the bar-front pool. Inbetween island hopping to Snake island to see the surrounding area and hike local trails, you can join all of the included campfire games and origami classes.

Matinloc Resort

Single travelers, families and couples looking for romance all love staying at the Matinloc Resort. It has a selection of villas set into limestone cliffs, the surrounding trees and the beachfront area. There’s a massage spa on-site, an entire library and sun loungers to help you  get the most from your nap before dining at the buffet or ordering custom meals. Want to experience the height of romance? The staff can arrange a candlelit dinner on the beach just for you and your partner.

Panorama Resort

The Panorama Resort sits along Corong-Corong Beach. It’s exactly where you need to be if you want to enjoy a resort with a modern interior design, gardens and a place to escape from hectic daily life. The venue also offers bike rentals to guests and will do your laundry when requested. Hang out at their beach club to listen to live music and dine on some of the best food on the island. You’ll love every moment of your visit and feel refreshed when it’s time to go home.

Seda Lio Resort

Anyone traveling with a big group or a large family should look into staying at Seda Lio Resort. It has deluxe suites ready for any vacationer, but there are also extended suites with living rooms, dining rooms, balconies and full kitchens. It’s the perfect place to prepare special meals for picky eaters before stopping by the children’s entertainment room or arcade. When you want to get outside and improve your mental wellbeing, enjoy the resort’s yachting, kayaking and island-hopping services.

Frangipani El Nido Resort

Instagram lovers and people with a photographer’s eye will love staying at the Frangipani El Nido Resort. It’s more budget-friendly than some other resorts on the island, but it’s still beachfront and gorgeous. Dine on room-service breakfast trays on your glass balcony overlooking the lagoon. During the day, you can try local drinks newly invented each week and make reservations at the resort’s restaurant. There are plenty of ocean adventures and island hopping to experience and make your visit even more exciting.

Vellago Resort

Looking for an adults-only venue for your next vacation? The Vellago Resort in El Nido is the place for you. The cliffside getaway has suites built into the rocky side of the island, so the view from your expansive private balcony is far above the turquoise waves. Snorkeling is the most popular resort activity, along with the nightly candlelit dinners and beach bar.

The only way to reach this exclusive venue is to take a boat from Corong-Corong Beach. Learn how to prevent any recurring seasickness if you’re prone to nausea on the waves. It’s a 10-minute boat ride, but it often catches travelers by surprise if they don’t have much boating experience.

Seaside Hue Resort

The Seaside Hue Resort is another popular getaway — and not just because you can spot it from the sky. The rainbow beach houses provide privacy and luxury while maintaining enough room for families, traveling groups and couples. It’s also one of the most budget-friendly resorts on the island. Enjoy eating breakfast on bean bag chairs and spending each day on the expansive beach just steps away from your door.

Enjoy Your Next Big Vacation

There are so many reasons to book vacations with the best resorts in El Nido. No matter which venue caters to your every need while you’re on the island, you’ll be in good hands and have plenty of fun in the Philippines.

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